Why Oliveboard’s online study plans are better than Classroom Coaching

Since the advent of technology, proper coaching for exam preparation has become more accessible through online coaching classes, to not only aspiring students but also to working professionals, who cannot make time to attend of classroom coaching, which happen at a fixed time and a fixed venue. Thanks to the world wide web, anything and everything can now be learnt from the comfort of your home.

There is still some apprehension among aspirants when it comes to choosing online coaching.

Why Online Coaching

To help you make the right choice, here’s a low down as to why online study plans are better than offline / classroom coaching:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Social Interaction
  3. Overall experience
  4. Schedule
  5. Expenses
  6. Analysis

Online Coaching vs Classroom Coaching


Online: Since online coaching can be taken any time from the comfort of your home, scheduling your study time is flexible. There is no commuting involved and you can finish your other work and take the classes whenever you are free. Online exam preparation is great for working professionals, those who have family responsibilities or who are juggling multiple exams simultaneously.

Oliveboard’s intelligent study planner, for instance, helps you cover your syllabus whenever you are free and in how much ever time you have available. You also have an option to include or remove weekends.

Classroom: Compared to online coaching, classrooms provide less flexibility. The class hours are fixed and have to be attended at a fixed time. This becomes difficult if you’re a working professional.

Social Interaction:

Online: Online coaching provides more one-on-one interactions, which will help you learn better and get  100% attention. The absence of other students ensures you concentrate better and have fewer distractions. Oliveboard provides a group study feature that enables you to collaborate and compete with friends in live group-study sessions.

Classroom: Here the interaction is not one-to-one as you will be one among many students. They will be crowded and you might find it difficult to concentrate. Classroom coaching is good if you prefer human interaction and love to constantly interact with your peers.

Overall Experience:

Online: Online coaching lets you prepare in a calm and comfortable atmosphere, right from the comfort of your own home or office. There is no one to distract you which helps you focus better. Oliveboard provides Mock tests and comprehensive study material that you can utilize to prepare for your exams.

Classroom: Classroom coaching has its own perks. Many students like the feel of being on-campus. When you’re on campus, it’s not only about attending classes and giving exams, but also participating in extracurricular activities like gymnastics, joining clubs, study groups, etc. While online coaching enables you to concentrate and focus better, classroom coaching demands you divide your attention.


Online: Online coaching has no set schedule. You can attend the classes whenever you want to. It gives you the option to record your lectures and revisit them at your convenience, multiple times. Oliveboard’s video lectures, for instance, can be viewed any time and any number of times.

Classroom: Classroom coaching has a fixed schedule. Chances of missing a class are high and unlike online classes, you cannot revisit your lectures whenever you want. Many educational institutions have strict attendance policies.


Online: The only expenses you will have to bear for an online coaching are the tuition fees and your internet connection. There is no other cost involved. For instance, Oliveboard provides various combo offers and also mock test packages at highly affordable rates.

Classroom: Classroom coaching involves more expenses compared to online coaching. Apart from the tuition fees, you have your travel, stationary and other miscellaneous expenses.


Online: When you study online, it is easier to analyze what you’re studying and simultaneously tracking your progress. For example, the analytics feature provided by Oliveboard gives you your national standing and other insights to help you improve faster. Sign up and try it for yourself here.

Classroom: Tracking or analyzing your study progress becomes difficult in classroom coaching. Most of your analyzing should be done manually and the results are announced after a day or two.

Making a decision about how you plan to study for the various competitive exams can be challenging, but it can definitely be made simpler with a little use of technology. Online coaching is a big winner because it provides a user-friendly platform that gives more features than classroom coaching, at a time and place convenient to you.

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