Hello Guys,
Today I am going to share my success story of clearing IBPS CLERK 2017
The Future Belongs To The Competent. Get Good, Get Better, Be The Best.
Hello, Guys, my name is Raju Eslavath. I had completed my graduation (B.tech in Computer Science Engineering) in 2016 and just after that, I had started preparing for Banking exams. In the starting phase I started focussing on clearing the basics first, then I solved some questions based on those topics.
After giving some exams I came to know that to crack a bank exam - perfect strategy and planning are required. So I made a proper planning based on my weakness and strengths which helped me a lot in maintaining my speed and accuracy.
1.SBI PO 2016: Failed in Prelims
2.IBPS PO 2016: Failed in English (Prelims)
3.IBPS CLERK 2016: Failed in Prelims
4.IBPS RRB OS: Failed in Mains
5.IBPS RRB OA: Failed in Prelims
After facing so many failures, I decided to stop my preparation and work in private sector. After working for 5 months I felt that the work was very hectic and there was no job satisfaction. So, I left that job in July and started my banking preparation again.
After that, I appeared for IBPS PO Prelims and failed in the Mains Exam.
Cleared both the CANARA AND SYNDICATE PO PGDBF exams.
Finally, I got selected in IBPS CLERK (CANARA BANK)
Exam Strategy:
Quantitative Aptitude - Follow YouTube channels, Clear your basics and then give mock tests.
Reasoning - This is my strong point. So I used to practice a lot of questions and stay updated with new pattern questions. Practice minimum 4 puzzles daily which helps you a lot.
GA - This is the section which can help you in gaining the edge over others in the mains. For this, read daily current affairs from Gktoday and others. Attempt the daily quizzes from online websites
English - This is my average section. Read daily newspaper - THE HINDU for 1hr and note down 8 to 10 vocabulary words from it and revise them on a regular basis. Give daily sectional quizzes on online websites and analyse your performance.
Make Some Strict Plans like - Daily practice of Reasoning and Aptitude Questions, weekly sectional tests & solve daily quizzes.
Oliveboard Mock Test Series played an important role in my success. So, I really want to thank Oliveboard for providing such a platform where we can access every important topic for Banking exams. The level of questions is so good and challenging that if anyone solves these questions regularly and honestly, then that will be more than enough to get through the exams.
One should opt for the Mock Test Series provided by Oliveboard, as the questions are based on the latest pattern for all the banking exams.
After all my hard work, I cracked the exam and got selected as IBPS CLERK in CANARA BANK.
I would like to thank my family, friends and well-wishers.
And this way my dream came true.
So I want to say to all the readers and future bankers: NEVER GIVE UP AND ONE FINE DAY, YOU WILL GET SUCCESS.
Stay positive.
All the best to all the aspirants.
Thank you!



Read the success story of Abhishek Mishra, who just at the age of 20 not only cleared many competitive exams but also became Probationary Officer in his first attempt .
Here is his inspiring story:
'Greetings everyone ! My name is Abhishek Mishra. I am from Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh. I have completed my graduation B.Sc. Honours in Physics from Kirorimal College, Delhi University in May 2018. Recently the final results of IBPS PO 2018 were announced and I have been allotted first preference of mine, Punjab National Bank'.Having completed my graduation,I came back home and started preparing for IBPS PO as I knew my parents' unconditional love and support would help me prepare better for the examination and I could clear it in my first attempt at the age of 20. Exams that I have cleared are -:
•IBPS PO (selected in PNB)
•IBPS CLERK (selected in BOB)
Preparation Journey-:
I believe 'Everyone has a story and every story is inspiring.' So I will tell you everything what ever I have done from the beginning, you need to choose and plan accordingly because what worked for me, may or may not suit you, you have to come up with your own plan.
Coming back to home I have researched all about the exam pattern and process, drawn the conclusion that I need to focus exclusively on the mains exam preparation part because it will help me clearing prelims too.
For prelims time management and speed is the most important thing that will come by practice. 20 days before the prelims exam I have started attempting 1 mock daily and analysed after onwards.I have focused extensively on mains from the start reason being mains marks would only get me selection, prelims is just qualifying in nature.
For mains accuracy and choosing the right set of questions is very important. I've attempted 1 mock and analyzed it 2 days because most of the learning for mains exam comes from analysing mocks. I'll try to explain what I did for individual sections-:
Data Analysis and Interpretation-:
Seeing the last year exam analysis I have found that most of the di and data sufficiency questions come from percentage,profit loss and discount,time work ,time speed distance etc. So I cleared my basics from rakesh yadav class notes and rs agarwal, I've tried not to use much shortcuts because in exam that doesn't work and this year's mains paper confirms that one should try to use fundamental method to get the question right.Once the basics were done I have just relied on mocks heavily, oliveboard's mains mocks questions were a notch higher than the actual ones that helps you maintain your calmness during a tough exam.When you attempt a mock setting the exam environment before the actual one then only you'll be able to find your strong area as I've found out if any DI question comes from boat and stream/profit loss, I can do that. So accordingly you have to find your own strong area.
Reasoning and Computer Aptitude-:
I have studied topics like syllogism and inequality from some online sources (useful only for prelims) but mains paper comprises mostly puzzles and seating arrangement, input -output and critical reasoning questions. I have just utilized ob mocks and tried to solve every question on my own then looked for the solution so that I can have a general idea about my strong/weak zone area.In most of the mocks I've attempted all the Critical reasoning questions ,circular seating , matrix based and never attempted input output question similarly you should plan which to choose/skip.
English Language-:
Although I have done the grammar part(from Wren and Martin), it's not much useful for the mains exam perspective because reading comprehension dominates this section.I was not an avid reader of newspaper so I just attempted and analysed mocks and learnt from my mistakes,noted them down so I didn't repeat them in final exam. In the last month I started reading economist articles that were really useful. My approach in this section was to read~comprehend ~infer that worked for me.
General Awareness-:
This section consists of banking part, current affairs and static awareness.Seeing few exam papers I have got to know that most of the questions come from current events related to banking and economy.
1) Current affairs- I have followed gktoday for day to day updates from june and made my handwritten notes of it. For monthly revision I found oliveboard bolt really good and revised my notes one week before the mains.I think one should try to cover current atleast from april/may and important updates of budget and economic survey as 2 to 3 questions are asked from it .
2) Banking awareness- I have done this part from olivevoard's banking and economy pdf, they have explained in such an elaborate manner that it helped in mains as well as interview.
3) Static awareness- Although I have made notes of all the national parks, biosphere reserve,classical dance forms etc. from affairs cloud pdf, the cost benefit ratio is very low in this part so if you have less time you can skip it.
Descriptive English-:
In this section format of essay and letter is most important,I had referred to the OB descriptive pdf. Once I was well versed with the pattern, I have prepared about the topics related to banking and economy like npa problem,merger of banks,rbi section 7 etc.for essay and letters to auditor ,bank manager about emi/loan/atm etc.Oliveboard has a really good platform for the practice of descriptive test and provides feedback about your writing.
Interview(final stage)-:
Once I was done with the mains exam I started preparing for the interview and this was the stage I enjoyed preparing the most because whatever you have learned you have to apply and interpret here,I have divided my preparation into parts-:
1.Personal information(like hobbies, strength/weakness,why banking etc).
2.Graduation based(just basics of physics).
3.Banking and Economy( Monetary policy, financial inclusion,cts,negotiable instruments etc.)
4.Budget and economic survey(recapitalization of psbs,npa issue etc.)
5.Current events (related to banking economy )
For banking and economy part I have followed mrunal's videos they were really helpful,made me able to explain in a simple manner. I'll share my interview transcript with oliveboard shortly.
Finally when I am writing this I am feeling extremely joyous because it feels amazing from reading someone else's story to writing your own. Seeing the smile on your parents' face and all the near and dear one's wishes make you feel blessed.
Tips to Aspirants:
There are many ups and downs in every aspirant's journey, sometimes you will think whether you are going to get it or not.The only motivational lines that I had with me were by Steve Jobs speech at stanford-:'You can only connect the dots by looking backward not forward.' He says what ever actions you are going to take today if they may have any adverse impact on tomorrow you'll never take those actions. So take those actions which make you think the efforts that you have put, were the best that led you to the success of today.
I feel the best step I had taken was attempting and analysing all the mock tests passionately that led me to the day of mine 1st april 2019.I wish everyone the best wishes from my side,make yourself and your parents proud all the very best.


SBI PO 2018

'Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.' Thus here we bring to you the inspiring story of Anand Kumar who successfully cleared SBI PO in his very first attempt.
Hello everyone. My name is Anand Kumar and I have recently cleared SBI PO 2018 in my very first attempt. I am a B.E graduate from B.I.T Mesra, Ranchi (2014-2018).
My Journey:
As I was not much interested to make my career in the technical field, I decided to prepare for SSC CGL 2018 in my 8th Semester. In May 2018 I decided to switch from CGL to Banking and started preparing right away. Purchased Oliveboard and Practicemock mock tests as these were suggested by almost all the toppers. Now I too suggest the same to everyone.
Subject Wise Strategy:
a) Quant:
Firstly, I cleared my concepts from various YouTube channels and also learned a few shortcuts to calculate square, cube, etc. Then I started taking Oliveboard mocks and analyzed them religiously.
Practice as much as you can without leaving any single question in the mock tests.
b) Reasoning:
This consists of two sections. One is Puzzle & Seating Arrangement and the other is Miscellaneous.
Try to master the miscellaneous part. By mastering I mean even if I wake you up at midnight and give you questions of Syllogism, direction sense, inequality, coding-decoding, etc. you should be able to solve them instantly.
Puzzle & Seating Arrangement- PRACTICE PRACTICE & PRACTICE from Oliveboard mocks tests and app.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:http://bit.ly/2thAuOq
c) English:
This can either be the most scoring subject or the most difficult one. It totally depends on your approach to learn the subject. English is divided into two sections. Grammar and Reading Comprehension
Grammar –
Clear all your basics from “Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh”.Make notes and just revise the short notes at regular intervals.Keep practicing as many mocks as you can.
Reading Comprehension –
Try reading editorials and make notes of Vocabulary from them. Make a separate copy for this. Update this copy daily and keep revising the words regularly otherwise all your efforts will go in vain. Solve all the mocks by Oliveboard. Now you are good to go.
d) General Awareness:
This was the most difficult section for me. Pick any two websites and follow them daily from the day advertisement of your targeted examination is released. You can refer Oliveboard Bolt. Give daily quizzes as well. Pickup capsules of Banking awareness and GU and study the banking terms properly.
Don’t overburden yourself by trying to learn everything in just one week. Learn regularly and slowly.
Role Of Oliveboard In My Success:
Oliveboard Mock Tests was like a mirror to my preparation level. It gives you a variety of quality questions and prepares you for the worst case. You might feel bogged down by your scores in the initial tests of Oliveboard but if you analyze them in the correct manner you will find improvement in yourself and eventually your marks in Oliveboard’s later tests will shoot up. Questions in Oliveboard are above the exam level and this is very much needed if you want to deal with the unexpected level of Banking exams these days. I must say Oliveboard played an integral and important part in my selection.
Tip To Aspirants:
Keep practicing as much as you can. Have patience and keep trusting yourself.
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.

Anshul Soni


Hi, I'm Anshul Soni from Bhopal (MP). I finished my graduation (B.Sc) from Bundelkhand University, Lalitpur (UP) in 2016. Then I started to prepare for banking exams and I have been selected in RRB Officer Scale 1 and RRB Office Assistant, this year.
My score in RRB Officer Scale 1 was 68/80(cut off 47) in prelims and 99/200(cut off 79) in Mains.
Here is the detailed strategy that I had followed during my preparation for these exams -
First, complete the syllabus of every subject. I'm saying this because you can clear prelims by practising selective topics, but when you appear for the mains exam, you need to dive into the details of each topic.
Books referred:
Arun Sharma and BSC publication for DI
Arihant Publication for Quant
Dr Dumbledore pdf for Puzzles
Upkar publication for Reasoning
BSC publication for critical reasoning
Mirror Publication for English
Arihant Bank Buddy (prelims + mains)
BSC monthly magazine
Practice DI, Simplification, Number series every day and also practice one topic of Word Problems every day.
Practice a lot of Puzzle problems, refer the Upkar Publication book and do solve from the Oliveboard Mock Test series.
Grammar requires lesser attention than other topics. Solve 3-4 English mock tests from the Oliveboard Mock Test Series every day. Focus more on Comprehension, Cloze test and Parajumble questions. Read finance and business-related articles.
GA and Banking:
For banking, study from various online Youtube Channels.
For Current affairs, read the newspaper daily, make notes and appear for Oliveboard GK quizzes.
Oliveboard Mock test series helped me a lot. I used to give one mock daily. The difficulty level of Oliveboard mocks is very similar to the level of real examination. These mocks made the exam so familiar. Solutions are also very good so it helped me to analyse my mocks.
All the Best to all the aspirants!
Thank you !!

Sidharth Matta


When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
Hello All,
I am Sidharth and I am from Karnal, Haryana
I started thinking about banking as a career in late 2014. I have done my graduation (B.Tech ECE) in June 2015. From there onward, I decided not to go for private companies and opt for banking as a career because to me money doesn't matter but mental stability does.
My journey :
June 2015 onward, I started preparing for bank exams. First things first, I cleared my basic concepts and started preparing for the preliminary exams as it was newly introduced in 2015. I cleared both preliminary exams in 2015 whether it was PO or clerk but failed to clear mains.
IDBI PO 2015 - Failed
IBPS PO PRELIMS 2015 - 47.5 (cutoff 37.5)
IBPS PO Mains - 72 (failed in Reasoning, 3.75/50 - cutoff 10)
LIC AAO - 240 (cutoff 256)
On 1st April 2016, my confidence dipped miserably but my parents gave me strength and had faith in me that I will be successful someday. I know it was not the end but my struggle continued.
Thereafter, I joined coaching classes just to divert my mind and in 9-10 months, I realized the trend which the banking exam was following. But, I was still struggling with clearing my exams.
SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 - 72 (cutoff 61)
SBI Clerk Mains 2016 - 130 (cutoff 137)
SBI PO Prelims 2016 - 50 (cutoff 47.5)
SBI PO Mains 2016 - Failed.
Right after August 2016, I and my friend purchased Oliveboard test series for online practice. The level of difficulty is just immense which matched the difficulty level for which IBPS is known for. I gave 3 tests a week.
BOB PGDBF - 133/250 (cutoff 136)
BOM PGDBF - 111 (cut off 121)
RRB Clerk Prelims - 75/80 (cutoff 70)
RRB Clerk Mains - Out
RRB PO Prelims 2016 - 60 (cutoff 47.5)
RRB PO Mains - 70 (cutoff 52.5)
Missed the final selection by 1.5 marks.
IPPB Prelims - cleared, Mains not given due to illness
IBPS Clerk Prelims - 87 (cutoff 68 for Haryana : General Category)
IBPS Clerk Mains - 101 (cutoff 82)
Finally, I was selected as PNB clerk.
On 1st April 2017, after disheartening result of IBPS PO, there was something to cheer about moment in result of clerk
I dedicate my success to my parents and my friend Garima who motivated me throughout my journey of 1.5 years
Useful Tip:-
- Banking exam is all about which questions to leave and practice hard.
- Tough exams are easy to crack.
You will achieve success soon.
Always remember,
To define limits you need to push them.
Vo kehte hain na *Dusro ko peechhe chorne ke liye mat padho, itna padho ki koi tumhe peeche na chor sake*
Thank You! All the best to all aspirants!

Nikita Chhabra


“Hi guys..I'm Nikita..I have been selected in NIACL as an AO (Administrative Officer, Canara as a PO and Punjab and Sind as a Clerk. To start with my story I have done my graduation in BSC in 2017..and then I started preparing for government exams in june 2017. In 2017, I did not clear any pre...i failed in ibps clerk by 1.5 in pre..then in 2018 i cleared my first pre in sbi po and mains too then in final selection i was left behind with 0.25 marks. Then I cleared Bank of Baroda PO but no final selection. I cleared every pre exam including IBPS RRB PO & Clerk, IBPS PO and Clerk, Canara PO & ESIC too..but finally got selected on 1 april. Then on 9th may i got selected in NIACL AO. Guys, the credit of my success goes to Vikas bansal academy, bathinda where my mentor Vipin sir guided me for everything. Oliveboard was the best site according to him as it gives the best mock test which are upto the mark for this preparation as well their daily gk quizzes are amazing for this preparation. I followed a number of sites but I feel oliveboard was the best one and helped me in achieving this..Hard Work always pays. So, never give up success will find your way one day.”

Sanat Kumar Das


“From a Bengal interior village to achieve success was made possible by oliveboard test series. Self study is enriched by an online teacher like 'oliveboard'. Thanks for helping by clearing my doubts and planning of a particular exam. Again thanks for bringing my dream come true.”

Sambhav Jain


“You're Not Defeated until You Quit”. Hello, Everyone, My Name is Sambhav Jain and I'm From Jammu and Kashmir. I'm an Engineering Graduate Passed out in 2017. My Journey started back in early 2018 when one of my senior whom today I value much more than My real siblings told me about the growth and opportunity in the banking sector. I still remember my first banking exam which was IBPS CLERK 2018 in which I failed miserably was followed by another failure Of SBI PO 2018. But then I figured out how to clear prelims exams. The Trick is simple you've to practice a lot of mocks in order to improve your speed and accuracy and for that, No one is better than Oliveboard. Just follow Oliveboard application for regular quizzes and mocks and don't forget to go through their solutions. Some of the Exams Which I Went Through :
Since I got in the reserved List in IBPS Clerk 2018 so from there on, I only concentrated on PO Exams -:
So today I'm selected in IBPS RRB PO -VIII. My parents are my strength and they've supported me every now and then. I'm blessed to have such parents. I'm very thankful to God for everything that almighty has given me.”

Sagnik Sarkar


It was a happy feeling to clear both IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk, right in my first attempt.
I finished my Engineering in 2015 and immediately started preparing seriously for the Banking Exams. I enrolled for Oliveboard Mock Test Series and found it extremely useful. The best part is the User interface is very good and the site doesn't hang or stop working in mid of the test. Also, the General Awareness questions were pretty good, touching the real IBPS level. The explanations of all the questions in Oliveboard Mock Tests are accurate and to the point.
Apart from mock tests, I also used some books for the preparation such as RS Agarwal for Mathematics and Reasoning and Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Arihant Publications. My English was pretty good still I used Objective General English by SP Bakshi.
I am waiting for 29th August 2016, when I will be joining Punjab National Bank as a PO.


ESIC SSO, 2018 (AIR-46)

“When you hit the rock bottom, the only way to go is up” Similarly, Sunil never allowed the failures to stop him from achieving his dreams.
Here is his story to Success:
Hello friends, I have been selected as Social Security Officer in ESIC (AIR 46). I am a 2016 Civil Engineering Graduate. And after so many failures, I have got this job.
From 2016 to 2019, I appeared for the following exams:
- IBPS PO 2016 (failed by 1.1 marks in interview)
- RRB PO 2016 (failed by 0.04 marks in reserve list)
- BOB PO (failed by some 2-3 marks in interview)
- OICL AO 2017 (failed in mains)
- NICL AO 2017 (reached till interview)
- SSC CGL 2016 (cleared with 527.5 marks)
- SSC CHSL 2017 (166 marks in tier 1 )
- SSC CGL 2017 (494 till tier 2 and 623 in AAO)
- ESIC SSO 2018 (Cleared with AIR - 46)
After so many attempts, I was very frustrated. But I did not lose morale and prepared hard again and finally cleared this exam. So, I would suggest all the future aspirants that 'Never stop believing in yourself '. Failure in one or two exams (and 5-6 exams in my case) is not the proof of your incompetence rather it is a test of your perseverance.
Preparation Strategy:-
Quants -
For quants, again follow any normal book and then practice online mock tests. Data interpretation, number series, Quadratic equations should be prepared well because these are scoring. (Practise is the key in Reasoning and Quants).
And for SSC CGL quants section, follow Kiran previous years and Arun Sharma quantum CAT upto 2nd level.
Reasoning -
Start working on your basics from any book or YouTube channel and then take a lot of mocks. Without taking mocks you cannot be sure of solving questions in the exam like conditions and nowadays reasoning level is very high in exams. And for SSC CGL reasoning, practice from previous year only and learn those concepts.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:http://bit.ly/2thAuOq
This is the section which can give you the advantage over others if you prepare for it in the right way. Cover any basic book like Plinth to paramount, Norman Lewis, SP Bakshi and then take a lot of mock tests, and you will shine in the exam. Moreover, if you have a habit of reading novels then you will find it easier to score in this section. For Banking and insurance, focus more on Reading comprehension and for SSC CGL, focus more on active passive, narration, one-word substitution etc.
Cover any full-length capsule of Oliveboard, or any other platform. And for the insurance and banking awareness also there are pdfs on from oliveboard and other websites like affairscloud. For SSC CGL GK section- the syllabus is huge and one should only cover one’s strong subjects. I prepared physics, chemistry, economics, and history and got 25 marks.
Role of Oliveboard in my success:-
The only online platform that I can owe my success to is 'Oliveboard'. It provides mocks of high difficulty due to which I rarely feel any question difficult in the exam. Also, I have not found any wrong question in their test series till now, which according to me is very commendable.
Tips for aspirants-
Always be self-motivated, Take blessings of your parents. Go all in, the competition is ruthless. And finally, keep going no matter what.
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.



Hello, I am Ujjwal Arora from Gurgaon and I have successfully cleared RRB PO 2017 exam. I can tell everyone that you all can crack the exam, but the only thing is to not lose hope. I got selected in RRB PO 2017 in Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank and RRB ASSISTANT 2016 in Prathma Gramin Bank. I would like to share my experience with you.
I completed my B.Tech in 2013 after which I started working in a call centre. Soon I realized that I can't survive with this job in future which is why I started preparing for government exams and quit my job in 2015. Since then, I have been applying for all types of bank exams. Many times, I felt like quitting and giving up as it was very hard to sustain in this kind of competition, but two of my friends Sachin and Dinesh Yadav motivated me whenever I lost my concentration. They stood by me and supported me in my struggle. Sachin got selected in IBPS PO 2015 so he inspired me to go for these exams as he always said: ' Ujjwal bhai tu mjhse jyada acha padhta hai, agr maine pass kar liya to tu aaram se kar lega.'
IN 2016 I have cleared almost all the Preliminary Examination and Mains Examination of IBPS PO and RRB PO but was not selected in any of them but got selected as RRB Assistant.
I continued working hard and stayed motivated, my mother's wishes helped me to crack this exam.
My only strategy was to increase my level at every next step. I used to practice the speed test firstly by attempting them and after that, I used to analyse my weak areas.
I would like to suggest you that if you are attempting tests then do analyse them at the same time, as it will help you to identify your weak areas so that you can focus on those. Also try to practice new questions on daily basis from wherever you get them, as it will help you to increase your level of test preparation. Try to do something new daily, because repeating those old patterns daily would not increase your level at all, because today in order to survive in this competition you have to think differently, to have to build our own strategy.
For GK, I used to go through the daily news and some of the notes and PDFs which are available on the Oliveboard blogs.
I faced difficulty with the English Language. My English was not up to that level, so what I did was, I attempted HINDI in RRB PO mains which gave a plus point to me as I was good in scoring more marks in Hindi.
I want to thank Oliveboard Mock test series as it helped me a lot to boost my preparation. The one and only success mantra is speed test and self-motivation.
All the Best to all the aspirants!
Thank you !!

Anirban Ganguly


My name is Anirban Ganguly and I am from Guwahati, Assam. I am a graduate in Civil Engg and was working in a private construction company until February 2016 when I decided to try for the banking sector as a govt job was always my aim. So I started preparing for bank exams in March 2016 and appeared for both the IBPS PO and Clerk exams 2016 in the later part of the year. I cleared both the exams and was allotted UCO Bank in PO and CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA in Clerk. I decided to join UCO Bank as a Probationary officer and formally joined the bank on 11/09/2017.
Banking exams have gone through a paradigm shift in the last couple of years and to keep up with the changes and succeed, it is necessary to have thorough knowledge and regular practice of the concerned subjects. Oliveboard has played an immense role in my success. Its tests are custom made in accordance with the actual exams and had prepared me to face the same with confidence. The post-test analysis is another feature of Oliveboard which helps us identify and strengthen our weak areas.
I would like to tell all banking aspirants to opt for Oliveboard mock tests and take one step towards success.


SSC CGL, 2016

'If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.' Proving this quote right, Rahul never hesitated to take the risk in order to achieve the extraordinary.
Here is his inspiring story:
Hello Everyone, I am Rahul Gupta and I am presently working as an Accountant in CAG (Gwalior). I have completed my B.Tech in 2014 from INCT College, Bhopal. After completing my graduation, I joined an MNC and worked there for about a year. I knew it would be difficult for me to prepare for any competitive exam along with my busy work schedule. So I left my job in July, 2015 and put in all my effort to achieve what I wanted.
My hard work showed colors and I was able to clear SSC in my very first attempt in 2016. Having said that, I am glad that Oliveboard gave me an opportunity to share my journey with you. I hope it will be beneficial for all the aspirants who wants to prepare for SSC.
Preparation Strategy
It is very important to do everything in a synchronized manner. So, I first cleared all my basics and learned all the important formulas, rules, tables etc. This helped me to solve the questions within a stipulated time.
I referred to Rakesh Yadav’s book to prepare for this section. It’s important to follow just one book and be well versed with all the important topics. Trying to cover everything and anything is not possible, so choose wisely what you need to study.
Refer some class notes if needed to clear any of the topics. Practice is an essential part while preparing for any kind of competitive exams. While I was preparing, Oliveboard mock tests proved to be of great help. I always believed in the quality of practice than quantity and trust me Oliveboard mock tests are worth it.
While I was preparing for SSC exams, this section carried 50 marks in Prelims which was not very tough to score well. So just practice 5 questions everyday and you are good to go.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here: http://bit.ly/2thAuOq
I referred Kiran’s English Solved Papers Book to practice for this section. Trust me solving questions is the best way to prepare yourself for such competitive exams. It will improve your speed and accuracy immensely.
You can refer “A Mirror Of Common Errors” by Ashok Kumar to prepare for grammar section. I found this book very helpful to improve my grammar section.
To tackle this section I read newspaper daily and tried to cover all the latest news and updates. You can refer the last 6 months data to score well in this section.
Remember try practicing more questions instead of just mugging up the complete GK/GA notes.
This section needs to be tackled properly to score well. I covered various important topics from different Essay books. It’s important to keep yourself updated with recent Schemes, Bills passed, latest appointments and various other facts. Generally, opinion based topics are asked in SSC CGL like:
2016 Topic: What should one do during an Earthquake?
2017 Topic: Demonetization: How effective was it?
On the other hand, in SSC CHSL you generally come across topics which are based on recent schemes and bills passed.
For letter writing, do check the formal and informal letters. Have a proper idea about the style of writing and the content which needs to be included in it.
Role of Oliveboard:
I have given few other mock tests as well but the accuracy provided by Oliveboard in their test series is remarkable. In all of their questions there is absolutely no mistake and the explanation provided by Oliveboard is self-explanatory and detailed.
The quality of questions that Oliveboard provides especially in their English tests is very very good and helps you to prepare yourself best for any kind of competitive exams.
At last, always remember to focus more on practicing good quality of questions rather than quantity.
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.

Amlan Mukherjee


Oliveboard mock test packages are the best.I gave my first IBPS PO exam in 2015. At that time I didn't know about OB. I could not clear PO because of the Reasoning section .After that one of my friends told me about Oliveboard.I took a free test and was quite impressed by the question standard and immediately bought Clerk and SO test series. Although I couldn't take the SO exam due to illness but the Clerk Test Series helped me a lot and I cleared Clerk exam with 156 marks.The main positive things about Olivboard are its nice user friendly interface, lucid explanation of all answers, good server connectivity and most importantly the standard of the questions which are quite similiar to the actual question pattern. I recommend everyone to buy Oliveboard test series.


SSC CGL, 2016

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” Similarly, Vikash always kept a balance between his job and dream and worked hard to achieve his dream.
Here is his inspiring story:
Hello Everyone, I am Vikash Agarwal. I have done my B.Tech from BIT MESRA in 2013 and then joined a private company. While working with the private firm I always found a lack of satisfaction at my end in terms of work. Having said that, I started preparing for SSC CGL. It was not an easy task to prepare for an exam like SSC along with your job….but I never lost hope and left no stone unturned to achieve my dreams.
Finally in 2016 I cleared SSC CGL in my first attempt and presently I am working as a GST INSPECTOR in Kolkata, West Bengal.
I am glad that Oliveboard gave me an opportunity to share my journey with you. I hope it will be beneficial for all the aspirants who want to prepare for these Government exams along with their job.
Preparation Strategy
Clear all your basics and try to be quick with your calculations. Once your basics are clear then practice as much as you can. According to me, practice is the only Mantra to score well in these competitive exams. I referred Kiran’s SSC Mathematics to clear my concepts. Apart from that I practiced a lot from Oliveboard mock tests. Oliveboard provides mock tests very much like the real exam and gives you a fair idea about your approach towards solving the questions.
I would advise to refer Kiran’s Book for this section as well as they proved quite beneficial in my preparations also.
Keep practicing as much as you can. Reasoning is quite easy in SSC CGL Exams. So prepare it well in order to score the maximum in this section.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here: http://bit.ly/2thAuOq
I referred Arun Sharma for this section. This book has some tricky questions which will help you to prepare yourself in the best possible way, and you will be able to handle almost all the questions easily in the exam. Moreover, reading Editorials daily from newspapers like the HINDU can be very useful in terms of improving your vocab, general knowledge, reading skills etc.
Apart from that I also referred Kiran’s English Solved Papers Book to practice for this section. Solving last years (3-5 years) question papers proves very beneficial.
For this section prepare yourself well as this can be a very scoring one. I referred to NCERT and Lucent’s General Knowledge Book. They were helpful to prepare for this section.
You can check Oliveboard's GK app for preparing for this section.
This section needs you to be well versed with the latest happenings…..so read as much as you can. Read Editorial section of newspapers like the HINDU & TIMES OF INDIA. Apart from that you can also prepare yourself well with the help of magazines like GK Today & Spectrum.
Role of Oliveboard:
It is always important to solve questions to check that your preparation is in the right direction. Apart from that do analyse the results as well. Oliveboard provides excellent analysis with their mock tests which proved extremely beneficial to me.
Tips to Aspirants:
Always set your goals and work hard to achieve them. There is no limitation to success so keep testing yourself in order to achieve the best.
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.

Anshik Ramesh Kaushal


I attempted mock tests of Oliveboard for RBI Grade B and SBI PO and found it useful, would like to share a few pints pertaining to each section: GA- questions were well organized and banking questions were tricky as they come in actual exam. Maths: DI was of good level and other quant questions were on easier side. Reasoning was whole mix of different topics . English was tough. Well, I would suggest all the aspirants to attempt a free mock and have the experience on their own.

Prabhat Sharma


I graduated from Ewing Christian College, Allahabad in 2009 and then completed my MBA from IET Lucknow in 2012. I worked for one year at Aircel and then for another year at IFFCO Tokio. After this, I decided to prepare for Bank Exams.
Last year I missed IBPS PO by 0.4 marks after interview and IBPS Clerk by 1 Mark.
But finally this year proved lucky and I finally cleared IBPS SO (Marketing Officer).
I took Oliveboard Mock Tests for IBPS SO (Marketing Officer) and their solutions are extremely well detailed. I also attended their free Group Study sessions and these proved to be extremely beneficial as you need to solve each question in limited time. I recommend Oliveboard to all the banking exam aspirants
-Prabhat Sharma, Specialist Officer (Marketing), Union Bank of India.



I am an engineering graduate (mechanical) having my completed my graduation in 2015. I didn't get any campus placement, as only 2 companies visited our college. Even after completed my graduation I wasted a whole year because of some bad decisions and a futile effort to join an automobile industry. I began with my preparations in around mid-2016 and IBPS PO was my first full-fledged attempt. Luckily I made it to the interview but was unable to clear the final hurdle. Meanwhile, I managed to crack IBPS Clerk and was allotted Central Bank of India.
This time I applied to a few more exams which included SBI PO, NICL AO, RRB PO, IBPS PO, etc. But the turning point was the IBPS RRB PO which was the beginning of my golden period. I managed to reach the interviews of NICL AO, RRB PO, IBPS PO, OICL AO and finally got selected in RRB PO, IBPS PO and OICL AO.
Now in this journey, Oliveboard played a mentor's role. Their excellent Mock Test Series was based on the latest pattern and was a sound difficulty level that helped me raise my level and score well in all the exams that I managed to crack. It will be fair to say that Oliveboard is best in the market if want to prepare for any of the competitive exams.
Here is my Section Wise Preparation Strategy :
Quantitative Aptitude: Basics are the first step. Just clear your basics. The best way of preparing for this section is to practice, practice, and practice. Practice different types of questions with different patterns, Oliveboard is one of the best places to prepare. Always make notes of different types of question you encounter during the Mock Tests.
Logical Reasoning: the same thing applies here as well, prepare basics first. After which you need to practice hard. First of all, make a proper strategy. You can attempt all the question in exams. Now shortlist some topics and prepare well on those topics and give multiple Mock Tests.
English: Daily newspaper is mandatory. It not only helps you improve G.K but help to improve your understanding of different types of topics.
G.K: Daily newspaper and monthly capsules are enough.
One important thing is a good and efficient analysis of Mock Tests. Try solving all the questions of the mocks.
I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on this journey directly or indirectly.


SBI PO & CLERK, 2018

'If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.' Similarly, Vaibhav never believed to settle for the ordinary and left no stone unturned to achieve his dreams.
Vaibhav Saxena’s success journey:
I had started banking preparation from 1 June 2017. I qualified all pre exam of banking and SSC in 2017 but failed in mains. I am also doing MSC maths from BHU but after getting failed I dropped my MSC. Then after taking one month gap, I started preparing for SBI CLERK and SBI PO. I didn’t join any coaching and started self-study from April. Going further I purchased Oliveboard mock tests and started practicing from it. I would also recommend youtube videos for clearing your basics. My average time period towards studies was 9-10 hrs.
Preparation Strategy:
Start by clearing your basics. You can refer some good youtube videos or join Oliveboard Live Classes for the same. Once basics are clear, try solving as many mock tests as you can and do analyse it properly after every mock is done. I used to practice a lot from Oliveboard mock tests as they are exactly as per the latest pattern and syllabus. I would also recommend some good books like DI by Arun Sharma for getting your concepts crystal clear.
To tackle reasoning section you need to practice a lot and manage time properly. Clear basic concepts and practice as much as you can as this is the best way to score in reasoning.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here: http://bit.ly/2thAuOq
I used to read newspapers daily (Editorial section) to improve my English. I would recommend the same to everyone. Read good newspapers daily to improve your vocab and reading skills. Refer some good books to clear all the basic grammar rules and then proceed to solve mock tests. This will help you to improve your English immensely.
Watch news channels daily to keep yourself updated. Newspapers are again a great source to keep yourself updated with latest happenings. I used Oliveboard GK tests which were very helpful to cover a major area.
Keep writing important points while reading editorials from newspapers.
Interview Tips:
Be confident and well prepared. I read newspapers like Hindu daily to prepare myself best for the interview process.
Role Of Oliveboard:
Oliveboard provides latest pattern tests and materials which helped me a lot to prepare accordingly for the exams. Thus, I would recommend everyone Oliveboard mock tests for practice. Moreover, the level of questions in mock tests provided by Oliveboard are very good which prepares the aspirants to tackle any type of question in the real exam.
Tip To Aspirants:
Practice as much as you can. This will not only help you to gain speed but also confidence before the exam.
All the best!

Abhay Pandey


I am Abhay Pandey from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. I did BBA from Kanpur university in 2014. As advised by my mentors I started preparing for CAT in graduation second year aspiring for a decent management college. Unfortunately, I was unable to score that well to get into IIMs. I was shattered as getting a decent management college was my short-term goal that time. Then my elder brother counselled me and gave many examples of people, who did MBA and B. Tech, who pursued a career in public sector and were happier than they could be in private sector.
I started preparing for IBPS in mid-2015 and filled only IBPS PO 2015 and got through all stages but unfortunately my name was not in the final list. That made me sad but motivated as well, as this was my first attempt and I made it to the interview. After that, I reached the final stage of all exams but was unable to make it to the final list.
Some are mentioned below.
-IBPS 2015- out in final list. (Gave interview)
-INDIAN BANK PGDBF- out in final list. (Gave interview)
-SBI PO 2016- out in final list. (Gave interview)
-SSC CHSL 2015 - out in typing.
and many more
Now I would like to mention my success list which is as follows-
-IBPS CLERK 2016- Allotted BOB
-IBPS RRB 2016- Allotted (Gramin bank of Aryavart)
-NIACL ASSISTANT- Currently working in Delhi.
-RRB NTPC- Got Traffic Apprentice(GP-4200).
-BOB PGDBG 2017- Allotted.
-SBI PO 2017- Got offer letter.
QUANT- Strategy is very simple. Make your basic concepts of each topic crystal clear and then make your calculation super-fast by practicing. I did this with the help of OLIVEBOARD sectional tests as they are of excellent quality.
REASONING- Now a days reasoning is all about presence of mind and how well you can adapt to new question patterns, as we can see all new types of questions in every exam. This I did by practicing different type of questions in OLIVEBOARD reasoning practice sets.
ENGLISH- Only advice is to read, read and read, whatever you can get your hands on. You will see improvement in your English section. I would suggest Oliveboard practice set as their user interface and analysis is very good.
GENERAL AWARENESS- Make daily notes from all sources you have, as this is the saving section in today’s exams because of such high level of other three sections. This section can be prepared in advance very well and can save you in the exam.
Yes, it is True that 'HARD WORK PAYS OFF' I think you all must be knowing this proverb, but I would like to add something to this 'YOU NEED TO HAVE PATIENCE' and don’t give heed to what people say about you, you must be sure of your abilities that you will achieve one day what you aspire for, don't let your determination shake.
As a bank locker have two keys one with locker holder and another with bank manager, in the same way our life has two keys, one key (challenging work) is with you and other one is with god (fate), when both keys are put in locker then your locker(job) is open! I would like to put my pen down by saying 'learn from every failure as that that will make a ladder, which will lead you to success'

Ravi Bhandari


I did not join any coaching institute for bank exam preparation. I opted for Oliveboard Test series. At that time I had no idea about the pattern and type of questions of SBI PO exam. I just had a little overview of the notification. After attempting 2-3 mocks I went over some past papers that I could find over the internet and found that this Test series is really helpful for bank exams. This was the only bank exam I ever took so I guess it can provide a good guidance to you towards making your strategy only if you can bear the cost factor. Because in the end only your hard work is going to help you.
- Ravi Bhandari, Selected as SBI PO, 2015

Hemanth Rayapalli


Hi, I am Hemanth Rayapalli from Andhra Pradesh. I completed my BTech CSE in 2012. I wrote my first bank exam in 2012, IBPS Clerk, but lost out in GK by 1 mark. My first PO attempt was in 2013. I scored 59 marks, but again lost out in GK where I scored 4.
Meanwhile, I did MTech and got selected in TCS. But, I didn’t stop writing exams. In 2016, I cleared SBI PO mains exam but to my bad luck I was not in the final list. I never lost hope and continued looking out for ways to improve my weak areas.
I came to know about Oliveboard through Facebook. I am thankful to Oliveboard as the level of difficulty their mocks had, helped me practice those kinds of questions and made sure that I found the actual exam very easy to crack.
By taking regular mocks and with continued efforts, I cleared PO mains in 2016, with 80.5 and scored 70 in interview. Finally, I was selected in Canara bank.
My suggestion for all future aspirants is to never lose hope and wait for the day when you prove yourself!


SBI PO 2018

“Hello friends, my name is Aasim Qureshi. I completed my graduation in 2016 from a very reputed college in bhopal (MP). I was initially doing an MBA and eventually got my interest in economics and I started preparing for these bank exams. The very first paper that was cracked by me was of IBPS RRB PO 2017 and the IBPS Clerk 2017. For both these exams, prelims were cleared but I did not get enough marks in mains to crack the exam. And then just after that I got selected for icici po so i didn't get enough time to prepare for the next exams. I decided to not go for this post and I started preparing for SBI PO . I prepared for SBI po for about a month and then cleared my pre and again cleared my mains and then gd pi. In this whole journey I wasn't using oliveboard earlier. But then, Oliveboard was suggested by a friend of my father and then i started preparing for SBI with Oliveboard test series. These test series are so damn good that it helped a lot with the mains exam in a lot many ways. People say that it takes about three to four years to crack the exam. I started the preparation in july 2017 and cleared the pre of each exams and got selected in SBI PO 2018, it's just the right direction preparation is required which i got from oliveboard test series for mains paper. ....... in the end i just want to tell you people is that hard work is important but smart work is more important.”

Surya Pavan Dileep Kumar Ejjurotu


“My name is Dileep Kumar, I was never restricted by any one in my family of a Father, Mother and a Sister with the decisions taken by me from matured age and was like a free bird. Example: After SSC, I joined Science Stream in +2, and then B. Com in Graduation along with ICWA (ICWA was left in the middle). (Three Different things at the Great Learning age). So, like a famous proverb, Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, I had no knowledge on anything. My Basic nature was to skip responsibilities, and just to get relieved from education after completing my Graduation, I joined a Call center, and the Job was so relaxed and provided comforts that I settled in it for 4 years. On the other side, whenever my parents attended any of the family related or the friends related functions, they faced severe embarrassments because of my education and career when compared to contemporaries. My family and few well wishers were always worried about my career prospects and advised me to study MBA, which I joined in Distance learning mode and completed, when I moved from call center to other reputed company. In the Meantime, My sister always use to ask me please start preparing for Govt Bank exams (She has more confidence in me than what I have on myself), as Banking sector is providing a great opportunity to write exams for the Graduates who doesn’t possess first class in their Graduation and also the recruitment process is fast, transparent and the syllabus is moderate when compared to other competitive exams. I always used to scold her by saying it's been more than 8 years I left studies and how can I succeed (just to again skip the burden of studying). My sister is a Sai baba devotee and Always Prays to him that I should come to the Government Sector and she also told me to do the same. Then I laughed and said, how can a God create a situation like that, when I do not have the will to join in govt Sector and told her that “Your Desire cannot be fulfilled and its impossible”. After a while situations in my office became chaotic and I used to work for 12-14 hours a day and still I used to get bombarding from my superiors. Even though, I delivered everything on time without any delays, and I was screwed always for no fault of mine, that’s when realization started within myself, I was working like a donkey here for 12-14 hours a day and still my job wasn’t secure and safe. So, I thought, Why not take a break and put these hours in preparing for Govt bank job and quit the job. Enjoyed for 6 months as a refreshment break from corporate culture, and started preparing for IBPS Exams (I am only eligible to IBPS & SBI exams and not for PGDF programs, because of less graduation percentage, which comes only once in a year, if I miss in a year again I have to wait till the next notification in the next year, I haven’t opted preparing for other competitive exams because the GK syllabus is vast). There is a famous saying in Telugu “Dige Daka Lothu Teliyadhu” in true Translation, “You do not know the Depth until you step in.” I joined a coaching institute PRISM in Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh, where I met Prasad Sir, he asked me a few questions to check my capability and advised me that if I prepared strategically I can make it. That’s when I understood that I am very weak at basics of Quant and Reasoning, so sat with RS Agarwal book for a month and understood basics along with the institute daily tests. I couldn't get the real essence of the word “Prepare Strategically”, used by my Sir. After a few months, I realized that it's a herculean task to compete with the young champs, and cannot attempt the same number of questions like they do in exam. So, I strategically worked on my weapon “Accuracy” and made sure that I almost reached their scores with my less attempts. In this process I also understood that “Luck” factor plays a role indeed. Attended two interviews and once placed In reserve list and that year reserve list was not fully cleared and also the other interview attempted- overall score wasn’t sufficient to be in the final list. The initial 2 years I studied only after the notifications was released, and the rest of the time wasted by surfing the net and with other cultural activities. And finally, I was in a situation like, Last attempt for me in the IBPS due to age factor. So, this time didn’t wait till the notification. Started preparation from Feb 2019. I thoroughly followed Oliveboard Tests for Quant and Reasoning and for GK. When You give your best with no loops in the middle, God and Luck will also favor you with the blessings of Sai Baba, Selected in Karnataka Grameen Bank as a PO. It took nearly 3 years. I dedicate this to my Parents and my lovely sister. P.S: Almighty will present a book to every individual to write their own path in their life and that book is what you write for your life, he also did the same to me and I scribbled the pages, and when I turned back those pages nothing was meaning full and I couldn’t understand what I wrote, so I threw that book aside and started feeling depressed and cursed God, after some time when I looked at that book I was surprised, it was a Two Sided notebook, I realized my mistake of scribbling and started writing it fresh meaningful from the New side of the book. Life always gives a 2nd opportunity and we need to just realize at the right time and respond appropriately and it’s never too late to start. Friends Be Positive, never lose hope as your hard work never goes in vain.”

Taran Sikka


After my graduation, I reluctantly joined an MNC but soon the lack of growth opportunities made me worry about my future. I started my preparation in November 2015. My first exam was LIC AAO 2016 followed by NABARD Assistant Manager in which I couldn’t make it to the next stage. I also appeared for SBI JA and SBI PO exams but didn’t get past the mains exam stage. All these failures motivated me to work hard for IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk 2016. I can proudly say that I qualified both the exams and got placed in IDBI bank and Bank of India as a PO and clerk, respectively.
I started by clearing my basic concepts of Reasoning, Maths and English with the help of various books. For GK, I followed the GK capsules prepared by various sites. After that I started taking regular mock tests from Oliveboard starting with LIC AAO. I appreciate the fact that they have varying difficulty levels in their tests which are devoid of any mistakes. This helped me build my confidence for the actual exam. Their analytics tool helped me identify my weak areas, work on them and improve my scores.
Appearing for further exams like IPPB Mains 2017, NIACL AO Mains 2017, IBPS Clerk Mains and IBPS PO Mains made me realize that there has been a gradual shift in the pattern of banking exams. My advice to future aspirants will be that they shouldn’t stick to books anymore. The internet has variety of sources to help them prepare for the new pattern. Also, one should change their strategy to suit the latest pattern.

Divyama Shukla


मेरी पहली परीक्षा एसबीआई पीओ 2015 थी| मुझे प्रीलिम्स में तो सफलता प्राप्त हुई, लेकिन मैं मुख्य परीक्षा पास नहीं कर सका। मैं आईबीपीएस पीओ में साक्षात्कार चरण तक पहुँचा लेकिन उसमें सफल नहीं हो सका। यहाँ तक कि मैं आईबीपीएस क्लर्क में भी मैं सिर्फ 1 अंक से रह गया|
मैं पहले से ही पिछले साल कई टेस्ट सीरीज ले चुका था और इस साल कुछ नया करना चाहता था। ओलिवबोर्ड को हमेशा वाट्स एप और टेलीग्राम के स्टडी ग्रुप में और दोस्तों द्वारा सबसे अच्छा सुझावित किया जाता था | इसीलिए मैने ओलिवबोर्ड एसबीआई क्लर्क (JA) टेस्ट सीरीज़ खरीदने का फैसला किया|
मुख्य परीक्षा पूरी तरह से चौकाने वाली थी| मैथ्स में सब आसान सवालों की जगह मुश्किल सवालों ने ले ली थी। लेकिन ओलिवबोर्ड के जिस सेक्शन से मुझे असलियत में मदद मिली वो अंग्रेजी थी। बल्कि मैं ये कहूँगा कि मेरा केवल अंग्रेजी सेक्शन की वजह से ही चयन हुआ। ओलिवबोर्ड मॉक टेस्ट में रीडिंग कोम्प्रीहेन्शन (RC) की गुणवत्ता वाकई बहुत अच्छी है और यह मेरी मुख्य परीक्षा में ,जिसमें कि बहुत कम सीधे सवाल पूछे गये, मेरी सटीकता में सुधार लाने में कारगर साबित हुआ | आमतौर पर मैं ओलिवबोर्ड मॉक टेस्ट में अंग्रेजी में 24-25 अंक प्राप्त करता था लेकिन परीक्षा में मैंने 32 अंक प्राप्त किये वो भी तब जबकि मैंने हल ही केवल 34 किये थे| असलियत में मेरी सटीकता सभी सेक्शन में अच्छी रही| मैंने 144 प्रश्न हल किये थे और मैंने 133 अंक प्राप्त किये|इसके अलावा, टेस्ट सीरीज़ ने मेरी मदद जनरल अवेयरनेस (GK) में 38अंक प्राप्त करने में भी की- ओलिवबोर्ड जानता है कि जनरल अवेयरनेस (GA) सेक्शन में किस प्रकार के स्टेटिक और करंट अफेयर्स के प्रश्न देने हैं |
मैं एसबीआई क्लर्क (JA) में चयनित हुआ हूँ और अब आईबीपीएस पीओ मेन्स और BOB Manipal के साक्षात्कार के परिणामों का इंतज़ार कर रहा हूँ

Mrinmoy Roy Sarkar


“My name is Mrinmoy Roy Sarkar. I completed BE in Computer Science from Tripura Institute of Technology in 2017. After completing my graduation I got too frustrated and applied for every random job. I started working in a private sector where my salary was very low as compared to workload. After 6 months of working hard and bearing depression and frustration I decided this is not the right place to put my all efforts. I left the job in February 2018 and started to focus on bank exams. I started practicing basic problems of reasoning, aptitudes and English . I applied for SBI JA 2018 and started giving mock tests and sectional tests straight away on Oliveboard. I cleared the prelims but couldn't clear the mains but since I got a positive reply I decided to carry on with Oliveboard. I applied for RRB PO and Clerk as well and I bought their mock test series from oliveboard. I cleared both the prelims but couldn't clear the mains by a short margin. I also cleared IBPS PO prelims but the same happened here couldn't clear mains. IBPS Clerk was the last exam of 2018 session. I decided to not to give up and eventually applied for it. I bought the test series for both PRE and Mains. I cleared the exam successfully finally. Here are the exams I attempted.
1)SBI JA- cleared pre.
2)RRB PO- cleared pre.
3)RRB clerk- cleared pre.
4)IBPS PO- cleared pre.
5)IBPS clerk- cleared pre+mains.
Preparation strategy is very simple and straightforward for bank exams.
1) Clear your basics properly. 2) Practice questions as much as possible. 3) Read newspapers articles, columns everyday. 4) Make reading a habit. 5) Give mock tests on a daily basis whether full length or sectional. 6) Practice quality questions. 7) Give proper focus on the GS section because it will help you to boost your score in the mains. 8) Self Study is the best policy.”

Tushar Vaidya

Canara Bank PO(PGDBF) 2018

“Hello Aspirants, I am Tushar Vaidya, I completed my B.Tech in Computer Science in 2015, worked with Cognizant Technologies for 2 years. I quit my job in mid 2017 and started preparing for Banking Exams. In the beginning, I thought I would crack the exam easily but after seeing the number of Aspirants and difficulty of the exam, I realized that I really need to work hard. While preparing, there was a constant failure for six months, I could not clear even a single prelims,The first prelim that I cleared was RBI Assistant 2017, I got 15 marks extra in mains but could not cleared Reasoning sectional cut off.Then started series of examination that I could clear prelims but could not make in final. Some are given below RBI Assistant out in mains SBI PO out in interview SBI clerk out in mains RRB PO out in mains RBI Grade B out in mains IBPS PO out in mains IBPS clerk-selected in Bank of Baroda Indian Bank out in interview ESIC SSO out in final Canara Bank-Selected. Whenever I felt low during preparation I would call my seniors and take their guidance and get mental support.I would watch JOSH TALK and get motivated. For quick Success: * Clear basic concepts of all subjects (devote exclusive time for concept cleaning) * Practicing MOCK daily without fail.(help you in time and mind management) * Be ready to fail that will make you strong internally and give you tolerance to handle situations peacefully. (Frankly speaking failures that I got in exams helped me improve various aspects of my life.) * Learn from failure and make better Strategies. For me Yoga,Pranayama and Mantra meditation helped a lot in maintaining mental health. I specifically preferred Oliveboard mock test for pre as well as mains for its quality questions and deep analysis. Practice with consistency success will be yours. Thank you Oliveboard.. your my success companion.”

Ashish Kumar Jha


Hi, My name is Ashish Kumar Jha. I did my B.Tech from IEM , KOLKATA in 2014; got job offers through campus interview for few companies. But, I was not interested in the corporate culture. UPSC was always my target.
After my graduation, I started my CSE preparation. But, due to some health problem, my preparation got affected and I lost 1 year. By the end of 2016, I recovered and was determined to get a job. I started applying for competitive exams. I never prepared exclusively for Banking Examinations.
Meanwhile, I decided not to write multiple exams but focus on few exams. I applied for SBI PO 2017. Meanwhile, I got selected for Laxmi Villas Bank PO. I worked for 4 months at Laxmi Villas bank. While working there, I gave my SBI PO mains and subsequently cleared it.
Strategy that I’ve followed:
English Language:
This is one of my strong areas. I have a habit of reading newspaper since six std. It really helped. So, this section does not require much preparation if you are really good at basics and regularly read a newspaper. Besides, Oliveboard mock test series really helped me on various account.
Quantitative Aptitude:
Banking exams are getting tougher and trickier every year. Since I was from the engineering background, my maths basics were strong. And, this section is also one of my strong areas. I DIDN’T follow any books, magazines or study materials for maths. I relied on online multiple resources and YouTube videos. I gathered a list of unconventional tricky questions for all the topics and started solving regularly.
My advice to aspirants is not to go for conventional questions, try unconventional tricky questions.
I was weak in reasoning. You need not always solve puzzles to cross the barrier. I used to solve independent questions and used to skip puzzles. My aim was to clear the cut-offs.
My advice to aspirants is – if you are good in puzzles, go for it. But, if you are weak like me just try to solve independent questions and if the time permits, you can attempt puzzles.
Data Analysis & Interpretation:
I have done integrated approach for SBI PO preparation. I tried to solve DI questions from online resources every day. One thing about DI is – you need to practice every day and good calculation skill is the main weapon to score for DI.
General Awareness Economy/Banking:
I referred to newspaper and online resources for this section. I used to make notes from the newspaper. My UPSC exam preparation approach really helped me.
My interview started on the wrong note and I was thinking at the back of my mind about rejection from final selection. Anyways, as the interview progresses, I started making a positive impact on the panel. Most of the questions pertain to the practical approach to banking. My job experience at Laxmi Villas bank also helped me in answering various tricky questions.
One thing to note is that my newspaper reading habit has helped in my interview and other sections of the exam.
Tips to aspirants:
• You can clear any banking exams without books, magazines and study materials. There are many websites with numerous resources and YouTube videos. All you need is willing to do it, clarity of basics and identifying two strong areas.
• Relax, do not intimidate by competition around you. Just do your things.
All the best to all aspirants!



'If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.' Similarly, Govind never settled for anything ordinary…..he always knew his destination.
Here is his inspiring story:
Hi friends, my name is Govind R. I did my graduation in 2011 and after that completed my post graduation in 2014. Earlier I was working as an assistant professor and then started preparing for a government job. During my preparation days I started using Oliveboard mock tests to analyse my performance and progress. Initially, the mock tests appeared very difficult for me and I did not know how to approach to solve them. But then I analysed the answer key and my weak areas properly. I left no stone unturned to work on my weak areas and improve accordingly. Finally, after practicing a good number of mock tests from Oliveboard, my speed and percentile improved considerably.
Preparation Strategy:
Try to make a proper study plan once you start your exam preparation. I always preferred practicing my quants section in the morning. Try and practice as many questions as you can to improve your speed.
For reasoning as well I preferred to maintain a proper timeline for practicing. I generally worked on my Reasoning section at evening time. Maintaining a proper schedule for each subject will help you to track the areas you have covered.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:http://bit.ly/2thAuOq
Most of them keep asking me about my English preparation. I was not that good in the grammar section, so I concentrated more on the comprehension part to score well in English. I started reading a lot of articles to improve my speed and accuracy for this section.
Read newspapers daily to work on your vocab and reading skills. This will help you in your interview as well. You can practice your English section at night just like me. You can first refer some good grammar book to clear your concepts to proceed further. Directly solving mock tests without clearing your basics is a big “No”. Always clear your basics and then practice as much as you can and work on your weak areas to improve accordingly.
Friends, GK questions are very important for the exam. Try and make small notes so that you can revise it easily during revision. I used to note down Bank related questions, schemes (state & union), loans by different financial institutions (amount). When you read news about Bank try to learn about their MD, CEO, and HQ.
I prepared from various sites for this section. Try and keep yourself updated with various essay topics about current happenings. When you are writing an essay, always try to include some facts and number to score better than others.
Role of Oliveboard:
Oliveboard mock tests were very helpful in my preparation. The analysis provided by them helped me a lot to work on my weak areas and improve them accordingly. The level and quality of tests provided by Oliveboard are at par with the real exam. Thus Oliveboard mock tests are a must for all the users.
I hope my preparation strategy could be of some help to the aspirants. At last, I would like to say never lose hope and keep believing in yourself.
All the best!

Aman Kumar


I am Aman Kumar from Bihar. I have done B.Tech from NIT PATNA (2012-2016). In my first and second year of college, I was a little bit inclined towards MBA for elite management institutes like IIM/XLRI/FMS/IIFT etc. But when I was doing my industrial training in L&T (before the final year), I got to know about private work culture thereafter I postponed my MBA plan.
So, when SSC notification came out in Feb’16, I focused on the SSC CGL 2016 by making plan and strategy to crack in the first attempt. Made the whole booklist for SSC CGL with the help of Google/Quora/seniors. I started my SSC CGL preparation from 12 March (after 8th semester mid-sem exam). I was continuously burning oil at midnight because I had to do college 10-5 after that I study for SSC CGL.
But after 37 days of preparation, on 18 April SSC postponed the exam which was dated on the 1st/2nd week of May. This notification was very soothing for me because final year project work was taking a lot of time. Anyhow, I was managing my time but after 18 April I stopped my CGL preparation and gave 100% time on my project and final semester exam which was going to be held in the 2nd week of May. Still, no notice was given by SSC related to the exam date, so I thought on 27 May (last date of SBI PO form submission) to fill up the SBI PO form until SSC notification and prepared for SBI PO which was scheduled in 1st week of July.
Gave SBI PO exam on 9th July, the result came out on 17th July. I got 47.5 (cut off- 47.50) but failed in reasoning section. SSC notification had come out on 1st of July stating that exam will be held in last August. From 20th July, I started my SSC CGL preparation. My SSC CGL tier 1 exam was on 9 September, exactly 2 months later SBI PO prelims were scheduled. In tier 1, I got 147/200 (cut off - 137).
Knowing my score in tier 1, I thought I must practice mock test whose paper level should be above of SSC CGL mains. I selected OLIVEBOARD mock test for SSC CGL mains after lots of research on google/Quora (earlier I gave Oliveboard mock test for SBI PO pre). In Tier 2 mock, there were 10 Quants paper and 5 English. Quant paper was brilliantly designed, and English paper was above par of SSC level. I practiced all mocks of OLIVEBOARD and finally got 331/400 in SSC CGL tier 2. And finally, after tier 3, I got AIR-961 (Post- Central Excise Inspector) in my first attempt and dream of getting the top post in central government from SSC CGL became true.
It was really a fascinating journey which I started without any coaching. The self-study was my main tool to crack SSC CGL in less than five months of preparation in my first attempt and of course, OLIVEBOARD was one of the components in my successful journey.

Aditya Singh


Read how Aditya managed to crack all his IBPS exams to get selected for IT Officer, PO & Clerk.....
I have been a regular student of OliveBoard..The Questions which OliveBoard gives in mock test papers are of great standard which helped me to raise my preparation level.. The general awareness section has always been the key section to fetch more marks than the required cut off and the questions and daily updates which OliveBoard provides is more than sufficient to crack any bank exam. The Practice session which is being conducted in which a number of aspirants participate has really been a boon to me.
STRATEGY: The strategy was simple and to to be constant and honest about my preparation. I used to read all the current affairs questions provided by OliveBoard and keep myself updated. The questions of Reasoning section is of great standard, infact, OliveBoard is the only one which tries to add new kind of questions as per IBPS. The English and Quantitative Aptitude need practice and OliveBoard questions are sufficient for the practice
Finally, I would like to thanx whole of the OliveBoard team for solving any kind of query.
I got selected as Bank IT Officer In Punjab National Bank, PO in Bank of India and clerk in Bank Of Baroda.

Swastik Shukla


My name is Swastik Shukla. I was born and brought up in The City of Joy, Kolkata. I did my +2 and graduation from University of Allahabad in Commerce stream. After my graduation in 2015 October I applied for LIC AAO in 2015 December but couldn’t make it to the interview round probably because of lack of planning and preparation. Then, in 2016 I applied for SBI JA and SBI PO, while preparing for SBI JA I met with an accident and couldn’t study for almost a month, but I decided not to quit and started toiling day and night after recovering from the injuries.
It was from a social networking site that I came to know about Oliveboard and took the first test that was free to access. Thankfully I was somehow convinced to subscribe for the test pack which worked wonders for me and helped me clearing both SBI PO prelims and mains, SBI JA mains, and IBPS PO.
Now coming to my strategy. I devoted 2 hours to every subject because it’s better to be a Jack of all Trades than being a master of one because you have to clear the sectional cut-offs.
1. English:
I preferred reading the Hindu, Economic times and Livemint’s editorials and Word Power Made Easy by Norman
2. Reasoning:
I solved a lot of puzzles which immensely helped me in cracking both prelims and mains of all SBI PO, IBPS PO and SBI JA and that too all in the very first attempt
3. Computer Aptitude:
Go through as many MCQs on the internet, as possible and any other sources that you come across
4. Quant and DI:
I didn’t follow any book but practiced everything online because of the variety of questions
5. General Awareness:
I read monthly GA reviews and finance news which was more than enough and for GK I covered as much static part as possible
This strategy helped me clear all my tests in the first attempt. So, the takeaway from this is:
• Be prepared for all the situations because any combination of questions can be asked and you must pass these hurdles. Prepare for the worst and everything will be fine.
• Practice as many mocks as possible. Also, analysing them is very important because it will let you know your weak areas and strengths so that you can work on them accordingly.
• Difficulty levels in both SBI PO and IBPS PO exams were difficult to make through but one has to keep calm throughout. That’s all.
I could not clear the interview round for SBI PO, but I got through IBPS PO and got shortlisted for Canara Bank!

Deepak Bhardwaj


Success is facing failures. Failure should be there for getting the taste of success.
Hi, my name is Deepak Bhardwaj. I started my preparation journey in June 2016. Initially, I didn't have any idea about any bank exams. I appeared in numerous exams like SBI Clerk, BOB PO 2016, IBPS PO, BOM PO, BOB Clerk but got rejected in prelims. I always believe one should learn from one's failures.
I realized that I am not performing well in any of the sections except maths. Then, I analyzed myself and worked on my mistakes. First, I focus on clearing prelims and I took numerous test series and Oliveboard was one of them.
By giving lots of mocks, I got to know about various kinds of problems which were asked in all section. Practicing mocks was a one big reason on how I improved my reasoning. I was able to clear sectional cut-off of English but couldn't do well in this. But fortunately, I was able to clear prelims of further exams. My GK was not good, I couldn't able to succeed in mains of IBPS clerk, RRB PO mains etc. due to this.
My first final selection was IDBI executive and I was waiting for NIACL AO final result. Unfortunately, I couldn't succeed in this and it was worst moment for me during my entire preparation. From that failure, I got a desire that I must do something great this time.
I left IDBI and focus on my preparation. I started preparation for BOB, SBI, NICL etc. I got selected in RRB Clerk from Rajasthan but due to some personal reason, I had to left it too. Then, I gave SBI PO Pre. and NICL AO Pre. and selected in both. But, SBI PO mains was disastrous. I attempted 185 questions for NICL AO Mains which was far better than NIACL 134 attempts. Before result announcement of NICL AO and BOB interview, I got selected in state PSU Junior engineer job. Subsequently, I cleared BOB PO Manipal and NICL AO.
Preparation Strategy-
Math and Reasoning:
I was totally dependent on mocks. I didn't go through any books except 1-2 books to understand the patterns. If your concepts are not good, then first learn them. Then start giving mocks. The concept doesn't mean short tricks.
I learned concepts of banking and insurance from various sites including Oliveboard. Static capsule of Oliveboard was of great help. It covered all static information. For current affairs, I referred various sites and videos.
As my English is not up to the mark but for clearing cut-off I attempted the maximum question. I attempted 16 in ibps po pre and secured 7, 27 in SBI and secured 12. That's why you must always attempt more questions in English. And if you have good accuracy, then attempt 15-20 questions at maximum. Reading is the best way to improve English.Read grammar rules at least once in a week. That's enough according to me.
Oliveboard test series helped me a lot. I always preferred mocks in which time is given for every question because it helped me in analyzing well. I always analyze every mock at least for 1 hour. I constantly work on my mistakes and practice math and reasoning only in mocks because I was good in both.
Important tips-
- Write down mistakes and improvement daily
- Follow a timetable
- Do not follow others time-table
- Planning should be there before you start your day
My marks in some of the exams:
Sbi clerk pre 61 cut- offs 64
Ibps po pre 41 cut- offs 47
Bob po 2016 70 marks cut- offs 106
Bom clerk 141 cut- offs 154
RBI assistant pre 77 cut- offs 80
Rrb po pre 61.5 out of 80 cut- offs 51
Rrb clerk pre 79.75 out of 80 cut-offs 66
Ibps clerk 78.5 cut-offs 66
Rrb po mains 113 cut-offs 109
Rrb clerk mains 149 cut-offs 140
Ibps clerk mains 76 cut-offs 78
Niacl ao pre 69 cut-offs 65
Idbi executive 102 cut-offs 101 out of 150
Sbi po pre 63 cut-offs 51
Nicl ao pre 63.5 cut-offs 61
Bob po 2017 final marks 66.5 out of 100
I just want to say that always think to do big
Prepare for big
Give your best
And God will definitely do good for you.
It may be possible, it may take time
But you will be successful for sure.
Best of luck to all for better future.



'Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.' Similarly, Sonal followed her ambition and kept working hard to achieve success in her life.
Here is her inspiring story:
I am Sonal Dewangan, a civil engineer graduate based on Raipur, Chhattisgarh. I completed my graduation from BIT Raipur in 2016 and subsequently started preparing for IBPS and SBI PO.
My Journey to SBI started after graduation. Instead of joining any coaching center I decided to prepare at home with the help of Oliveboard.
I started my preparations by solving books as well as giving sectional tests from Oliveboard. I started from basics and gradually increased the difficulty level.
I followed the strategy of giving frequent mock tests and then analyzing them thoroughly which helped me in devising a proper strategy for attempting the exam. It also increased my confidence and enabled me to solve the questions in stipulated time.
My Strategy and Tips For Quantitative Aptitude:
• I solved Sarvesh Verma for quant and gave mocks from Oliveboard mock tests to test my progress.
• My daily target was to solve at least 30 questions per day and two sectional tests.
• Learning concepts are important than preparing hastily. You should focus on concepts rather than the number of questions solved.
• You should also not lose confidence when obtaining low scores. Mocks are generally hard.
For Reasoning and DI:
• Accuracy precedes speed in the mains exam and for that heavy practice is a must.
• Reasoning can be mastered by some tricks and shortcuts but for DI, you must do the labor.
• I didn’t use any offline material for this. Sectional test from Oliveboard are more than enough.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:http://bit.ly/2thAuOq
For English:
• This is the nightmare section for most of us as we don’t have that much familiarity with the grammar and vocab. As I was from Hindi medium, it took me a while to have a hold of this section.
• Learn as much words as you can from “Word Power Made Easy”. You can test your progress by giving online sectional tests.
• Read at least 4 RCs daily. This will improve your understanding of long phrases and you will get acquainted with them.
For GK:
• Reading newspapers daily helped me a lot. You can give GK tests of Oliveboard to have an idea about the variety of questions. Read current affairs from anywhere you can.
• Revision is a must in this section. Revise as much as you can daily. Start making notes of static GK and read the editorials from the newspaper.
• While preparing for one particular area, connect it with all other sectors related to it and study it accordingly.
For Descriptive:
The descriptive section is a cakewalk if you know about the topic. I prepared from the list of topics which was provided by the Oliveboard. You can also see other candidate’s submissions and take help from that if you have any trouble in writing essays.
Interview Tips:
Once the mains exam is over, it’s all about confidence and knowing about yourself which helps in cracking the interview. If you have low confidence over your oratory skills, then you can try the mirror exercise, which also helped me a lot. GD is all about knowing about what’s happening in politics and other sectors. Basic knowledge and communication skills can easily fetch above average marks and with good mains score, the final selection won’t be any trouble.
Oliveboard’s Role In The Preparation:
The sectional tests and mocks from Oliveboard helped me in tracking my preparations as well as enabled me to work on key improvement areas. The UI of the platform is user-friendly and quite informative. The high number of candidate who appear for the mocks gives you a practical scenario of the competition that is out there and gives you a competitive edge among other aspirants.
Tips To Aspirants:
I would conclude by stating the fact that Luck matters in each stage of selection, but it’s the hard work and consistency which pays off at the end. The competition is high and the best time to start your preparation is NOW!!

Ajit olkha


“Hello everyone, I am Ajit olkha currently working as an Administrative officer (AO) in The New India assurance company limited (NIACL). Here I am sharing my strategy which helped me in clearing - NIACL AO 2019, IBPS PO 2018(UNION BANK), SBI CLERK 2018. Let's have a look at my strategy (i would say 2 different strategies! One is for bank, another is for insurance) (MAINS)
1. Bank exams - nowadays mains paper of ibps po and sbi po/sbi clerk is coming very tough and that is a plus point for you! Because you need not to attempt everything, you need to be selective while attempting questions ..all u need is to attempt a good number of questions (above an average attempt) with full accuracy.
A) Reasoning - see first of all, you should have a good command over miscellaneous topics because in mains you will be able to solve these questions. Now when it comes to puzzles you should practice 3/4 variables puzzle and new type of puzzles on a daily basis. Oliveboard mock tests have quite a good collection of these puzzles. I would suggest you give mock tests from oliveboard and practicemock. Always go with two sources.
B) Quantitative aptitude - This was my strongest section.. And believe me your strongest section will save you in hard times! First of all you should have a clear understanding of concepts. Once you are done with concepts then you should solve Quantum cat by Sarvesh or Arun sharma. These books match the level which is being asked these days in mains exam. After doing the above things, Just go and give sectional mocks of quant and just practice! Quant is all about practice.. The more you practice the more you will learn.
C) English - I would suggest you people to Read any good English newspaper.. Reading newspapers will help you a lot Because these days in English section they are focusing more on the comprehension section and your reading abilities.. So by reading the newspaper on a daily basis you will improve a lot.
D) General awareness / banking awareness - It is very important for the Banking mains exam! Because the level of paper will be so high that you will not be able to score that much in quant and reasoning but you can score around 90% in this section. Strategy - Try to follow one from OLIVEBOARD BOLT for the current affairs portion.
2. For Insurance Exams : For insurance mains exam your strategy should be different! Let me tell you why. The level of Quant and Reasoning is of very moderate level in the mains, that means you need to have Good speed here. You can even attempt 95% in Quant and Reasoning here! ( i was able to do 40/40 in Quants in ESIC SSO Mains and 45/50 in NIACL AO Mains) So for insurance exams you do not need to prepare for high level questions instead you just need to prepare the same type of questions again and again so as to increase your speed.
General awareness/insurance awareness: As i have already told you Reasoning and Quants are moderate here so in order to outclass others you need to perform good in GK and English.
GK : Oliveboard bolt & GK app
Insurance awareness : you can read insurance current affairs in the gk pdfs and for static insurance watch all the videos of GOVERNMENT SERVICE ASPIRATIONS youtube channel. you need not to do anything else!
English : Read the newspaper and give sectionals :)
Above I have discussed only about mains , now let's talk about pre. Cutoff for every pre exam these days is going high because they are giving clerk exams like paper in every pre exam! So in order to cross this hurdle you can do the following:
1. Reasoning: Try to do quiz daily and solve short and tricky puzzles from oliveboard mocks.Try to solve the same puzzle with 2/3 different approaches and then decide which one will be more beneficial.
2.Quant: Firstly prepare each and every chapter of arithmetic and solve quiz on that particular chapter after finishing the basics. Secondly, Try to give sectional on a daily basis and whenever you find a new type of question note it down in a seperate copy and learn the concept. For Di - Do level wise questions of oliveboard and Amar sir videos on youtube For fast calculation - Learn vedic maths and follow the way of fast calculation.
3.English : Mock Tests will be enough for this.
Some things i have learned in the last 1.5 years: 1) You have to become at least average in your weak section. 2) Prepare for Pre and mains together, you will not be able to perform efficiently if you will prepare for mains after the declaration of pre results! 3) Never get disheartened by low attempts in hard shift and never become excited after attempting more in a easier shift! If the shift is easier increase your speed and try to attempt maximum coz normalisation can do anything! 4) Try to make notes of current affairs and keep revising them every week 5) Mock Tests scores are made to demotivate you.. Every mock will be harder in comparison to the real exam. 6) For mains oliveboard is very important. Believe in yourself , you can conquer anything :)”

Nithin Venugopal


I am Nithin Venugopal, completed my B.Tech in CSE from Calicut University, Kerala in 2015. After that, I wanted to pursue M.B.A and started preparing for CAT, but despite working hard I couldn't make into the IIMs, and it was an actual blessing in disguise. Because before starting the preparation, I did not even give a second chance to think whether I would be able to afford an MBA and whether it would provide me the kind of job which I would like to do.
After this failure, I did a deep introspection and at first, decided to join T.C.S ( was placed from the campus during B.Tech). Then subsequently, I understood that banking is the only industry which is a service to the common men and at the same time provides an opportunity for you to grow also, both professionally and personally. Then, I started preparing for SBI PO 2016, cleared prelims, but was not able to clear the mains.
After that, I appeared for Bank of Baroda PGDBF 2016.
Result: I was not able to clear the written test.
And, I have also appeared for IBPS PO 2016,
RESULT: Cleared prelims and mains
Missed the final cut off by 0.9
This time I felt like the entire world wants to see me fail. Day in and day out I was in despair. Then came the notification of SBI PO 2017. I understood the fact that if I want to prank over my failure, I could, but nobody in this world is bothered about it, everyone just wants to know whether you made it into the final list or not??
I started preparing for the final battle SBI PO 2017. I put all my effort day in and day out. Ultimately, my hard work pays off. I CLEARED SBI PO 2017.
Here I would share some simple things which I followed in my preparation:
Since I was preparing for CAT, I had strong basics in quant. The most important part is the mock test and its analysis. Oliveboard sectional DI mocks helped me a lot in boosting my DI skills.
Try to solve as many puzzles as you can. Try to solve 5-6 puzzles daily of different types so that when you are facing the real test, you won't be puzzled. Floor puzzles, blood relations, north-south arrangements are common among the set of questions asked.
I regularly used to read newspaper editorials and practice 10 new words daily from magoosh app. English would be the trickiest part of the exam as you could not predict the pattern. I really don't know whether it helped me or not, but I can assure you one thing, the Oliveboard mocks would help you a lot as the analytics portion of that would show you where you are behind and the set of questions are also of a very good standard.
Now apart from this at this moment while I am writing this testimonial from State Bank Learning Centre, Banglore, I would like to thank Oliveboard as it provided me a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice and for making me totally comfortable while I was writing the actual exams.
Now, to all the aspirants the only key mantra which I would like to tell is 'Hardwork pays off'. Never ever quit, keep trying and I am sure one day you will make it through as I did now.
All the best !!!

Shilpi Kanchan


Hello, My name is Shilpi Kanchan. I have cleared IBPS PO VI and IPPB Scale I. After my graduation (BA (Hons) English) in May 2016, I decided to take banking exams. I was not 21 by that time so could not take SBI PO. Then I prepared for IBPS PO seriously. My only target was to clear it anyhow. I cleared my basic concepts from YouTube Channels and few books.
I was good at English and Reasoning which really helped in clearing Prelims. I used to take mocks very seriously, keeping in mind that I had to score above 95 percentiles in Oliveboard test series. After the mocks, I used to analyze them very carefully and I maintained a notebook for every subject in which I used to jot down all the questions which I could not solve in Mocks. In this way, I had a good collection of tricky questions which I used to revise every Sunday.
While it comes to Mains, the sectional timing pattern was newly introduced, and I prepared for it through Oliveboard Mocks. I was quite weak on the computer, so I read 2-3 books for it and solved many online quizzes. After my IBPS PO Mains result, I started preparing for Interview and around the same time, I had IPPB Prelims and Mains so I could not prepare for it very much, but I never skipped a mock test. One mock for a day was must for me and trust me guys, it really helped!!! Taking Mocks is the best thing you can do for banking exams. Though marks have not been declared yet I am sharing my attempts.
Prelims- 76
Mains- 115
My Interview with IPPB went quite well. I have shared my Interview experience on Oliveboard so you can read it as well (Check this link for the same- http://bit.ly/2ACWDtY).
I would like to say thanks to Oliveboard for two selections in the first attempt and giving this platform to share my experience with you.

Kish Dikshit


First of all, a huge round of applause to all who cracked PO/SO/Clerk. My parents use to say "Hard work always pays, so sooner or later one would taste the sweet of success".
I read many success stories on internet that motivated me a lot. i want to dedicate my success to Oliveboard which provided such a excellent Mock Tests and got me through this exam with full confidence. Here i am,finally selected as a SO (Specialist officer)-Marketing in one of the best banks. I wish you all the best for future and for those who couldn't make this year- Work hard guys ,believe in your self and you will get success.
Selected as Specialist Officer (Marketing), Union Bank of India

Nikita Srivastava

IBPS RRB Assistant 2018-19

“Hello everyone....I am Nikita Srivastava and today I am going to share my success story. I started my preparation from July 2017 after I completed my b tech from computer science stream. Believe me guys, it was a journey full of ups and downs. So in my first attempt I cleared the preliminary phase of all the examinations including sbi, rrb, and nationalized banks but failed to clear mains. Then came my second attempt, I again appeared with more devotion and passion. In my second attempt I cleared ibps rrb assistant and allotted purvanchal bank. The strategy to my preparation is For quantitative- I firstly cleared my basics from rs Agarwal and then gave a test from oliveboard on a regular basis. Reasoning- for reasoning I only selected the oliveboard test series and gave the test on a regular basis. For English- I read The Hindu newspaper for improving my vocab and Grammar part For general awareness -i read newspaper to keep myself updated and opted mock tests and monthly quizzes from oliveboard At last I want to thank oliveboard for providing us the platform to make our dream come true.”

Sooraj Sasidharan


Sooraj Sasidharan cleared IBPS RRB (both Officer Scale 1 & Assistant) Mains and NIACL AO Mains in his first attempt. I am from Kerala and I worked for an IT Firm for two years after graduating and finally decided to take Banking Exams in 2016 (for the first time). My basic concepts on all the subjects were pretty clear so I didn’t refer to books and directly started attempting mock tests because they are a great way to sharpen and improve your skills.
Oliveboard Mock Tests ' standard and level of difficulty was too good and I couldn’t find even a single mistake in them. They are doing an amazing job in making quality study material available to the students. Thank you Oliveboard!

Amit Kumar Mishra


Oliveboard undoubtedly has been the most successful test series since the time of inception of online test series. All others are just playing the game and nowhere even close to matching the level of Oliveboard. Be it the question pattern, the solution, the comparison with other candidates, the percentile theory, the user interface. I think all these features distinguish OB from the crowd of other online portals, I started giving exams back in 2014, the first exam being SBI Clerk, in which I qualified the written but ultimately missed the final selection by 2 marks (which is a huge margin, as it was SBI Clerk and that too Uttar Pradesh).
I did not know how to approach the test, which section to start first and which questions to solve and which one to leave. Then I gave IBPS PO and cut off was 82 that year, I got 109, but couldn't give the interview because of some process related problems. Back in that year I had only applied IBPS PO, I did not know about other exams at all. So, starting from next year I gave every exam I came to know about and I took Oliveboard test series and I started to realize that the level of examination is always going up and so OB was equally competing with high level question patterns and specially reasoning which was getting tougher after every exam.
The best approach to an exam is start from the section where you cannot mark 'mark for review' option. You either know the answer or you don't, like English, or GA or computer, finish these two because then you'll have ample amount of time left and you won't be tensed as to finish quants and reasoning and then coming back to GA or English or computer, that way you'll end up giving less time to quants and reasoning.
Do GA first, then computer then English and then go for your favourite out of quants and reasoning, mine was reasoning so I always went for it first. In reasoning also do everything else first and mark the puzzles to attempt later. You'll realise all your reasoning will be done in 18-20 mins approx. and you'll be left with 4 puzzles at the end. Go for the puzzle type you're good at and you can easily solve 2 of them in 18 mins. Then come to quants. This way you can be cautious and at the same time relaxed with more time in your hand for the time taking sections.
Oliveboard has made huge impact in improving reasoning and quants section. I was scoring very less in quants earlier and then I upped my level with their test series and the series helped me qualify another series of exams.
Right from 2014, here goes the list.
1. SBI Clerk 2014 -Reached till interview
2. ‎IBPS PO 2014 - couldn't give interview
3. ‎SBI Associate PO 2015 - couldn't qualify in final selection
4. SBI PO 2015 - cleared by a huge margin but again failed in interview 19/50. Lol
5. ‎IBPS PO 2015-16 - reserve list 52/100 in interview. Later got Vijaya bank but did not join, joined UIIC AO
6. IBPS Clerk 2015-16 - PNB worked for 6 months
7. ‎RRB Clerk 2015-16 - Kashi Gomti Bank, Varanasi - worked for 2 months
8. RRB PO 2015-16- reserve list again 45/100 in interview. 145/200 in mains. Got Aryavart Bank later, but did not join
9. OICL Assistant 2015-16 - did not go for typing test
10. LIC AO 2015-16- did not join as had already joined clerical cadre
11. SBI Clerk 2016 - did not join as was already in PNB
12. UIIC AO 2016 – currently working, since April 2017
It was not a very pleasant journey from the beginning. It was like a series of missing exams because of interview. I was a commerce graduate, who got 57%, so thanks to all the exams that did not ask 60% as eligibility criteria. Regret it now as I couldn’t give so many exams, including Grade B. The ending of the journey has been good so far. Anyway, this is not the final mark of the journey. Hoping to achieve more.

Aryan Chatterjee


I was particularly not aware of the banking exams pattern when i first started my preparation for Govt exams in 2014. I was mainly concentrating on SSC but gave IBPS PO and SBI PO in 2014 but it was a disaster. After completing my Post graduation in 2015 I took these exams seriously. Although i am a science graduate and solving maths was easy to me but the time constraint always bogged me down. Then I came to know about Oliveboard from a social networking site and thought about giving it a go to all the mock tests available. I enrolled for SBI PO course and I found that the interface and all the graphs and datas after the exams absolutely brilliant. One can simply improve upon his/her weakness from analyzing those data. I would also rate highly for the quality of questions given in the mocks. I did get through the Prelims and Mains of SBI PO but I was unfortunate for not making it through the final list by 1 mark. Also in IBPS PO I am in the reserve list after scoring 95.5 in the Mains and got 170.5 marks in IBPS Clerk and got allotted in Bank of India. I also failed to make it through the final list of IBPS RRB PO and IDBI Executive. So in all 2015 was a mixed year for me with little bit of fortune not going my way but i would like to say in the end that Oliveboard do helped me in improving my speed a lot and I would also recommend it to maintain its quality of questions and if possible also make it more tough as we can see that the patterns are changing each and every year and also competition and the level of questions is getting tougher each passing day.
I am hopeful for SBI PO this year and also planning to take SSC CGL Exam and wishing for success in these exams as well

Rajat Goyal

IBPS Clerk

I started my preparation in May 2015. SBI PO was the first exam that I took. i had no idea how to prepare for exam and hence I couldn't clear even the Prelims. Then i concentrated more on strategy and started preparing in a more planned way through Mock Tests. Next exams in the line were IBPS RRB, IBPS PO and IBPS CLERK. I knew I had less time. By this time I had realised an important thing that if I want to have an edge over others, I have to get high scores in English+GA+Computer. I concentrated more on that. I didn't take the RRB Exam seriously.
But I gave my best for IBPS PO. I knew I couldn't get better oppurtunity than that but unfortunately I missed PO Mains by .75 marks in Maths. Overall score was 93 and that was really a heartbreak.
After that IBPS Clerk was the last oppurtunity for me. I studied with same enthusiasm this time and concentrated more on Maths. And finally I cleared IBPS CLERK with 148.75 marks.
I took some mock tests from Oliveboard, I liked the way I could analyze my scores and see where I stand among my competitors. And in future too, I would prefer Oliveboard Mock Tests.



“Hi my name is Sushmit Biswas. I belong to Guwahati, Assam.I passed my B..tech way back in 2013 and there on I was preparing for the competitive exams not really banking but i was inclined basically to UPSC but after successive failures in 2015 and 2016 i decided to choose banking as a career.It was not an easy ride. I wrote more than 80 banking exams and failed many times by a margin but never gave up as I was determined to get a public sector job. To all my friends who are failing remember everything happens in time and you have to wait for the right time but never ever think of giving up. On my strategy front i think oliveboard mocks are the best mocks in the market and they are somewhere similar to the actual exams because the level of toughness oliveboard mocks have if one analyse those mocks anyone can surely crack the exam. Now i came to how i prepared for the exams:
1)Reasoning :Reasoning now a days is one of the difficult sections in banking exams.The level of questions which comes in mains one needs to be highly analytical and practice good amount of puzzles which i think olive board mocks provide the best in the market,The level of questions in the mocks helped me to cope with the level of questions that comes in the exam.I request all of you to practice the oliveboard mocks give them analyse the mocks which is the most important part.In prelims exam pules are very critical as in 20 mins time you have to solve at least 2 to 3 puzzles to qualify for the mains.So i recommend you all to give the mocks within the stipulated time like actual exam condition and evaluate the percentiles of your mocks as different mocks have different level of questions so marks may be less also but if you are scoring good percentile than you are on right track.Also do remember to solve analytical reasoning which comes handy in mains because pules are tough nut to crack in mains.
2)Maths:I am very much average in Maths.I usually tend to solve Quadratic equations,simplification and data interpretation and usually skipped the word problems but it was the case till 2017 but with changing variety and nature of exams word problems now a days plays a major role for selection.For maths it is better to improve the concepts and practice questions from various websites online and give the oliveboard mocks and analyse them as olive board provides different variety of mocks which enables to encounter good no of questions in prelims and mains.Now a days caselet are also coming and even data sufficiency in the prelims level so one has to be good in all aspects to get through in these tough competition.
3)English:For english section only funda to clear the exam is to improve your reading habits by reading articles, editorials from The Hindu.My source of study was reading news paper finding new words from the editorials and note it down in the copy everyday.One can refer word power made easy and Barrons Gre to improve their vocabulary.For those who are little weak in english they can follow grammar book of Plinth to Paramount by Neet Singh Madam and if you practice form olive mocks i think these is more than enough to counter english.One important thing is to practice Reading comprehension everyday as these will improve your reading skills and help you understand the topic which you are reading.4)General Knowledge and current Affairs:These is the most important sections in banking exams if one scores very good in these section the probability of getting selected becomes higher.I relied on oliveboard bolt and gk today website.Different capsules which different website publishes but I strongly believe if you read current affairs every day you are on the edge than others and also solve the olive board mains gk mocks. Finally i want to thank olive board for being a part of my success story and i wish many more success stories to come.i end these with a phrase said by Swami Vivekananda'Have faith that you are all my brave lads born to do great things not let the barks of dogs frighten you not let the thunderstorm of heaven but stand up and work.'
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