RBI Grade B 2023 Personalized Mentorship Program

Batch-4 Launched
After an Overwhelming Response for Batch-1, Batch-2 & Batch-3, Opening Limited Seats (25 ONLY) for Batch-4.

Why Join RBI Grade B 2023 Mentorship Batch?

Access to the RBI Grade B 2023 Complete Course/Crash Course Plan

Get Ph-I & Ph-II Foundation Classes, ESI & FM Video Lessons, Study Notes, Topic Tests, Current Affairs Capsules, Objective + Descriptive Mock Tests, Mock Interviews, and much more.

One Dedicated Mentor till you Clear the RBI Grade B 2023 Exam

You are Assigned a Dedicated Mentor for your overall guidance and performance tracking. Our Super Mentor will also Guide you from time to time.

Get a Customized Study Plan & Weekly Doubt Clearance through Email

You get a customized Study Plan from your Mentor and Doubt Clearing Sessions with your Mentor.

Your Super Mentor

Riti Ma'am

Regulatory Body Exams Expert

Personalized Mentorship Program to Crack RBI Grade B 2023 Exam in 75 Days

Determined to clear the RBI Grade B 2023 Exam but are struggling to figure out how to go about it?

Want to understand what went wrong in your earlier attempts at the exam?

Do you feel you can ace the exam but are in of need expert guidance and continued support?

Oliveboard brings you a Personalized Mentorship Batch to help you crack your exam leading to your dream job in 75 days. 

Take a look at the Details of the Batch-4

After an Overwhelming Response for Batch 1, Batch 2 & Batch 3, Opening Limited Seats for Batch 4.

  1. No.of Seats: 25
  2. Batch Start Date: 10th May 2023

Additional Provision: 130+ Mentorship Tests 

Take a look at the Details of the Batch-1

  1. No.of Seats: 100
  2. Batch Start Date: 15th December 2022

Take a look at the Details of the Batch-2

  1. No.of Seats: 50
  2. Batch Start Date: 1st Feb 2023

Take a look at the Details of the Batch-3

  1. No. of Seats: 25
  2. Batch Start Date: 3rd Apr 2023

What do you get as Part of this Program?

  1. Access to the RBI Grade B 2023 Complete Course/Crash Course Plan
  2. One Dedicated Mentor till you Clear the RBI Grade B 2023 Exam
  3. One-on-One Online Sessions with your Mentor Twice every Month
  4. Customized Study Plan by the Mentor
  5. Tracking of your Progress every Month by your Mentor
  6. Tracking of your Scores and Performance in the Tests by your Mentor
  7. Weekly Doubt Clearance through e-mail
  8. Formation of Study Group with your Batch Members
  9. 3 One on One Sessions with a Super Mentor to Discuss your Progress and Study Plan
  10. On Clearing Phase 2 Exam, personalized coaching for Interview
  11. Twp One-on-One Sessions with retired RBI Grade B Officials for Interview Preparation on Clearing RBI Grade B Phase 2.

How to Enroll for the Mentorship Batch?

Follow these three simple step:

Register or Login

Register or log in using your email id and password.

Check Batch Offerings

Take a thorough note of all the offerings of the RBI Gr. B 2023 personalized mentorship batch.


After you are convinced with the offerings and are determined to crack the RBI Gr. B 2023 exam, enrol for the batch.

Enroll for the RBI Gr. B 2023 Personalized Mentorship Batch

Access the Complete Study Material along with a Customized Study Plan and Expert Guidance of your Mentor.

Our Toppers' Take!

Bijapur Pallavi

Cleared RBI Gr. B 2021

"Oliveboard was instrumental in helping me to make a study plan. Heartfelt thanks to Riti Ma'am. With the change in exam pattern, many doubts arose but Ma'am's Youtube videos and course material helped in easing my nerves. Also, Oliveboard was kind enough to arrange a mock interview for me on short notice."

Vinay Kumar

Cleared RBI Gr. B 2021

"Post my clearance of Phase-I, I subscribed for the Oliveboard Phase-II course through which I strengthened ESI and Finance part which I already have some idea about. Also, the current affairs compilations were on point, to say the least!!"

Avinash Ravichandran

Cleared RBI Grade B 2021

"I enrolled for the Oliveboard's Phase-II Study Material and Mock Test Series. It genuinely helped me to get comprehensive coverage for all the sections of the Phase-II syllabus. Solving questions from the Oliveboard test series really helped me with comprehensive revision. Each topic from the syllabus of ESI & FM was covered in a separate module. Also, Oliveboard has good C.A. coverage which was again quite beneficial."

Veerella Ravichandra

Cleared RBI Grade B 2021

"The mock tests provided by Oliveboard for both Phase 1 and 2 are of high quality and follow a similar style and pattern to the RBI. The post-test analytics helped me in identifying strong and weak areas. The mock interview session conducted by Oliveboard with ex-RBI employees gave an insight into the expectations of the board and helped me in improving the structure and delivery of answers."

Nikhil Suresh Barhate

Cleared RBI Gr. B 2022

"I subscribed to one of the RBI Grade B courses by Oliveboard. The course offered detailed notes for the preparation of a Descriptive paper. This course helped me in descriptive answer writing a lot. Also, for English essay writing, I referred to the sample essays provided in the course. For Phase-I and Phase-II, I took Oliveboard's mock tests. I must say, the quality of mock tests was up to the mark that essentially provided comfort during the actual exam. The mock interview helped me a lot in terms of improving the answer delivery during the actual interview. Panellists provided valuable feedback in terms of coverage of the extra content that might be asked during the interview."

Aneesh J.

Cleared RBI Grade B 2022

"Phase-I: Oliveboard's mock tests and sectional tests helped me sail through Phase-I with whatever limited time I had. The quality of the questions was quite good and they prepared me very well for the actual exam. Oliveboard's bolt magazine, although quite a lengthy magazine by itself, is brilliant for selective reading with limited factual errors. Phase II: Oliveboard's notes were concise and to the point for the most part. These notes helped me stay within the scope of the exam and are more than enough for finance and management preparation. ESI static syllabus is covered very extensively in Oliveboard's notes which provided me with a solid base for extra reading and provided sufficient material for phase 2 descriptive answers. Interview: The Mock Interview Session with Oliveboard's Mock Interview panellists Raja Sir and Gopal Sir was very insightful. Although the scheduled mock interview time was 30 mins, Gopal sir stayed on for another 15 mins and explained many functions of RBI in detail. He also nudged me to read the RBI website extensively, which ultimately helped in my interview. Can't thank both of them enough for their time and guidance Last but not least, all the Oliveboard faculty and staff which whom I came in contact during the last 3 months period were extremely professional and cordial. Thanks to them for their support in this journey."

Our Topper's Strategy


Q. How will the mentors be assigned?

A. Once the student enrols in the program, there will be an Introduction Session in which we would understand the student's journey so far. Based on the inputs of that session, we will be allocating a MENTOR for the student. We have 4 Mentors, and each mentor will be having 25 students in their group.

Q. Do we get to interact one-on-one with our Mentors? +

A. Each month, you will be having 2 One-on-one sessions with your mentor. These will be conducted online using Google Meet. Your Mentor will track your progress, discuss the difficulties you are facing, guide you if you are going in the wrong direction, help you understand where you need to improve and check if you are following a study plan. Not only this, but you will also be having 3 One-on-One Sessions (during the complete duration of the program) with our Super Mentor who will guide you on your strategy. You can also discuss if you are having problems with following your schedule.

Q. Do we get to ask our doubts only during the One-on-One Session with our mentors? +

A. We would be providing you with the e-mail ID of your mentor. You can send all your doubts in one e-mail every week.

Q. How do I know if I am suitable for this Mentorship Program? +

A. This is the Right Course for you if you are: Serious RBI Grade B Aspirant looking out for a step-by-step guidance or Someone who feels you have the potential to make it, but you want continuous guidance or Someone who has been giving RBI Grade B Exam previously but is not able to figure out why you are not able to make it or Going to give RBI Grade B for the first time in 2023 and are concentrating ONLY on this exam. This is NOT the Right Course for you if you: Do not have at least 3 hours to invest on a daily basis or If you are preparing for multiple exams and the RBI Grade B exam is not your priority or If you are going to appear for the RBI Grade B exam in 2023 just for practice and are planning to then go for it again the next year.

Q. Who are our Mentors and Super mentors? +

A. We have assigned our best faculty members and best Subject Matter Experts as your Mentors. These experts know in and out regarding what needs to be prepared for the examination. Why do few students clear the exam, and many don't? Those who clear the exam - know what to study and what not to study. Our mentors will guide you regarding this difference and help you at each step. Each one of these mentors has 4+ years of experience in this field. We have mentors who were earlier in the govt jobs, have qualified for various stages of exams themselves, have curated exceptional course modules for exams, and have trained 500+ students for various exams. Our Super Mentor would be Riti Mam. She will be guiding each one of you by helping you strategize your preparation. She has 5+ Years of experience in guiding students for exams like RBI Grade B, SEBI Grade A & NABARD Grade A. 250+ Students have cleared the RBI Grade B exam under her guidance.

Q. What is a Study Group and how will it help us? +

A. We will be creating a Telegram Group of all the students who have enrolled on this program. This will provide a chance for the students to interact with their batch mates and discuss preparation-related points.

Q. Is the Interview Preparation also involved in this RBI Grade B Mentorship Program? +

A. Yes. Once you clear RBI Grade B 2023 Phase 2, we will start guiding you in Interview Preparation. As part of this, we will be conducting sessions on Current Affairs, and 2 One-on-One Mock Interviews with retired RBI Officials. Our panel members have retired from GM and CGM positions in RBI and have been part of the recruitment boards themselves. They have trained 150+ candidates for Interviews in the year 2022 and 100+ candidates in 2021.

Q. What is this 'Mentorship Program to Crack RBI Grade B 2023 in 75 Days' all about? +

A. As part of this Mentorship Program, the students would be given personalized guidance to clear RBI Grade B 2023 Exam. Each Student would be tagged with a specific mentor who will be guiding the students throughout the RBI Grade B 2023 Examination. In this program, the student would be guided at each step and his/her progress would be tracked throughout the preparation process. The mentor would monitor the course completion status, and the scores on the tests and also guide the student regarding their improvement areas.

Q. How many seats are there in this program? +

A. We have a total of 25 Seats. The Seats would be filled on a first come first serve basis.

Q. Do we need to buy RBI Grade B 2023 Complete Plan/Crash Course separately to access the Notes, Videos, Live Classes, Current Affairs, Topic Tests, and Foundation Classes for RBI Grade B Preparations? +

A. No. Along with this, you would be getting access to the 'Complete RBI Grade B 2023 Plan' as a bonus. This will help you to get all the resources in one place. The only thing that we require from your end is your DEDICATION & TIME.

Q. When will this program start? +

A. The Mentorship Program starts on 10th May 2023.

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