What is adaptive learning and how is it more beneficial?

Adaptive learning is an educational method that harnesses the power of technology to adapt the presentation of educational content according to a student's weaknesses and strengths. In traditional classroom teaching methods, customizing the presentation of educational material to every student is not possible given the scale involved. Hence, adaptive training is better achieved on a computer system where there is a lot of data that can be collected to better understand a student which is impractical in the offline world. The end result is improved learning and efficiency.

Why should I pay for Oliveboard when there is free content available online?

Oliveboard only provides high quality content that has been created by some of the most reputable coaching institutes and publishers in India for national level competitive examinations. There is a lot of content available for free online. The free content will not tell you whether your preparation cycle is good enough to beat the top candidates. Moreover, everyone can access these. A majority of them are low quality and if you do find something good, that would only be something really small. Oliveboard houses a database of over 10,000 questions at a very affordable price so that you don’t need to spend all that time looking for questions and lessons.

Oliveboard tries to give you an edge in your preparation by helping you study smarter and learn faster through a truly personalized approach. This is what Oliveboard charges for - quality content + faster learning.

What happens if I get disconnected during a test?

Oliveboard has made it simpler for you. All you need is an internet connection while launching and submitting a test. If you lose your connectivity during a test, it will not matter and you can continue the test until you finish it. However, do ensure that you have internet connectivity while submitting it. Closing the test midway without saving might result in data loss.

How do I upgrade my account?

You can log into your account and click on the 'Upgrade' button on the My Tests page. You can pay by the following methods:

1) Credit/Debit card through our secure payment gateway

2) NEFT Transfer or Direct cash/cheque deposit into our bank account.

Account Holder Name: Oliveboard Comptech Private Limited

ICICI A/c No. : 035905003374

SBI A/c No. : 32478355077

Once you make the deposit, please email [email protected] with your registered email and the transaction id(Please explicitly request the teller for this transaction id) so that we are able to activate your premium account.

How long will it take for my account to be activated once the payment is made?

If paid through credit/debit card or netbanking, then your paid account is activated immediately. If paid by depositing of cash or cheque, we will activate your account within 24 hours of our account being credited. In case of cash/cheque deposit, please ensure that you mail us ([email protected]) with the transaction id, else we will not be able to activate within 24 hours.