surendra Bajiya


I am Surendra Bajiya from Jaipur. I am a B. Tech Graduate from University of Pune and M. Tech (pursuing) from Rajasthan Technical University Kota. After pursuing B. Tech (ECE), I Enrolled in M. Tech RTU(Kota) at Jaipur. I started preparing for SSC in the hope of getting a better future In Government Job and Better Social Respect.
I kept on preparing and opted for Oliveboard Test Series for every SSC exam and finally in 2016-17 I got selected as TA-Income Tax in Ministry of Finance in Government of India. (Region allotment and Posting/Joining schedule shall be announced soon). Besides this, I have also appeared for RRB NTPC-2015 and cleared It as Assistant Station Master. (Not appeared in document Verification as i already selected as TA in CBDT.)
Here is a summary of my preparation strategy:
I had a fear of quantitative aptitude so I kept on practising some selected topics and kept on increasing difficulty level. I did Advance Mathematics for SSC thoroughly first and focused more on. I started with Local Author Books (M.L. Vishnolia’s mathematics) and went on to do the most difficult sets of Oliveboard test series and Arithmetic mathematics by Rakesh Yadav Class notes (Good Short Tricks to solve big Problems of Arithmetic).
I used to solve Previous Year Papers from (M.B. Publication by A.K. Singh) and for errors I considered the Grammar book (Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh) for basic rules.
In reasoning, I always had a very good command but I had to mould myself with every exam because Reasoning has always been very unpredictable. I kept on doing Mocks of Oliveboard and used to do previous year papers and again so that I stay in touch with the latest trends through test series and papers in market. For SSC Previous year papers are more than enough.
General Awareness:
Daily newspaper reading for Current News and Previous years papers of GHATNACHAKRA (with explanation) are more than Enough for this section. If You Have Time than Go through Lucent Publication's GS book.
Advice for Aspirants:
Lastly, I want to say that I became solid but mouldable in my stance while preparing for Competition exams. With every failure, I kept on finding my mistakes and worked on them. Every small thing happened to me has its role in this achievement of mine which is a learning for life. So, keep learning Keep sharing keep growing.
All the Best and God Bless You All!



My name is Suvart Sharma (Assistant Section Officer, AFHQ-Ministry of Defence) and I cleared SSC-CGL examination in 2016. I did my engineering from NIT, Kurukshetra and got placed in Havells India Ltd. It was there for the first time when I thought of taking this exam and started collecting information about it. After getting the research done, I started preparing for it on my own with the help of various study material available online. In my opinion, the key for this exam would be “Practice” and nothing else.
One has to be concise with study material because basics remain same, whether you do it from one source or multiple. Work on basics, key is obviously English and Maths. The more you are good in these two, the better will be your score and rank.
For Maths - Rakesh Yadav Classnotes would cover all the different types of questions (available on net).
For English - for basics/grammar : Use any class notes available in market or Neetu Singh's English Book (available on net) and for grammar practice - Use Pearson’s or Arihant’s book. Don't forget to stress on the static part of English i.e. One word substitution, Idioms & Phrases etc as they are quite scoring - once done and assure you the marks.
For Reasoning - there is no need of any book, only mock tests would suffice the purpose.
For GS - if you get time go for some class notes etc no need to study in depth (just get the things familiar), don't put too much time reading Lucent’s book. Also, don't waste excessive time on GS, first make your command on Maths and English as Cost/benefit ratio is high in GS(i.e. high input and less output) and also it is somewhat unpredictable as well. Spending same time and energy on other two would fetch you more marks.
After getting all this done, try to solve as many mock tests as you can and nothing else is required. Mock tests are the panacea for clearing this exam trust me and the Oliveboard Mock Test Series was of great help for me in doing this as I solved all the packages available with them which helped me to improve my score and enhanced my preparation for this exam. I got 185/200 in Maths(Tier 2) and all behind this is practice.
Consistency is the key and your hard work today will make your tomorrow contented.
Good luck!

Akash Goyal

IBPS PO 2018

Before sharing my previous experience, I would like to tell you something about myself. My name is Akash Goyal and I am from Faridabad and I completed my graduation in in 2017 and started preparing for banking exams by myself at home. However, I could not clear IBPS PO Pre 2017. Then I started preparing for SBI PO 2018 and joined a private organization to learn some nuances related to Accounts & Finance and cleared SBI PO Pre and mains but missed the final list by 0.5 marks. Below is the compiled list of my past experience:
IBPS PO 2017 - missed pre by 2 marks
SBI PO 2018 - missed final list by 0.5 marks
ESIC SSO - missed final list
NIACL Asst - missed pre by 0.25 marks
South Indian PO - Selected
Canara PO PGDBF - Selected
IBPS PO 2018 - Selected
ENGLISH: This section was my strength, used to attempt all questions in both pre and mains. This section helped me to score high and have an edge over others. For this section, I would advise you to follow a good newspaper daily like The Indian Express and give sectional tests every 4 days a week. Follow SP Bakshi's book for common errors.
QUANT: For Quant, I started with Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Verma and Arun Sharma. Then I made notes and solved them to clear my basics and used PM test series for speed building accuracy and time management.
REASONING Puzzle was a headache in initial days but it challenged me and i loved that, daily I used to do practice 10-15 puzzles. Mocks play an important part here since you get to see CAT level puzzles here and learn a lot from the solution. Devote at least 1-2hrs to reasoning daily, else you will lose speed. GENERAL AWARENESS For this section, follow capsules provided by various sources religiously. Always preparing for the past 6 month Gk is important to excel in this section. I used to revise 2000 questions before the exam. OB provides pdf on their site, download, print and cram them. MOCK TESTS I purchased OB mock tests in 2018. Practicing mock made my subjects strong, they gave the latest pattern questions of CAT level in mocks. Without OB, clearing exams would be difficult. Their Quant and English sections are the best and have a very friendly user interface. Remember GA can be a game changer. Analysis of mocks is much more important than just taking them. Always maintain a competitive attitude and compare yourself with others and yourself daily. Also remember, DO NOT wait for the prelims result to come, start preparing for the mains the very next day.

Mohammed Abutalib


I am Mohammed Abutalib from Jaipur, Rajasthan. I did my graduation in Mathematics from Rajasthan University. After graduation, I did my MBA -Marketing from ICFAI Mumbai. During campus placements, I got selected in a private bank as a relationship manager. I worked with that bank for 1.5 years before opting to open my own financial advisory firm. After working as a financial advisor for 4 years, I was concerned as my career was not going to the direction I wanted. I also lost my sister during this time and I really wanted a change. I craved for something more permanent and more enduring. My father at that time told me about the notification for SBI exam going to be held in July. I was skeptical at first as I was 29 years old and it was the only chance I had. A little nudge from my wife and my father who is retired from Rajasthan Administrative Services worked wonders. Half-heartedly I decided to give it a chance as I knew that I would regret for not trying it for even once.
I started preparing for SBI exams in 2016 around June. Going through the old papers I thought it was quite easy as I had already given CAT exam, I also cleared the prelims exam without any preparation. My overconfidence backfired as I failed the Mains exam by 3 marks. I was quite outraged but finally I accepted my defeat. Seriously introspecting over my choices, I changed my strategy for the upcoming exams drastically. I took these exams much more seriously than I had taken them before, you can say I took my failure to my heart. I was insulted and I wanted to show, not my family or my relatives or anyone else, but myself that I can conquer this hurdle and be victorious.
Here is how I prepared:
Nothing matters in Quant more than your calculation speed. If you can calculate amid pressure with top speed and accuracy, believe me you have tamed the monster. I increased my calculation speed with several tactics and methods, two books really helped me in that – Sarvesh K. Verma Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT and Arun Sharma. I strengthened my concepts in selected topics only. I knew that I cannot master each and every topic, so I selected few and practiced rigorously for them so that I would be able to attempt them no matter what the question is. But first and foremost, I did everything with a timer, even while solving the exercises from books, I kept a clock nearby. It’s not enough that you can solve the questions, what is more important is whether you can solve them in a stipulated time with pressure. You can invest all the time in solving one Data Interpretation question, but it won’t be of any use. So do everything with a timer, whether you are doing from a pdf or a book or a website.
Before delving into Reasoning, I started from scratch. I learned the basic concepts of Syllogism, ranking, direction from numerous sources and websites. For questions, again mock tests are your best bet as I never found a suitable book for reasoning. In books, the puzzles given are seldom challenging and then there is a problem of solving within time. So I only prepared reasoning from mocks, I purchased 4-5 mock test series, the best of which was Oliveboard. The questions were at par with the exam level and quite challenging. It used to be my constant endeavor to build a simulated exam environment. So I used to search for puzzles and questions online, on websites that can match the difficulty of exam combining them with the puzzles and other questions of Oliveboard Mocks, that I was not able to solve during mock tests, I created my own little tests and used to solve them with timer. This exercise helped me in building speed and enormously helped me during exams as I was quite accustomed to solving within time.
Like calculation speed in Quant, the thing that is most important in English is your comprehending prowess and speed. People would tell you to read newspaper, for a moment that advice seemed reasonable but to me it was a cliché. I was never quite fond of newspapers or editorials. I devised a new strategy as the level was getting quite tough, you would get topics that you are unfamiliar of, even mock tests were giving questions that were quite easy as compared to the exam. The only mock test I saw that was closer to exam was Oliveboard Mocks, but what’s the point of attempting those questions when you can’t comprehend fast. I chose one topic every other day and searched on the internet for it extensively. My topics ranged from ‘Banking problems in Africa’ to ‘Water shortage in Indonesia’ or topics related to psychology or something I have no knowledge about. Reading about things that I was unaware of increased my comprehending skills. I not only read these articles but scrutinized them for various English topics like how the conjunctions were used, how prepositions were applied, what could be the summary of the article or tone of the passage. I applied each and every rule of English in my excursions to these topics. I also improved my vocab substantially through listing all the words I came across in a website called as the website generates automatic quizzes based on the words you feed. So my advice, read each article from the point of exam, remember every question that came in the exams till now can be created from one article. Reading for the sake of reading is unproductive, ask questions, be curious, ask yourself what the examiner asks you in the exam.
General Awareness:
I followed many websites for General Knowledge. As the questions can sometimes be unpredictable, I kept the purpose of each website I followed separate. There was only one website I followed everyday for General knowledge and I followed it daily. I used to read everyday news from it to keep myself updated and then go through the pdf's it offered. Another site I used for quizzes, after every week I tested myself through its quizzes, making sure I remember while making notes of anything new I came across. Doing quizzes from one website can make you acquainted with the language of the question and the answer, while in the exam the same question can be asked in a different form and you might not be able to answer that. So before exams, I used to do quizzes from other websites than those I mentioned, creating layers and layers of information. Besides, GK section in mock tests always presented some unexpected questions especially the Oliveboard mocks, so I always made sure to do the GK section from OB diligently. For banking awareness, my source of information was GKtoday and none other than RBI website. I also searched for every topic on internet so that I can extract a little bit extra information. I also want to mention the online newspaper ‘Livemint’ here, from where I got excellent explanations and viewpoints for some of the burning topics. I always tried not to do GK from quizzes only, whenever the need arises I used to search the news on internet and read from the original article.
Mock Test Strategy:
One strategy I want to share that I tried with mock tests. I was always quite innovative with my study methods so that it does not get monotonous. One thing I did to re-enact the examination environment was giving mock tests one after another. In exams, one variable we often forget to take into account is nervousness and pressure, the constant passing of time and with it increasing anxiety and the buildup of pressure. Before exams, at least a week before, I used to attempt 5-6 mock tests at a stretch, that’s 5-6 hours of solving in one sitting. It did not matter how many marks I got, how much I got correct or incorrect, but just attempting mocks without interruption. Once you get to the 3rd or 4th you would start feeling that same pressure you felt in exams, with your head throbbing, your fingers tired, your patience giving away but at that time if you can concentrate, if you can resist the urge to leave, then mind me you have perfected the stress. For Mains, attempting 2-3 mock tests are sufficient in one sitting. Besides, I implore you to take Oliveboard’s method of analysis seriously, it shows you which topics you are weak at and which needs more working, it’s an excellent way to judge and improve yourself.
With God’s grace, my parent’s blessing, my wife’s continuous encouragement and my sister’s oversight, I cleared IBPS PO, RRB PO and IBPS SO. I am currently working with Canara Bank as a Marketing Officer. I also cleared IPPB Mains exam but did not go for interview. I wish my sister was here to see me succeed but I hope she is right now looking at me feeling proud. At the end I want to say that believe in yourself, I cleared these exams not only in my first attempt but technically in my last attempt. Prepare like it’s your last attempt; take every failure to your heart. Just give everything you got, it’s a matter of months, the hard work you put in today will give you fruit tomorrow and that fruit is much more delicious than anything you have tasted before, it’s called taste of success. Give each and every exam, whether you want to opt for it later or not, as it strengthens your practice. Do not let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, especially yourself, because the biggest motivator you have is the one looking at you from the mirror.


SSC CGL 2017

“Hi Friends ! I am Siddharth Dev. I have done B.Tech in ECE , 2015 passout. It was my aim to get into government service so I did not join TCS & HCL and started preparing for competitive exams after my graduation. I never took any exam as bank type or ssc type. I focused on concepts and studied as much as I could. It took 44 failures (learning opportunities) in total after week after week exams to finally get my first joining letter in Dec 2017 of LIC HFL (joined on 10th Jan 2018) where I worked for 4 months and then resigned as my next joining in Ministry of Defence through SSC Graduate Level came in June 2018 where I am currently working and will resign in last week of August 2019 and will join Ministry of Communication as Junior Wireless Officer and will continue my preparation till I reach Class 1 officer post. I went through many ups and downs in my life but I never gave up. I went into the interview of PO thrice and got out after getting 71,72 & 81 marks in Interview as my written marks were on cutoff line all the time. I reached the waiting list for the Revenue Inspector in MP but it did not get cleared. I took the risk of not joining DCCB Clerk in MP as my preparation was going very well and my intuition was indicating for a better selection soon. Even today after being in a Govt. job, I still study till late at night and I give exams so as to not lose the grip because learning is a continuous process and I have still something left to be achieved. In my selection the major role was played by all learning sources whether teachers, video lectures or exam experience and no doubt the role of Speed Tests where I developed accuracy with speed which is must to crack any exam and I found Oliveboard a very good platform for it.
*Plan and study and focus on concept. * Practice Pen free solving approach (I still solve 60% maths oral or through options and its very well possible) * Regular speed tests and maximum exams. (No exam is small or big) * Current Affairs and GA are not to be underestimated and they turn out to be decider nowadays. * Do proper revision and be honest to yourself. Friends no target is impossible...just give your heart out...use your potential in the right direction. ALL THE BEST !!!!!!”

Abhishek Saha

NIACL Assistant 2018

“I am extremely grateful to Oliveboard for its quality content which helped me a lot in sailing through all the storms to get my desired job. The quality of the mocks is at par with the real exams. The detailed analysis & expert feedback of each mock is very helpful in enhancing performance. The sectional mocks are even more helpful practising which gave me an edge over others to solve out of the box puzzles & DI. Currently I am working in New India Assurance Company.”


SSC CGL, 2016

'If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.' Proving this quote right, Rahul never hesitated to take the risk in order to achieve the extraordinary.
Here is his inspiring story:
Hello Everyone, I am Rahul Gupta and I am presently working as an Accountant in CAG (Gwalior). I have completed my B.Tech in 2014 from INCT College, Bhopal. After completing my graduation, I joined an MNC and worked there for about a year. I knew it would be difficult for me to prepare for any competitive exam along with my busy work schedule. So I left my job in July, 2015 and put in all my effort to achieve what I wanted.
My hard work showed colors and I was able to clear SSC in my very first attempt in 2016. Having said that, I am glad that Oliveboard gave me an opportunity to share my journey with you. I hope it will be beneficial for all the aspirants who wants to prepare for SSC.
Preparation Strategy
It is very important to do everything in a synchronized manner. So, I first cleared all my basics and learned all the important formulas, rules, tables etc. This helped me to solve the questions within a stipulated time.
I referred to Rakesh Yadav’s book to prepare for this section. It’s important to follow just one book and be well versed with all the important topics. Trying to cover everything and anything is not possible, so choose wisely what you need to study.
Refer some class notes if needed to clear any of the topics. Practice is an essential part while preparing for any kind of competitive exams. While I was preparing, Oliveboard mock tests proved to be of great help. I always believed in the quality of practice than quantity and trust me Oliveboard mock tests are worth it.
While I was preparing for SSC exams, this section carried 50 marks in Prelims which was not very tough to score well. So just practice 5 questions everyday and you are good to go.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:
I referred Kiran’s English Solved Papers Book to practice for this section. Trust me solving questions is the best way to prepare yourself for such competitive exams. It will improve your speed and accuracy immensely.
You can refer “A Mirror Of Common Errors” by Ashok Kumar to prepare for grammar section. I found this book very helpful to improve my grammar section.
To tackle this section I read newspaper daily and tried to cover all the latest news and updates. You can refer the last 6 months data to score well in this section.
Remember try practicing more questions instead of just mugging up the complete GK/GA notes.
This section needs to be tackled properly to score well. I covered various important topics from different Essay books. It’s important to keep yourself updated with recent Schemes, Bills passed, latest appointments and various other facts. Generally, opinion based topics are asked in SSC CGL like:
2016 Topic: What should one do during an Earthquake?
2017 Topic: Demonetization: How effective was it?
On the other hand, in SSC CHSL you generally come across topics which are based on recent schemes and bills passed.
For letter writing, do check the formal and informal letters. Have a proper idea about the style of writing and the content which needs to be included in it.
Role of Oliveboard:
I have given few other mock tests as well but the accuracy provided by Oliveboard in their test series is remarkable. In all of their questions there is absolutely no mistake and the explanation provided by Oliveboard is self-explanatory and detailed.
The quality of questions that Oliveboard provides especially in their English tests is very very good and helps you to prepare yourself best for any kind of competitive exams.
At last, always remember to focus more on practicing good quality of questions rather than quantity.
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.

Subhankar Bose

SBI Clerk

After the initial failure in IBPS PO & IBPS Clerk in 2014 and SBI PO & RRB PO in 2015, I realized that banking exams are not as easy as they are assumed to be.
I heard about Oliveboard Test Series from many other aspirants, that this test series proved quite useful and trust me guys this is the best online test series I have taken. The IBPS PO & SBI Clerk test series proved quite beneficial for me as it helped me not only to improve my performance but also my rank among other candidates and helped me to be in the reserved list in IBPS PO 2015. I finally cleared SBI Clerk (JA) 2016 and am quite confident that I will get IBPS PO from reserve list on 31st march 2017.
Banking exams are all about strategy ,speed and accuracy, and only by giving online test you can improve these three aspects. Guys, if you are preparing for banking exams, Oliveboard test series is a must buy, both full test and sectional test. You cannot even compare any other test series with Oliveboard in any aspects like level of questions, accuracy, and analysis of mock. I used to take one full mock and 2 sectional mock in math (to increase speed in math) daily and it helped me a lot. I am thankful to Oliveboard team from core of my heart.

Deepak Kumar


Hi, I am Deepak Kumar from Delhi and I am currently working as an Administrative Officer in New India Assurance Co. Ltd. I am B.Tech (ECE) graduate from APJ Abdul Kalam University. After completing my B.Tech in 2015, I started my preparation for government jobs as it was my first priority.
My real struggle started after August 2015. I decided to make my career in banking and finance sector. In 2015, I appeared in IBPS PO and in my first attempt I cleared mains and appeared for the interview but couldn't make in the final selection list and miss my selection by only 1.5 marks. After this, I again started my preparation for the upcoming exams and raise my level of practice.
The first three exams that I face in my life:
1. IBPS PO (2015-16)- Cleared Prelims and Mains but couldn’t make in the final list.
2. LIC AAO (2015-16)- Cleared written the exam and appeared in the interview but couldn’t make in the final list.
3. IBPS CLERK (2015-16)-Cleared Prelims but couldn’t make in the final list.
The thing that I learn from three initial failures was that without proper knowledge and the right approach, I couldn’t make in the final list. Then, I joined Oliveboard test series for my practice and no doubt it really works for me. I can say that in this competitive world Oliveboard helps me a lot in understanding the pattern of online exams and questions. This is how I improve myself in 2016-17 exams.
Oliveboard gives free as well as paid mocks and I find these online tests very helpful in my selection in SBI clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB PO & Clerk, and NIACL AO. They provide tests with new pattern and difficulty level is also as per the exams. After taking these mocks test, anybody will find exam questions easy and will be able to make in the final selection list.
The list itself speaks of what I achieved in 2016 and this was the life-changing year for me and my family:
1. SSC CPO (2016)- Cleared both prelims and mains but not appeared for physical test
2. SSC CGL (2016)- - Cleared both prelims and mains but couldn’t make in the final list
3. SBI JA (2016)- - Selected (worked 4 months in SBI)- Great Experience (Dec 2016-March 2017)
4. SBI PO (2016)- - Cleared both prelims and mains but not appeared in interview
5. UIIC AO (2016)- - missed by 0.75 marks (123.5)
6. IBPS PO (2016-17)- - Selected (Got PNB)
7. IBPS Clerk (2016-17)- - Selected (Got PNB)
8. IBPS RRB PO (2016-17)- - Selected (Got SUPGB)
9. IBPS RRB Clerk (2016-17)- - Selected (Got SUPGB)
10. IPPB PO (2016)- - Cleared both Prelims and Mains, did not appear in the interview
11. NIACL AO (2016)- - Selected (currently working as AO from May-2017)
12. RBI Assistant- Cleared Prelims but stuck in mains
My Strategy:
My strategy was simple. Clear the basics and learn every day. The Mock test is very essential part of the preparation. I was able to find out my mistakes and the detailed explanation provided on each question by Oliveboard mock test was really helpful.
Tips for other candidates:
- Remember, life is full of struggles for everyone but the one, who has patience, passion and self-confidence can achieve anything. So, never afraid of initial failures in your life.
- Try to learn from these failures and make new ways, think differently and one day you will achieve whatever you want in your life. So, read, learn and do more and more practice.
'Daily practice is necessary for clearing any exam. Give more and more mock tests.'
With the blessing of my parents, siblings and almighty this is what I achieve in my life till now and I am still preparing for higher exams.
Thank you!

Deyasini Das Gupta


“Hi, I'm Deyasini Das Gupta.I completed my M.A in Economics in 2016 from Jadavpur University. After that I started my preparation for Govt jobs. My main target was SSC CGL. I can't appear in 2017 because of certain family issues. However in 2017 I appeared in IB ACIO-II but failed to clear it after interview. The result was out on 26th June, 2018 and it was completely a bolt from the blue. Neither SSC was conducting CGL nor I had an iota of idea about Bank jobs. My SSC preparation helped me to crack SBI JA pre easily. With just one month's preparation I appeared in mains and failed to crack it for 1.5 marks. Then BOB PO for 0.5 marks. Meanwhile ESIC conducted the SSO exam and without much idea about the organisation I filled the form.Then on 20th Jan SBI JA 1st reserve List got published. Because of my constant failures, finding my name in the list was just like a precious gift for me.Then came the final result of ESIC SSO. I initially couldn't believe my eyes. My AIR was-105. My IBPS PO final result is still pending. However Under no circumstances I'm going to quit ESIC SSO for IBPS PO. Now coming to the preparation part, I want to thank Oliveboard team for their help. Solving and analyzing the mock tests was the sole path I followed.Besides I also gave a number of descriptive tests.Thank you Oliveboard for this great assistance.”

Amlan Mukherjee


Oliveboard mock test packages are the best.I gave my first IBPS PO exam in 2015. At that time I didn't know about OB. I could not clear PO because of the Reasoning section .After that one of my friends told me about Oliveboard.I took a free test and was quite impressed by the question standard and immediately bought Clerk and SO test series. Although I couldn't take the SO exam due to illness but the Clerk Test Series helped me a lot and I cleared Clerk exam with 156 marks.The main positive things about Olivboard are its nice user friendly interface, lucid explanation of all answers, good server connectivity and most importantly the standard of the questions which are quite similiar to the actual question pattern. I recommend everyone to buy Oliveboard test series.

Ruchi Singh


IBPS PO 2015 was my 1st IBPS exam. I failed to clear the cuttoff of computer section by 0.25 marks and realized my weak points .I started working on my weak points which I realiźed by attempting Oliveboard Mock tests. Initially I took tests from many sites but later realized that Oliveboard tests were the best because of good quality questions and one of the best test interface with wonderful server and then I started focussing on just Oliveboard tests .I used to attempt the mock tests and then analyse my mistakes.
I succesfully cleared IBPS Clerk with 149 marks and I am provisionally alloted Canara Bank .I have also cleared IBPS SO and have alloted PNB (Punjab National Bank).
I strongly recommend Oliveboard Mock Tests to all the Banking aspirants

Sharmistha Sen


I am an M.Sc in Physics from University of Calcutta but the lucrative job profile of a Bank PO somehow lured me to appear for Banking exams. I prepared for one year and SBI PO and IBPS PO were the only exams that I appeared for. Preparing for an examination that involved cut-throat competition in the background of a full-time job seemed an uphill task indeed, but only until I discovered Oliveboard. Oliveboard's online tests were closest to the real thing I could find and they could be taken in the comfort of my home, in bed, in the wee hours, at midnight or at noon, during free time in my office. All I needed was a laptop and an internet connection. Solving these tests, analysing and comparing my performances with other users were instrumental in helping me finding my roll number on the list of successful candidates.
Thanks to Oliveboard, I was finally selected as a PO at State Bank of India. I was also shortlisted for interview in IBPS PO 2015 but did not appear because I had already joined SBI as a PO
-Sharmistha Sen
Probationary Officer, SBI, Kolkata


IBPS RRB Scale-2(Manager)

Hello aspirants,
I am Arun Shekhar Dubey, I have completed my Btech mechanical from Amity University and since then I have always been in working mode. I joined core company but due to circumstances I left that and joined Pvt Bank. Here I was working as an Assistant Manager. I was not fully satisfied and I thought helping people of poor background will be more satisfactory rather than serving capitalists. So I started my preparation as it was very hard to do so while working 12 hours. But I managed to study and utilized my two hours in the morning and then 2-3 hours in the night.
I cleared RRB 13 but didn't get through as marks were low, then I gave several exams like NABARD, SIDBI, IBPS PO, but due to lack of one or two marks every time I couldn't taste the success, but I didn't lose hope and continued my preparation along with my job. I cleared SBI Prelims two times but got stuck in Mains by 2 -3 marks each time. I was fully prepared for IBPS 2016 and was confident that I will clear this time but then came demonetisation. As I was working in a private bank, my working hours drastically changed to 15 hours a day and I used to go home very late. I could not focus on studies and could not clear mains but I continued my preparation and cleared IBPS RRB SCALE -2 (Manager) 2017, with very good marks (101.19 cutoff 48.68), so I think all my preparation and devotion finally paid off. Oliveboard helped me a lot in this journey.
You can get various strategies from people preparing for exams but my suggestion is - make your own. This is what I followed -
Quant - I was not very good in Quant so all my focus was in DI, you can follow RS Aggarwal, and one set daily.
Reasoning - I used to solve question sets from various types of questions online.
Verbal Ability - I opted for the Hindi language as this was RRB and because I studied in Hindi medium, it was not a big task.
You can follow The Hindu or any newspaper for English.
Financial Awareness/GK - I used Pdfs, followed newspaper.
People working in bank use your JAIIB books.
The thing which is most important is solving mocks, if you're not able to solve regularly, at least try to utilize your weekends. Oliveboard is the best platform one can depend upon for the Mock Test Series.
Things to do if you are working -
Cut down on your sleep and utilize the morning hours
You can study in breaks during office hours
After office devote at least 1-2 hours
I believe, if you can work 8-10 hrs in office you can spend 2 hours daily for yourself as well.
I want to advise those people who are currently working and want to crack this or any exam that it is not very hard to study while working. All you need is focus and continuity. Do not get frustrated and lose hope. All you need is to give your time if you can give 8-10 hrs for a company and your boss then why not 2-4 hrs for yourself?
Hope this will help you guys in your preparation, I am always ready if you want to ask anything which could help in your preparation.
Good luck!

Gopal Krishna


My name is Gopal Krishna. I’m from Begusarai, Bihar. I completed B.Tech in Computer Science stream from KIIT University Bhubaneshwar, Odisha in 2015. After that, I joined an MNC in the month of November 2015 in Bangalore center. After a couple of months of training and confirmation test, I wanted to switch to public sector job. So, in February 2016 I thought of giving SSC CGL 2016 exam but my friend told me that it will take a year and a half long time for the entire process of CGL exam, so why don’t you go for bank exam, and you can get a chance to work nearby your home. I agreed with him but undecided until March end. In April, I decided to invest a couple of hours in preparation for SBI PO exam.
In mid-April, I got a new role in a project and for that, I relocated from Bangalore to Gurgaon center of my company. From May, I started devoting around 3 hours for preparation of prelims, mostly practicing English (my Achilles heel). I haven’t given any online test until exam night (Prelims) when I saw the free mock test on Oliveboard. My prelims were on 2nd July 2016 (first day). I attempted English section first followed by reasoning and Aptitude according to my plan.
Unfortunately, I wasted 10 mins in 2 puzzles and failed to solve even one question out of ten. Around 35 mins remaining and all I completed successfully till then was only English section. I still remember that moment, for one second I felt like I am done for the day but somehow put myself back together and attempted total 56 questions.
I was in a dilemma whether I’ll clear the cut-off. On 17th July when I saw that I cleared with 48.5 marks only 1 more than cut off, I was stunned at that moment and more than that I was like, what to do now. I didn’t prepare anything for mains except 2-3 months of the current affair before prelims. The first thing which I did within an hour of the declaration of prelims result was I bought the Mains Test Series of OLIVEBOARD which cost me around 500 rupees. Trust me, this test series was behind my success in mains. I thank Oliveboard from the bottom of my heart. I have 13 days left for mains. I planned to give one test each day, analyze for around an hour or 90 mins after test and an hour of current affair preparation after that. I had hardly 5 hrs maximum daily at my disbursal on weekdays and around 10-12 on weekend. I followed mistakes done in Oliveboard test series GK section on daily basis, that’s all.
SBI changed Mains patter that year. This time mains paper had tricky problems compared to previous years of SBI PO mains exam. I attempted 101 questions in mains and descriptive went average from my end. After paper, I didn’t think I will get a chance to sit in the interview, just like after prelims. I passed again!
Again, same scenario, what to do now? I searched some interview experience from Google and prepared some basic PT question. It took me one week to prepare for ‘Tell me about yourself?’. I failed several times in college placements due to poor communication skill. I started interview practice with a friend after office hours and remaining time I prepared by ‘Talking with Mirror’, which helped a lot in improving my body language and gestures. Before the interview, I used to go through Hindu newspaper editorial in office hours.
Then comes the interview day, I was nervous as usual. After document verification, they made a group of 10 and sent for GD round. Another surprise, this time GD has 2 rounds; one was normal GD and second was prioritization exercise. We all decided that in beginning we will give 2 mins one by one and I was 5th in number. When GD started my heartbeat was at the extreme level. This was the first time I was able to speak well in GD. Next was interview round after about one hour.
The result was declared on 30th September. I got selected with 52.xx marks overall with 17 marks in GD and 16 in the interview.
I don’t know whether I was lucky or it's all skill, but one thing I can surely say about myself during those days, I wasn’t bothered by the result at all. I was taking one step at a time. Before prelims, I prepared only for prelims; before mains only for mains and like that. Those 6 months from April to September were awesome with only one thing in mind that, what I did today? That was the first time I appeared in any government exam, I cleared. Currently, I am in Chennai circle, one year over.
Thanks a lot, to Oliveboard for Mains Test Series. Love you guys. You guys are best!

Hardik Mehta

RBI Grade B All India Rank #1

Oliveboard mock tests were very informative, descriptive and helpful and score analysis was done on the spot. I found the level of tests very difficult and hence it helped me in learning. I was very impressed that Oliveboard immediately redesigned the mock tests as per the new pattern for RBI Grade B Exam (Phase 2). It showed that the think tank wants their students to get a knack of as many different questions as possible.Kudos to the Oliveboard's technical team for providing in-depth analysis of candidates' performance.

Mohit Goyal

SSC CGL 2016 (AIR 130)

“First of all thanks to my parents and elder brother and all those people who helped me to achieve this goal and special thanks to oliveboard team because of your support I got this opportunity to write my journey of becoming an inspector. It's not a success story as I have not succeeded yet.I am still 'learning' and still like a 'student'. Well for me cracking SSC CGL was like a dream come true. A dream which I had never imagined cause I always knew deep in my heart that I can't crack a national level exam as I was very poor in English. Being a Hindi medium student, the major hurdle is English language. I was brought up in a middle class family in a small town of Rajasthan and did schooling in government school. So my background was totally Hindi. I was a 'big zero' in English. I was good at math but because of my poor English wasn't able to express myself properly. I passed out (2014) from Rajasthan technical university. Nowhere I was placed as all the companies rejected me due to my poor communication skills. I was frustrated, feeling useless and broken too. My relatives used to ask me 'beta, to ho gayi na tumhari..placement kyu nahi hua...matlab 4 saal jo me lagaye or paisa kharch kiya...uska kuch matlab nahi nikla..' I was alone and hopeless. After a few months I got a job but the salary was low as location was chennai. I had no choice so I joined. But a hope came out when I cleared three exams (I had appeared when I was in final year) I.e. IBPS Po 2014, RRB Po 2014 and postal assistant.I cleared the written exam but couldn't make it in interview and typing test. But I was determined to crack these exams. After that I knew about SSC and income tax inspector profile attracted me so much.To achieve such a post. I left my job. For SSC CGL preparation, I joined oliveboard test series and started preparing with all my might. I used to solve daily quizzes and section wise test and focused on my weak section. I tried alot but couldn't clear any bank exams. I faced IBPS PO & SBI PO interview but couldn't secure a name in the final list. Finally good news came when I got selected in SSC CGL 2015 and secured a post of an accountant in C&AG. It didn't make any changes in my routine I continued my preparation for Income tax inspector. After a year the Big Billion day of my life came when one of my friend called me and said ' Bhai ' ek hi 'Mohit Goyal' hai Income tax Inspector wali list me or wo tu hi hai'. I checked my result via roll no. and yes it was me. At last, I would like to say ''The harder you work, the luckier you get'..make your own strategy because you know yourself much better than anyone. Here is the series of exam I gave.
IBPS Po 2014 - out after the interview.
RRB Po 2014 - cleared written but none called for interview.
Postal assistant - failed in typing
SBI PO associated - failed in written exam.
SBI clerk - failed in written.
RBI assistant - failed in written
FCI - failed in written.
SBI PO 2015 - out after interview.
SSC CGL 2015 - selected.
IBPS PO 2015 - failed in mains
BoB PO - failed in written.
SSC CGL 2016 - selected.
These lines motivate me alot - Don’t compare yourself with others but do Compare between the ‘Present you’ and the 'Past you’. Everyone tells me to forget the past and move on. But I say, Don’t forget the past but learn from the past mistakes, Implement in the present to make Bright future. All the best for new aspirants will suggest you guys to join olive board team and download olive board app for better results.



Hello friends, I’m Vikram S from Tamil Nadu. I have done my graduation in engineering from Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai. After completing my graduation in 2014, I started preparing for UPSC Civil Service Examination. Unfortunately, I could not clear after giving two attempts. I then decided to take a break from UPSC and switched to banking sector exams. Honestly, I did not know anything about the bank exams. I did not know where to begin from, and how to prepare.
I came across an exam site named as Oliveboard, which played a vital role in making me a successful candidate. I took Mock Tests from the basic level to higher level in Oliveboard. Finally, success knocks on the door! I cleared IBPS Clerk 2017 from Tamil Nadu state and was appointed in Indian Bank.
For my exam preparations, I mostly followed RS Agarwal and Arun Sharma for aptitude. For reasoning, I practiced a lot from the Oliveboard Test Series. Preparing for General awareness required me to follow four months of current affairs.
I Would suggest all my fellow aspirants, be strong in basic concepts and then start preparing from the standard exam sites. I feel that the standard preparation site is Oliveboard as their Mock Tests are same as the actual IBPS Exam.
I can frankly say that without Oliveboard, my success would not have been possible. I am thankful to the entire team of Oliveboard.
All the best to all the aspirants.



“Oliveboard mock test packages are the best. I gave my first IBPS PO exam in 2017. At that time I didn't know about OliveBoard. I could not clear PO because of the ENGLISH section. After that one of my friends told me about Oliveboard. I took a free test and was quite impressed by the question standard and immediately bought IBPS Clerk and IBPS SO online test series. but the IBPS Clerk Test Series,the main positive things about Oliveboard are it’s nice user friendly interface, lucid explanation of all answers, good server connectivity and most importantly the standard of the questions which are quite similar to the actual question pattern. I recommend everyone to buy Oliveboard test series. AFTER THAT I HAVE CLEARED LOT OF EXAMS SBI CLERK SBI PO IBPS CLERK RRB PO AND I CURRENTLY WORKED AS A ASSISTANT MANAGER IN PUNJAB GRAMIN BANK IN FIROZPUR.”


SBI PO, 2018

'Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do.' Similarly, Mohit who is a commerce graduate followed his ambition and kept working hard to achieve success in his life.
Here is his inspiring story:
If I were to quickly walk you through my 23 years of existence on this planet, you'd get to know that I'm a student of commerce, and I've done my 12th from Doon International School, Dehradun (CBSE) in 2014. I've done my Bachelors (in commerce) from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, University of Delhi. I graduated in 2017. I then came back to Doon, and gave my IBPS PO, but wasn't able to Clear the interview. So I tried again, and took coaching and gave Mocks at Oliveboard (I'm sure you've heard of it, it's one of the best sites for Mocks. I can vouch for their SBI series! Rest, go check them out ;) .
Preparation Strategy:
Strategies are subjective. One needs to personalise one's strategy with one's capabilities to get maximum benefits. The Preliminary exams check your knowledge and speed, so I did the syllabus by myself (it gave me a good understanding of the underlying concepts; this helped me in my Mains as well). Then I gave Oliveboard Mock Test to gain speed in Quants section.
Same for the Reasoning as well. Practice as much as you can. I made sure that I gave a good number of mocks to prepare myself for the exam.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:
Always clear your Grammar basics before giving mocks. Read some good newspapers to work on your vocab and to improve your reading skills.
Keep yourself updated by reading newspapers and watching news channels. Make short notes so you can cover them easily during your revision time.
Role of Oliveboard:
Oliveboard mock tests was critical to my being able to crack the exam. Knowledge and Speed are imperative for these exams but you also need confidence in your own abilities. A strong intuition needs to be developed to manage risks when one is confronted with tricky questions. This is best done by giving a lot of Mocks. Oliveboard is known for their Standard Mock series which is tougher than the usual SBI/IBPS PO. Once I started getting good enough marks in my Oliveboard Mocks, my confidence in my ability to Crack the SBI exam increased.
I want to thank Team Oliveboard for creating quality and challenging test series for the SBI PO. I absolutely loved it! It gave me the level of confidence that I needed to clear the Preliminary as well as the Main examination of SBI.
Tip to Aspirants:
Be confident and believe in yourself. You may face difficulties or get demotivated at times but never let that affect your preparations. All in all, a lot of effort went into my being able to Crack SBI PO, and everyone played their role in my success, be it my family, my coaching institute, or the Oliveboard mock series. Thank you to all of these people/institutions.
I would like to wish best of luck to all the aspirants. Go ahead and achieve your dreams.



Hello, my name is Akash Tyagi. I had completed my graduation in August 2017 and just after that I started preparing for banking exams of PO, SO and Clerk
I have cleared IBPS PO and Clerk 2017.
In the starting phase, I focused on the basics of each subject and side by side practising the questions based on that.
While preparing, I realised that banking exams need a planned strategy along with regular practice.
So I starting picking up the topics which I was good at and practised questions from those topics more because in banking exams - you need not solve the whole paper but whatever u do, it should be accurate.
Finally, I got selected in IBPS PO (UCO BANK) and IBPS CLERK (UNION BANK) and still waiting for the final result of RBI Assistant.
Oliveboard Mock Test Series played an important role in my success so I really want to thank Oliveboard for providing such a platform where we can access every important topic for banking exams. The level of questions is so good and challenging that if anyone solves these questions regularly and honestly then that will we more than enough to get through this exam.
One should opt for the mock test series provided by Oliveboard as the questions are on the latest pattern for IBPS or any other exam.
My suggestion to banking exam aspirants is that don't lose your confidence at any point in time because self-belief and confidence is most important key to success.
Thank you.
All the best to all aspirants!



Hi friends, I’m Ankit Prasad from Chhattisgarh. I completed my BTech in 2016. Most of the IT companies visited our college for campus placements. I had not opted for placements as I was not interested in the IT Sector. My father told me about stability and fast growth in the Banking sector and he motivated me to prepare for Banking Exams.
IBPS PO 2016 was the first Banking Exam I attempted and failed miserably in Prelims itself. My family and friends supported me to stand up and fight again. One of my friends told me about Oliveboard Mock Test Series. I purchased Oliveboard Mock Test Series for SBI PO 2017 and started practicing mocks. I realised the importance of quality tests. Oliveboard Mock Tests helped me to practice quality questions and to analyse my performance. I cleared SBI PO Prelims and Mains but missed final list by 2 marks. I also cleared BOB PGDM written exam but again missed the final merit list. I continued my hard work and finally, I cleared IBPS Clerk 2017 and got Bank of Baroda. I owe my success to My parents and Oliveboard.
Here is my Section Wise Preparation Strategy:
Quantitative Aptitude: Clear your basics from Sarvesh Kumar Verma and practice questions from Oliveboard Sectional Tests and Mock Test Series. Once you're clear with your concepts, attempt one Sectional Test daily for quant. This would be sufficient enough for quant.
Logical Reasoning: No book is required. Just practice questions from Mock Tests. In mock tests, try to attempt puzzles at the end in reasoning section. Practice it daily and this will be more than enough.
English: Cultivating a Reading Habit and practicing Comprehension is the key to crack English section. You need to develop a good reading habit to excel this section. Reading newspapers will also help you in GK preparation and in Interviews/GD. I used to read The Hindu editorial section daily. Also, the Oliveboard's New Pattern English Tests helped me a lot. Do read editorials, learn vocab and attempt Oliveboard New Pattern English Tests.
General Awareness: Read the daily current affairs update from an online platform and attempt quizzes. Practice MCQs from Oliveboard GK Tests. Also, learn Banking Awareness.
Attempt Mock Tests and analyse them religiously. Prepare your own strategy and work accordingly. Invest in good quality Mock Tests like Oliveboard. Oliveboard provides a detailed and lucid solution for each and every question which one can easily understand.
Prepare well and have patience, you will definitely sail through it.
Happy Learning and All the Best for your upcoming exams!

Shilpi Kanchan


Hello, My name is Shilpi Kanchan. I have cleared IBPS PO VI and IPPB Scale I. After my graduation (BA (Hons) English) in May 2016, I decided to take banking exams. I was not 21 by that time so could not take SBI PO. Then I prepared for IBPS PO seriously. My only target was to clear it anyhow. I cleared my basic concepts from YouTube Channels and few books.
I was good at English and Reasoning which really helped in clearing Prelims. I used to take mocks very seriously, keeping in mind that I had to score above 95 percentiles in Oliveboard test series. After the mocks, I used to analyze them very carefully and I maintained a notebook for every subject in which I used to jot down all the questions which I could not solve in Mocks. In this way, I had a good collection of tricky questions which I used to revise every Sunday.
While it comes to Mains, the sectional timing pattern was newly introduced, and I prepared for it through Oliveboard Mocks. I was quite weak on the computer, so I read 2-3 books for it and solved many online quizzes. After my IBPS PO Mains result, I started preparing for Interview and around the same time, I had IPPB Prelims and Mains so I could not prepare for it very much, but I never skipped a mock test. One mock for a day was must for me and trust me guys, it really helped!!! Taking Mocks is the best thing you can do for banking exams. Though marks have not been declared yet I am sharing my attempts.
Prelims- 76
Mains- 115
My Interview with IPPB went quite well. I have shared my Interview experience on Oliveboard so you can read it as well (Check this link for the same-
I would like to say thanks to Oliveboard for two selections in the first attempt and giving this platform to share my experience with you.



'Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do.' Similarly, Anshuman followed his ambition and kept working hard to achieve success in his life.
Here is his story to Success:
Hi Friends, I am Anshuman Srivastava. I have cleared IBPS RRB Office Assistant 2018. I had completed my graduation in Science last year. It has been a journey which started just after graduation to a goal and got my first Government job in 6 months.
I would like to thank Oliveboard for giving me a chance to share my journey from zero to a banker and it’s an honour to share some tips on this platform.
My Journey:-
After completing my last exam I set my unidirectional aim to get a Government Job. In starting I was new so I joined some Coaching Institutes and then from there, I got to know from my batchmate about Oliveboard, that how it help us to reach our goals. I had cleared all the PRELIMS of RRB PO & CLERK as well as IBPS PO & CLERK. But unfortunately could not get through PO Mains in both but I learned from this because every Failure has a lesson in it.
Preparation Strategy:-
Banking Exams are all about how well you are stick up to concepts in each subject and how you maintain an accurate speed in prelims as well as in mains. Here I will suggest some important tips in each and every Section for Banking Exams. Most importantly prepare yourself for each and every kind of Puzzles and Data Interpretation, this is the bottom line of every preparation.
Mock Test and Analysis:-
This is the most important thing in preparation. For exams I had given 2 mock tests per day for Prelims and 1 in two days for Mains, then fully analyse your performance. Analysing your mock tests is important because if you ever get in exam again and you practiced for that specific question then you will surely do better. Do Check your speed on Test and make a graph of your performances because every mock is like an exam in itself.
Now For Each Subject-
1. QUANT:- Clear Your concepts for this Subject. Go through Oliveboard’s Online Courses where you can get conceptual videos and topic wise classes which are very useful for a beginner. Make your calculation speed so accurate for prelims because there you will be required a good speed of solving. Try to prepare some important topics like-
Profit and Loss
Time and speed
Time and work
Mixture and Allegation
Data Interpretation
Then Go through the daily quant quiz by Oliveboard and analyse each question. You can buy R S Aggarwal ARITHMETIC for practice.
2. Reasoning:- Reasoning is something which totally depends on how you adopt any problem to solve. If you are not clear with the basics, or if you want to practice some healthy content then you can go through Oliveboard’s Concept Classes & then practice by the ebooks pdfs wherever you can. Regularly solving puzzles and day-by-day practice in this section will surely make you feel better. For High Level you can download materials and then practice on it if you have cleared your basics. You can Solve puzzle from many sources which have good content.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:
3. English:- This section proved to be quite difficult but then again if you read Editorial section from some good newspapers like HINDU daily then it will be immensely helpful in improving your vocab, reading skills, grammar etc. Read newspapers daily and try to analyse each and every paragraph in the Editorial section to learn new words. For Grammar, you can watch Online videos and note down all the important points so it becomes easier for you while revising. You should learn root words which will help you in your vocab. Also, make a habit of solving RC and Cloze Test as much as possible to score well in the exam. IBPS always asks new pattern questions in their exams every year so it’s better to be prepared beforehand. You can refer books like Plinth to Paramount & Word Power Made Easy.
4. GK/GA:- For GK you need to prepare daily. In GK there are three major sections like-
(a)Static Banking- Try to make notes for this section as it will be easy for you to revise. You can Download pdf by Oliveboard or Affairscloud and learn some important Banking Awareness terms or questions.
(b) Static Gk- There are many sources in the market to prepare for his area. It’s always better to follow one of them and make notes from it. Always make a habit to make state wise notes and try to relate things and learn them. Remember you have to revise each section at least 3 to 4 times during your preparation.
(c) Current Affairs-This is the most important section for every aspirant. You can Read daily Current affairs from several platforms like Oliveboard, Affairscloud, Newspaper etc. Try to learn at least from 3 to 4 sources. It will help you to memorize the topics in a better way. You can refer free monthly Bolt pdf provided by Oliveboard which proved to be immensely beneficial in my preparation. Moreover, practicing MCQs and Quizzes are equally important.
5. Computer:- As this is an important subject in RRB exam, you can learn important questions from books or pdf’s. For books I would suggest Lucent Computer and for pdf’s you can download from Oliveboard which is more than sufficient for preparing this section.
Role of Oliveboard:- During my preparation Oliveboard had a major role. Their Mock tests are very beneficial for everyone.They always bring Latest pattern in their test which are so close to the exact new pattern. Moreover, the analysis section and the detailed solution of each and every question provided by them is very useful in order to improve your weaker areas before attempting the next mock.
Tips to Aspirants:-
Start your preparation from where ever you stand because Banking Exams needs practice and practice. Analyze your weak areas to improve them and then you will find yourself in a safe zone. Lastly, I would love to share with the aspirants that never lose hope in your life, every Hero was Once a zero. It is only Hardwork and dedication towards their goals which make them Hero From Zero…
I wish all the Very best to all of you... Thankyou



I am Anindya Chakraborty and after completing my masters, I started studying for the several banking examinations which at the beginning seemed to be a daunting task but with time and practice, it became clear that it was possible to clear the same in the first attempt. However, I managed to clear the IBPS PO interviews and now am employed with UCO Bank.
Preparation Tips & Strategy:
Coming from a bio science background, quants was the most challenging part and it tested me the most. But then I started practicing from Oliveboard mock tests to analyse my performance and improve accordingly and it was really very helpful.
Reasoning was challenging but a bit planning while attempting can be helpful. I did manage to score quite well consistently. Having said that, reasoning section needs a lot of practice. So practice as much as you can and give as many mock tests as possible.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:
However, preparing for English was a bit easier and with regular practice I did manage to scale the section. I would advise everyone to read some good newspapers daily and make sure your grammar basics are crystal clear.
For GA, I did follow the current affairs of the preceding 3-4 months which was sufficient enough to score quite well. Keep yourself updated with the latest happenings and read newspapers daily. You can also watch news channels to keep yourself updated.
How Oliveboard helped?
In my preparation, mock tests did play the most important part, with me sometimes attempting as many as 5 mock tests a day and Oliveboard undoubtedly provides one of the best in simulating the actual exams in terms of the toughness and pattern. Most of the times Oliveboard sets a tougher paper which if one practices regularly will find it easier when he/she seats for the actual exams and this gives you an edge over the others as one feels more confident during the exams.
Tips To Aspirants:
The future aspirants for such exams need to focus on the basics and show some perseverance as this phase can very easily demotivate you as it may take some time. But once you are done with it, picking up speed which is the second most important thing will be coming up fast.
So this was it. I hope my story will help you in achieving your dreams.
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.


RBI GRADE B (2018), IBPS PO 2016 (AIR-2)

'Opportunities don't happen. You create them.' Similarly, Anubhav followed his ambition and kept working hard to achieve success in his life.
Here is his story to Success:
Greetings everyone! My name is Anubhav Panigrahy and I am from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I completed my B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela in 2014. Currently, I am working as Administrative Officer at New India Assurance Co Ltd in Mumbai. Recently the final results of RBI Grade B 2018 were announced and I am one of the shortlisted candidates. This is a short narration of my story so far.
Following two successive failed attempts at UPSC Civil Services Examination after my graduation in 2016, I decided to shift focus to banking and insurance examinations. My first tryst was with RBI Grade B exam 2016, in which while I cleared the phase I of the examination, I could not clear phase II. However, I managed to get selections at New India Assurance Co Ltd as well as Punjab National Bank. In fact, I had scored the highest marks in the NIACL exam, and second highest in IBPS PO exam that year. I decided to join the former as I was faced with the opportunity to work in Mumbai. But in the back of my mind I always knew that I had it in me to reach RBI.
Preparation Strategy:
And thus in March 2018, I started my preparation for RBI Grade B 2018 examination. I relied mostly on standard textbooks like Ramesh Singh for ESI and Prasanna Chandra for Finance, complementing them with my own notes drawn from current affairs and newspapers. For phase 1, I enrolled for Oliveboard mock tests as I had done for my earlier exams too, and I wasn’t disappointed either. I cleared phase I comfortably with 135/200 marks. While I appreciate the effort put in by Oliveboard in their phase II mock tests, given the nature of the examination it is very difficult to provide tests that can give you an experience similar to the actual exam.
Though I cleared phase II, I was well aware of the fact that I may not have cleared the exam by a huge margin as my performance was not up to my expectations. So, I pulled up my socks and was ready to go that extra mile to score big in the interview so that I had a shot at final selection.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:
I started reading 4-5 newspapers every day including a couple of business newspapers. I checked the RBI website regularly for updates, notifications, policy decisions, speeches, etc and made my own notes on them. I thoroughly went through the functions of RBI and their various departments. I even revised Ramesh Singh at least thrice before the day of my interview. Finally, my perseverance paid off when I found my roll number in the final list of selected candidates. However, more telling were the final marks scored by me:
ESI: 64.75/100
FM: 75.50/100
English: 67/100
Interview: 42/50
Total: 249.25/350 (UR cut-off: 248.50)
I had made it by just a whisker!
Through my story, I would like to draw attention to two things. Firstly, when one wants to achieve
big success in life, she has to be self-motivated. For two full years I was in the comforting environment of my home while preparing for examinations. All I had to do was sit and study while everything else was served to me on a platter. But that wasn’t enough for me to clear UPSC or RBI examinations because there was this great fear of “what-ifs”. However, when I moved to Mumbai, I had to spend 8 hours at work, travel 2-3 hours daily, and then come back home to take care of my daily household chores, before I could even sit down to study. And yet I managed to clear the examination. The reason being, I literally did not have to look for inspiration any further than outside my office window to sneak a glance at the towering structure of the RBI central office.
Secondly, the game is not over until the final results have been declared. My task was cut out for me after my phase II examination as I realised that any interview score less than 40 could sound the death knell for me. And I went all in, giving it my best, with the confidence that I was still in the running despite my slightly below par performance in phase II. And it was my interview that made all the difference in the end.
I would consider it a huge success if I could inspire even a handful of people through my story.
Always remember that there could be a thousand reasons why you fail, but there should be no

Prasantha karmakar


My name is Prasanta Karmakar. I am from Asansol, West Bengal. I joined Tata Consultancy Services in the year 2013. However due to my interest in banking sector, I decided to start preparing for banking exams from 2015.
It was tough during the initial days of preparation, since it was difficult to find time to prepare after completing my office commitments. I started everything from basics during this period. Later in that year I appeared for IBPS PO 2015, but I could not clear the prelims. I introspected and at the same time did a research about the best test series available. I opted for Oliveboard in March 2016. And that changed my story.
I sincerely solved each and every test papers of Oliveboard and gave more time in reviewing the papers after completion of each test . The level was overall tough but I did not give up. I appeared for SBI PO that year and cleared the prelims. That pumped confidence in me. I kept practicing sincerely. Then I appeared for BOB Manipal PGDBF. To my surprise I cleared the written exam and appeared for the interview. That was a great confidence booster before IBPS PO 2016.
Later, I appeared for IBPS PO and cleared written as well as Interview. I have been allocated to United Bank of India.
I decided to join the Bank Of Baroda Manipal PGDBF course at Bengaluru and I am presently pursuing this.

Srinath Reddy


Hi, my name is Srinath Reddy. I have worked at Capgemini as a software engineer for about two and half years. After that, I thought of coming to the government sector. My choice was banking and SSC CGL.
I have relied on online materials for clearing basics and practice. One of my friends suggested Oliveboard being a helpful platform for banking and government exams preparation. I gave their free mock test and after that I found it to be good. Then, I immediately purchased their test series.
I have cleared SBI CLERK 2016, SBI PO 2016 Main but not selected, CANARA BANK P.O (IBPS 2016), IPPB SCALE 1(2016), SSC CGL 2016 (Auditor in CGDA), RRB NTPC (GOODS GUARD). My biggest asset was Oliveboard mock test. The quality and relevancy of the test series were top notch. The actual exam was quite similar to the one I faced during a mock test in terms of toughness.
My strength was maths and English. It is very important to know your weakness and strong areas while starting the preparation. That way, you can prioritize your focus.
Quantitative Aptitude:
Being from an engineering background, I was good at maths. But, I didn't take any chances. So, I invested a month to clear the basics of maths. I have analyzed the pattern of the exams and based on that started listing out important areas to focus. The mock test is very important to understand the exam and find out where we stand with our preparation.
Every day I take 2-3 mock test. After that, I analyzed the result and find out my mistakes.
This is my strong areas apart from maths. I was able to score high marks in English in most of the exams that I have appeared. But, one to need focus on clearing the concepts of grammars and build the vocabulary. I depended on many online portals and books.
This is my weak areas. I have solved only easy questions and if time permits, I have attempted few hard one.
General Awareness:
Newspaper reading is very important for this section. I used to read a newspaper every day and digest the information. Oliveboard mock test series really helped me. I have also used online platforms.
Tips for aspirants:
• Concentrate on strong areas
• Solve as many mock tests as possible, the mock test is very important. Never miss giving a mock test on daily basis
• You can do it, you just need a little will and right positive approach
All the best to all aspirants!
Thank you!

Vishal Khanapure


'Hard work pays off '(today or tomorrow) I completed my ENGINEERING in july 2019 and I took 3 months rest after that in November, I started the preparation. My sections wise strategy was:
QUANT: I was average in Quant. First I went through the syllabus and tried to complete all the topics but then also there were few topics like Compound interest, profit and loss , probability, permutation and combination in which I was weak and I just left these topics.. It is not required to study each and every topic. One can leave few difficult topics .What I followed is 'RATHER WORRYING ABOUT DIFFICULT TOPICS, MAKE YOUR STRONG TOPICS MORE STRONGER ' NOTE: Mocks are highly important here ..I used to take daily quizzes of OLIVEBOARD regularly and it really made my way easier.
REASONING :I'm strong in Reasoning and English , there is no trick in reasoning .It requires only practice on a daily basis. This section helps you a lot to fetch more marks,especially in mains we can gain good marks in reasoning
ENGLISH: The word 'English ' can be replaced by 'Newspaper ' thats it ..I preferred THE HINDU , I used to read only editorial parts for 1 hr and used to make notes of vocabs
CURRENT AFFAIRS: This section was the main reason for my success . So according to me ENGLISH and CA parts are the turning sections. I studied CA of about past 6 months. One can prefer OLIVEBOARD monthly magazines
BANKING AWARENESS: Blindly follow OLIVEBOARD notes of STATIC BANKING AWARENESS pdf (30-40pages). This helps you in both Main exam and interview. My tip for aspirants is don't worry about the number of attempts ,don't guess the answer even if you are 90% sure .Mark only gunshot answers. I attempted only 66 in SBI PO prelims , got 72 because of accuracy and in main exam I attempted only 67 ,now I'm here writing my success story. So avoid the thoughts of guessing the answers
Scorecard : Reg no.34******49 Mains: 96.37 GE- 14/20 INTERVIEW- 27/30 Normalized score: 49.41 I would like to thank the OLIVEBOARD team. You guys are doing a fabulous job .You are a part of my success..ThankYou very much”

Abhinav Gupta


Hi, My name is Abhinav Gupta and I got AIR 11 in SSC CGL exam 2016. I give credit for my success to Oliveboard test series. When I was preparing for SSC CGL 2016, I was a novice since it was my maiden attempt. Everything was going well but still, I wasn’t confident enough of being able to crack examination since I have never taken any quality mock test. Then, I got to know about Oliveboard mock test series.
I gave a free mock test and I found the test series so much exhaustive yet realistic that I purchased it immediately. I believe it was one of the best decision of my life as I scored 180 in prelims examination and got 354 in tier 2 examination without any kind of coaching.
Being one of the coveted jobs of India, I wanted to be an Income Tax Inspector from the very beginning of my graduation. I would love to thank Oliveboard which help me in achieving my dreams. Test series of Oliveboard is a bit of higher level than that of the actual examination. In fact, it is the peculiar feature of this platform which helps one to prepare for the worst scenario. And, if the actual examination is of the easier level, then one is easily able to sail through and score a very good mark.
In the end, I would love to thank Oliveboard again and would like to tell aspirants that mock test is the key to success and one must take as many mock tests as possible before writing the actual examination.
Thank you. All the best!


SBI PO 2019

“Hello guys, My name is Chintan and I am going to share my preparation strategy. It all started from the month of August and I was able to clear it in the very first attempt. Before discussing my strategies I would like to offer you some free advice. 1)Follow this quote strictly 'Excuses are for losers,winners always find a way'. 2)You can't simply think that everything will go as planned,you have to be ready for the worst situation. 3)You never know what you can achieve until you try.So never listen to those who try to demotivate you. 4) Result is just an outcome of your preparation.So never think about your result ,just focus on your preparation and result will automatically follow.(Even The Great Sachin R.Tendulkar never thought that he would hit 100 centuries ,he just kept playing and it happened ) 5)In some cases the path might seem difficult but later you will feel that the destination was worth it. 6)Always be confident.And confidence comes from practice. So practice and revise regularly. 7) There's a famous saying in the movie 3-Idiots 'Run behind excellence,success will run behind you'. So instead of thinking about your success you should focus on completing the syllabus first . 8)Mock tests are really important but you should analyze properly once the test is over .Once your basics are clear you should start taking the mock tests. 9)Never compare yourself with others,if you really want to do so then compare with yourself.Keep asking yourself ' Are you better today than you were yesterday? if not ,then try to improve'. 10) Each and everyone who is preparing for these kinds of exams work hard ,all are equally deserving but not everyone gets success immediately.Some achieve it easily as compared to others.But the process should go on and you should never let the result affect your preparation. 11)Never regret your decisions.Nobody wants to make a wrong decision at a crucial time,everyone thinks he is in the right direction.So it's OK So instead of regretting over this what you can do is to analyse where you went wrong or what you could have done better etc.
PREPARATION STRATEGY: Start reading the Current Affairs from January month(at least 4 months of current affairs is necessary). It's not that you should start preparing this portion once you clear the PRELIMS.This is really vast and you need to revise it regularly. Note down the difficult stats in your diary or notebook for revision (e.g--one can't remember different schemes by various state govt. Or days and themes or appointments etc. And writing down these things at one place will help you memorize more) Revise the current affairs time to time. Apps for daily practice (quant,reasoning,eng,CA)--Oliveboard
QUANT and REASONING--- Oliveboard videos for concept clearing. Oliveboard daily quizzes for regular practice
ENGLISH--- To be frank, this is the section where I had put lesser effort as compared to other sections.So I had watched very limited videos.But I have heard people saying that Nimisha ma'am videos are really good for clearing the basics. So you can watch those. Also The Hindu daily analysis is a must watch.It's a good practice to summarize the topic from the The Hindu editorial in your own words once you go through it completely.It will help you in the Descriptive section.
CURRENT AFFAIRS -- I used to watch videos of Oliveboard REGULARLY and FREQUENTLY. PDFs --- Oliveboard Bolt
DESCRIPTIVE WRITING--- Have some ideas on current news. Practice writing essays and letters at regular intervals.
GD,GE & INTERVIEW--- Interview is really important and you shouldn't take it casually. Recent topics were thrown upon us during the GD and Interview.I had joined a local institute for the preparation of Interview and GD.
N.B:--- Don't think that SBI PO is a tough nut to crack and you have to clear all the phases i.e. pre,mains,gd,ge,interview.... What I felt is that once you clear the PRELIMS, the ball will be in your court .As the questions in the MAINS exam are relatively tough, so each and everyone who qualify for the MAINS have equal chances of qualifying for the Interview. The important and easiest section that might help you in the MAINS is the current affairs section and you can attempt 34+ questions (based on SBI PO 2019 paper) easily with 100% accuracy which is not the case with other sections. So this was all about my preparation strategy.I am not saying that you should strictly follow it but you can take a leaf out of it and it's better to have your own strategy. All the best to the aspirants and always believe in yourself and you will see everything falling in place at the right time.”



‘If God is making you wait, be prepared to receive more than what you asked for’, says Jitesh an arts graduate. Read his success story below:
Hello Friends, I am Jitesh Parihar from Madhya Pradesh. I have cleared RRB Officer Scale I in the year 2017 and is currently working at Narmada Jhabua Gramin bank, as a scale I officer.
Friends, after completing my bachelor’s in commerce in the year 2014 I started preparing for the banking examination. It took me three long years to finally taste success. I failed quite a few times initially but never gave up on my dreams, rather chased it like a monster in the latter years.
The Strategy which I followed was:
Mathematics: At the beginning of my preparation I followed R.S Aggarwal and then switched to Sarvesh Kumar Verma in the lookout for more challenging problems. After trying my hands on various types of problems, I started up with attempting mock tests. I bought Oliveboard’s banking package and found the test at par with the banking examination.
Reasoning: I think for this section Oliveboard’s test series is more than enough and hence only followed the Online test series & nothing else. I had a good grip on puzzles, input and output, and syllogisms and hence used to attempt questions based upon these topics only nothing beyond it. For this section, I would suggest to identify your strengths and weaknesses and then play along with your strengths to ace the section.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:
Language: I chose Hindi as a language to attempt the RRB Officer Scale I examination.
General Awareness: For current affairs, I relied on Oliveboard’s daily GK updates and few other online resources. For the banking awareness, I followed different capsules and videos available on YouTube. I used to give four hours for General Awareness on regular basis.
Interview: My interview mainly revolved around current affairs and banking awareness and few questions based on my background.
Friends, I have failed for three years continuously but I begged myself each time with my own commitment that unless and until I clear the examination I am not returning back to my home. This commitment helped me and was able to clear the examination in the year 2017. Therefore, never give up, work hard, believe in yourself, stay focused and things will surely fall on to place.
Best Wishes!



'Even if something seems impossible for u, Somebody is going to do it someday…..
So, be that somebody,.......And do it yourself'. Similarly, Himanshu followed his ambition and kept working hard to achieve success in his life.
Here is his inspiring story:
I am Himanshu Kashyap. I have cleared SBI CLERK & SBI PO. After my graduation I started preparing for banking exams.
I focussed on clearing the basics first and then practicing as many mock tests as I can.
Preparation Strategy:
So guys, it’s all about the right approach and technique. I would love to share my preparation tips and journey with you all via Oliveboard so it can be helpful to all the aspirants.
Starting with Quants, always try to clear your basics first. Follow only one book and cover all the important chapters. This will help you to prepare yourself in a dedicated manner.
It’s never possible to finish the complete syllabus, so try to cover all the important topics and keep revising it as much as possible. Give as many test series as you can. This will help to get an idea about the level of the real exam.
I gave mock tests from Oliveboard which were based on the latest pattern and syllabus and then analysed it thoroughly. This helped me immensely to keep a track of my progress.
Reasoning is all about practice. Keep practicing as much as you can and focus on the right technique to solve the questions.
Generally, the Reasoning questions are lengthy and confusing, so if you do not know the right technique and approach to start it then it may take a lot of time in the exam to solve even a single question.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:
Get all your concepts crystal clear. Refer to some good grammar books to brush your grammar rules. For vocab I used to read a lot of Editorials from different newspapers. I also referred WORD POWER MADE EASY book to work on my vocab. Trust me these two books and a good number of mock tests are more than enough to make this section strong.
You can also refer editorial sections of HINDU and TIMES OF INDIA to improve your vocab and reading skills. It will also help you in your descriptive section.
Refer to some good Gk book to cover all the important sections.You can also read newspapers daily and watch news channels to keep yourself updated.
Oliveboard BOLT is also very helpful in preparing this section.
Role Of Oliveboard
I always preferred practicing as many mocks as I can to analyse my performance. I did refer few sites for mock tests and found Oliveboard to be very beneficial. The level of mock tests provided by Oliveboard helped me immensely to have a clear idea about the level of the real exam.So always concentrate more on accuracy and practice as much as you can.
So guys my advice to everyone is that...please give mock tests and analyse them properly to keep a check on your performance and practice technique.
So this was it. I hope my story will help you in achieving your dreams.
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.

Tanmay Biswas


I started my career in 2011 with an IT company in Kolkata. After 2 years of working I thought to switch from private sector to govt. sector and started preparation with the help of weekend coaching. In 2013 IBPS I was selected as SWO in Punjab National Bank but I was searching for better option and I had WBSEDCL Office Executive post and joined there but unfortunately, I found there is no growth at all in later days. I became depressed but I recovered myself from that and started fresh. I got to know about Oliveboard and registered immediately.
When I started, my performance was poor but gradually I improved and updated myself with the question pattern and daily current affairs for banking and static GK. I used to get only evening time for study as I was working. I divided my time in two parts – 1st two hours for taking a test and then check the wrong answers and solve it again. This is the only process which helped me to get the success and this time I got selected in both PO & clerk in Union Bank of India.
Here are some tips for you all:
-I got to know that the IBPS has changed the exam pattern this year too. My suggestion for prelims is: try to attempt as much as you can but with perfection as the score is important to crack the prelims and go to the next level.
-As per the trend, IBPS will give the question in a way which is known to all of us. Here score and accuracy matters.
-In case of mains, go just a little bit slow and try to attempt the sections with perfection.
-For GI, focus more on puzzles, coding, input
-For Quant, as per the new pattern candidates should give extra efforts on DI part
-English, the only way is to follow the newspaper editorials, especially the Hindu and follow Oliveboard mock papers.
-General awareness: focus more on banking. Read banking news every day.
-Descriptive: prepare some recent topics. Everyday newspaper reading is helpful.
Oliveboard is the only exam portal which gives the idea of latest question paper and the exam analysis and the solution provided for quick answering is amazing. I started and regularly followed it which gave me remarkable success. Thanks a lot, Oliveboard!



'There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.' Similarly, Aditya left no stone unturned to achieve his dreams.
Here is Aditya’s Inspiring Story:
I am Aditya Kumar and after completing my graduation, I started studying for the several banking examinations which at the beginning seemed to be a daunting task but with time and practice, it became clear that it was possible to clear the exam. However, I managed to clear the RRB PO interviews(UTTAR BIHAR GRAMIN BANK) and RRB OFFICE ASSISTANT(MADHYA BIHAR GRAMIN BANK).
Preparation Tips & Strategy:
Firstly clear the basic concepts then I started practicing from Oliveboard mock tests to analyse my performance and improve accordingly and it was really very helpful.
Reasoning was challenging but a bit of planning while attempting can be helpful. I did manage to score quite well consistently. Having said that, reasoning section needs a lot of practice. So practice as much as you can and give as many mock tests as possible.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:
For this section as well, I followed only the Oliveboard mock tests and its analysis and devised my further study strategy accordingly.
For GA, I did follow the current affairs of the last 3-4 months which was sufficient enough to score quite well. Keep yourself updated with the latest happenings and read newspapers daily. You can also watch news channels to keep yourself updated.
How Oliveboard helped?
In my preparation, Oliveboard mock tests did play the most important part, with me sometimes attempting as many as 3 mock tests a day and Oliveboard undoubtedly provides one of the best in simulating the actual exams in terms of the toughness and pattern. Most of the times Oliveboard sets a tougher paper which if one practice regularly will find it easier when he/she seats for the actual exams and this gives you an edge over the others as one feels more confident during the exams.
Tips To Aspirants:
The future aspirants for such exams need to focus on the basics and show some perseverance, since this phase can very easily demotivate you as it may take some time. But once you are done with it, picking up speed which is the second most important thing will be coming up fast.
It's been an extremely difficult phase but I have learned a lot from this! My only advice to all those who are preparing hard to get their name in the final list, to taste success, to make their parents proud or whatever may be the reason, just stick to your preparation! Be adamant, be a learner, be strong enough to accept failures, because it's just a phase of your life and what you do now, will determine whether your present phase will continue or you enter into a different phase(of course the happy one)! I myself failed in many, but also showed great character to get what I wanted! Sometimes, you don’t get support from anyone! No worries, be a lone warrior, never stop yourself and NEVER GIVE UP! Stay inspired, stay motivated friends! All the best to everyone for future endeavors
So this was it. I hope my story will help you in achieving your dreams.
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.

Pankaj Saini


I am Pankaj Saini from Chandigarh. I am a B. Tech-MBA from Panjab University Chandigarh. After pursuing B. Tech (EEE) I worked in Wipro technologies from where I had to face exit after working there for 1 year. In September 2011 I started preparing for MBA admissions in the hope of getting a better future after pursuing MBA and I landed up in Panjab University. Pursued my MBA in Marketing Management (2012-14). After pursuing MBA, I worked in Bulls' Eye as Business Development Manager and Logical Reasoning instructor for 1 year but wasn't satisfied as I wanted a good government job.
I went for 8 interviews including banking and Insurance PO, SO and AO jobs but didn't get selection anywhere. I left the job and kept on preparing and opted for Oliveboard Test Series for every exam and finally in 2016-17 I got selected as PO-United Bank of India, Marketing Officer-Syndicate bank, Superintendent-Central Warehousing Corporation, RRB Scale 1-Himachal Pradesh Gramin Bank. I joined Superintendent-CWC till the time I didn't get joining and Place of Posting from banks. Besides this, I have also appeared for RBI Grade B interview, cleared NABARD Mains (Interview schedule shall be announced soon).
Some section wise tips:
I had a fear of quantitative aptitude so I kept on practicing some selected topics and kept on increasing difficulty level. I started with RS Aggarwal and went on to do the most difficult sets of Oliveboard and Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma (TMH).
Kept on reading newspaper (which ever available). I used to write the Gist of editorials everyday which helped in Comprehension and improved my Grammar.
I always had a very good command but I had to mould myself with every exam because Reasoning has always been very unpredictable. I kept on doing Mocks of Oliveboard and used to do puzzles again and again so that I stay in touch with the latest trends. Friends, it's just because of the high level of reasoning puzzles asked in Oliveboard test series that I succeeded in clearing this section with very Good Marks.
General Awareness:
I never relied on any external source other than newspaper. I maintained a register in which I wrote news from Newspaper every day. On Sundays I used to write news section-wise in a separate register in which the news of whole week was segregated into various sections like Appointments, Awards and Honours, Books, etc. It proved to be a very successful exercise for me.
In the end I would say that all through this journey I have learned a lot from everything I did to achieve what I wanted and I am not going to stop at anything because for me success is an unending process which starts with our birth and ends when we die. Keep learning keep sharing keep smiling and never hurt anybody. May God Bless you all!



Hello folks, this is Paroo Bhat from Jammu and Kashmir and I work as an Assistant at Reserve Bank of India. I cleared RBI Assistant examination in 2016. Firstly, I feel honored to be able to share my wisdom and insights on this prestigious examination and thank you Oliveboard for this opportunity.
Before going further, I would like to give you a glimpse of my background. I hold a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering. After completing my graduation in 2012, I joined Cognizant Technology Solutions, Bengaluru where I worked for a year. But my passion towards government jobs made me quit my private sector job in 2013 and I started preparing for civil services examination. This was the time when I started appearing for banking exams. I wrote RBI Assistant, RRB PO and IBPS PO in 2015 and due to my consistent perseverance, I got through all the three exams with a decent score.
I still remember my initial struggle with quants and reasoning which gave me many sleepless nights. Today, when I introspect I can say Arun Sharma (for Data Interpretation) and Oliveboard test series helped me a lot in quants and reasoning preparation.
For verbal ability, I relied on newspaper reading which helped me a lot in improvising my comprehension skills and vocabulary in a shorter span of time. During my preparation, I used to read “The Hindu” and “Financial Express”. I am an ardent reader and this habit of mine has not only prepared me for English section but also helped me in enriching my General Awareness.
To be honest, when I wrote RBI Assistant examination, I had no strategy for it. I started taking Mocks where I would say Oliveboard test series helped me a lot in terms of providing a real-time experience of the examination and hone my skills vis a vis attempting questions from all the sections of the exam.
Well, I believe that what worked out for me, may not work out for you. So make your own strategy according to your weak and strong areas and make necessary improvisation in your strategy. Ultimately, you are a better judge for yourself. What I could assess from my journey is that don’t push yourself so hard when you cannot concentrate. Take a break when you are lost but never give up. Learn to rest but don’t quit. Take some time out with family and friends and rejuvenate your life. Then start afresh. The most important aspect of my success has been Consistency. Small efforts repeated day in and day out will ultimately pave the way to success.
In the end, it is a game of being positive and believing in yourself. If you put in your best, success will be yours. Just remember that-
“You need to live few months or years of your life like most people will not, so that you can live the rest of your life like most people cannot”.
Final words, thanks to the team of Oliveboard who understand the present scenario of exams and curate mock test series which match the difficulty level of exam and this helped me in improving my efficiency and accuracy too.
ALL THE BEST TO ALL ASPIRANTS!!! Have faith in your efforts and hustle hard !!



“After failing in IBPS Clerk 2018, I prefered to go with the practice sets of OLIVEBOARD. So, I bought the practice sets to appear for SBI clerk 2019. After attempting the mock tests, I found my strengths and weaknesses precisely. As a result, I could strategize how to attempt the exam. THE DETAILED ANALYSIS OF MY PERFORMANCE AND TIME TAKEN BY ME AND THE BEST WAY TO APPROACH A QUESTION IN THE EXAM, which have been the basics of the Oliveboard mock tests enabled me crack the cut off by a handsome 30 numbers. After subscribing to Oliveboard, I also endorsed it on my personal level. Oliveboard sets a benchmark for the exam mock papers. It is always one level above the original exam. My admission is that, IF ONE MASTERS OLIVEBOARD PRACTICE SET'S... HE WILL SUCCEED 100% IN ANY EXAM.. THANK YOU OLIVEBOARD TEAM for helping me in my success. grateful to you.”

Amit Bhaskar


It feels great when one cracks the exam in their very first attempt. I had this experience after passing IBPS PO 2016-17 exam. This would not have been possible without OLIVEBOARD. I strictly relied on Oliveboard mock tests which not only helped me in honing my solving skills but also helped me in analysing my weak areas.
OLIVEBOARD not only helped me in learning concepts which are essential for the exam but also helped me in honing my skills through regularly making me practice through its test series. Mock tests were very useful as they included every bit of prerequisite material required to crack the examination. It provided real time practice scenario which was definitely very useful during real examinations. I would like to suggest every banking aspirant to register themselves to OLIVEBOARD. It will help them to achieve their goals. 'Not only PRACTICE but PRACTICE within the TIME limit is the success mantra for cracking this exam...!!!'



'Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.' Today, we bring to you the inspiring story of Monica Sinha who successfully cleared IBPS CLERK in 2017.
Hi, I am Monica Sinha from Patna. I did my graduation in Bcom(2015) from Symbiosis college of Arts and Commerce. In 2015, I appeared for IBPS PO in which I failed in mains examinations. After that, I started preparing for banking exams seriously. I cleared many prelims exams but was unable to clear the mains examinations. I was very disheartened. The difficulty level of the examination was increasing tremendously, I didn't knew from where to prepare. Then I heard about Oliveboard. I started preparing from Oliveboard from the year 2016. I gave 2 mocks everyday. For Quantitative, Reasoning and English section I only practised from Oliveboard mock tests.In 2017, I missed IBPS PO mains by 0.50 but I finally cleared IBPS clerk VII.
Preparation Strategy:
REASONING: Try solving as many puzzles as you can. Solve at least 5 puzzles everyday of utmost difficulty.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:
QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE: First of all clear your basics of every arithmetic chapters because now a days in every mains paper major focus is on arithmetic part. Solve sectional quantitative tests from oliveboard. Try to solve DI which is arithmetic chapter based.
ENGLISH: Learn new words everyday. Try to read articles from The Hindu everyday.For basic grammar you can refer to Wren and Martin book. Solve every question of oliveboard mock of english section and try to understand the logic behind every answer.
G.K: In 2015, when I first appeared for IBPS PO mains, I scored 1 in gk section. This was my weakest section. I made notes for every topic for static part from Oliveboard. I revised my notes daily. I solved everyday gk quiz from affairscloud for current affairs. For banking part also I made notes for every topic. To score in gk you have to study daily. In IBPS clerk I scored 35.
Role Of Oliveboard In My Success:
Oliveboard mock tests are must.They were extremely helpful in my preparation. Do give mock tests and analyse your weak areas accordingly to devise your study plan further.
Tip To Aspirants:
Never lose hope.The moral support of my mother helped me a lot. We used to sit for hours to discuss gk. Without her support I could not have cleared this exam.
At last, hard work always pays off. Keep practicing and have patience.
'Push yourself because no one else is going to do this for you.'
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.

Ravish Shah

IBPS Clerk

My name is Ravish Shah and I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
I have been selected in Union Bank of India (Clerk) & Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank (Assistant-Multipurpose) In General Category.
I have completed my Pharmacy graduation in 2013. After completing my Pharmacy graduation I have decided to go to Government Sector.I have started hard work from April, 2014. I gave all exams in 2014 in banks but couldn’t succeed. But I never gave up & continue the exams.
I gave regular mock test. Oliveboard's mock tests are extraordinary.. It helped me to improve my speed & accuracy.
(1) SBI PO – 58 Marks – (Cut off was 80)
(2) SBI Clerk – 98 Marks – (Cut off was 110)
(3) RBI Assistant 2014 – 117 Marks – (Cut off was 154)
(4) IBPS RRB Clerk 2014 – 117 Marks – couldn’t
(5) IBPS PO 2014 – 71 Marks – (Cut off was 82)
(6) IBPS Clerk 2014 -125 Marks, Selected for Interview. But couldn’t clear final cut off. 0.8 Marks Away from final merit. 1st April, 2015. It was Black day of my life.
(7) SBI PO 2015 – Couldn’t clear Prelims
(8) RBI Assistant 2015 – 140 Marks -(Cut off was 158)
(9) IBPS RRB Clerk 2015 – 145 Marks – Got Selected In Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank (Assistant-Multipurpose)
(10) IBPS PO 2015 - Couldn’t clear Prelims
(11) IBPS Clerk 2015 – 139 Marks – Got Selected In Union Bank of India (Clerk)


SBI PO 2018

'Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.' Thus here we bring to you the inspiring story of Anand Kumar who successfully cleared SBI PO in his very first attempt.
Hello everyone. My name is Anand Kumar and I have recently cleared SBI PO 2018 in my very first attempt. I am a B.E graduate from B.I.T Mesra, Ranchi (2014-2018).
My Journey:
As I was not much interested to make my career in the technical field, I decided to prepare for SSC CGL 2018 in my 8th Semester. In May 2018 I decided to switch from CGL to Banking and started preparing right away. Purchased Oliveboard and Practicemock mock tests as these were suggested by almost all the toppers. Now I too suggest the same to everyone.
Subject Wise Strategy:
a) Quant:
Firstly, I cleared my concepts from various YouTube channels and also learned a few shortcuts to calculate square, cube, etc. Then I started taking Oliveboard mocks and analyzed them religiously.
Practice as much as you can without leaving any single question in the mock tests.
b) Reasoning:
This consists of two sections. One is Puzzle & Seating Arrangement and the other is Miscellaneous.
Try to master the miscellaneous part. By mastering I mean even if I wake you up at midnight and give you questions of Syllogism, direction sense, inequality, coding-decoding, etc. you should be able to solve them instantly.
Puzzle & Seating Arrangement- PRACTICE PRACTICE & PRACTICE from Oliveboard mocks tests and app.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:
c) English:
This can either be the most scoring subject or the most difficult one. It totally depends on your approach to learn the subject. English is divided into two sections. Grammar and Reading Comprehension
Grammar –
Clear all your basics from “Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh”.Make notes and just revise the short notes at regular intervals.Keep practicing as many mocks as you can.
Reading Comprehension –
Try reading editorials and make notes of Vocabulary from them. Make a separate copy for this. Update this copy daily and keep revising the words regularly otherwise all your efforts will go in vain. Solve all the mocks by Oliveboard. Now you are good to go.
d) General Awareness:
This was the most difficult section for me. Pick any two websites and follow them daily from the day advertisement of your targeted examination is released. You can refer Oliveboard Bolt. Give daily quizzes as well. Pickup capsules of Banking awareness and GU and study the banking terms properly.
Don’t overburden yourself by trying to learn everything in just one week. Learn regularly and slowly.
Role Of Oliveboard In My Success:
Oliveboard Mock Tests was like a mirror to my preparation level. It gives you a variety of quality questions and prepares you for the worst case. You might feel bogged down by your scores in the initial tests of Oliveboard but if you analyze them in the correct manner you will find improvement in yourself and eventually your marks in Oliveboard’s later tests will shoot up. Questions in Oliveboard are above the exam level and this is very much needed if you want to deal with the unexpected level of Banking exams these days. I must say Oliveboard played an integral and important part in my selection.
Tip To Aspirants:
Keep practicing as much as you can. Have patience and keep trusting yourself.
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.



'Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.' Similarly, Ayush followed his ambition and kept working hard to achieve success in his life.
Here is his inspiring story:
I have been working for an IT company for the past two years. Meanwhile while working with the company I planned to start my preparation for Banking exams. Let me tell you, it was not an easy journey. In short, it has been a journey of ups and down with a great learning curve. I would love to share my success story with other aspirants so they can keep themselves motivated during their preparations.
Preparation Strategy:
My only mantra to clear this section was practice, practice, and practice. I just gave as many mocks as I can and nothing else. Moreover, after every mock I thoroughly analysed my weak areas and worked accordingly to improve. Make sure you are well versed with all the formulas, rules, tables etc before giving the mocks.
For Reasoning I would like to tell you guys that give a mock test daily rather than just preparing the chapters as giving mocks will help you to identify your skills and time management abilities. Rather than hard work opt for smart work and you will definitely see yourself succeeding in the upcoming exams.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:
As far as English is concerned always start by clearing your basic grammar concepts. For English also I was solely depended on mocks which I gave on Oliveboard(Hands Down the finest and the toughest of them all). Meanwhile read newspapers to work on your vocab and reading skills.
Read newspapers daily to keep yourself updated. Give daily quizzes and mocks. This is the best way to prepare for GA/GK section within the limited time period.
For me, Interview part was the easiest of them all. One should have basic to moderate knowledge of Banking Concepts and also about major national/international affairs. Be honest and confident throughout the interview process.
Role of Oliveboard:
Without any doubt, I would like to give Oliveboard mock tests a major credit in my success. The mock tests which I gave were of very good quality and helped me to get accustomed to the modern approaches and methods towards solving any problem. Lastly, I would highly recommend it to all the aspirants
That's it, this was my not-so-magic mantra for clearing the exams and to be honest if you invest 4-5 hours daily in your preparation, you are good to go.
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.


SBI PO, BOB PO (2017)

'Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.' But Gaurav always believed in himself and left no stone unturned to change his failures into success.
Details on his journey & strategy
Hello, this is Kumar Gaurav. I belong to Bhagalpur district of Bihar and did my engineering from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Bhubaneswar. After passing out in 2016 I worked in Accenture as an Associate Software Engineer for about 10 months. I was always inclined to join the public sector in an executive role, preferably the Civil Services and so I started appearing for government examinations after graduation. I faced many failures on the way but never lost hope. Many a time even at the Interview stage I saw the face of the failure but I took all of them as a learning lesson and continued my journey. I believe even though I am working in a job that demands a lot of time, energy and patience I can still achieve what I have dreamt of.
How did Gaurav prepare for Aptitude, English, Logical reasoning, GK/GA, & Interview.
As far as Banking examinations are concerned I think it’s a game of Speed as well as accuracy and therefore the only way to achieve success is to Practice and the right selection of questions. When I appeared for IBPS PO Mains 2016 I had failed only because I had attempted a lot of questions which I was unsure of.
The sources that I used for preparation were:
Practice helps a lot here. I practiced questions from Oliveboard. Make sure you practice around 500 questions from each sub-topic in the syllabus. This will make you strong in all such topics. Practice more on topics which you find difficult. Number series and miscellaneous part was difficult for me so I consulted videos on youtube. You can check Oliveboard Cracker course for clearing your basics.
Reasoning was a tough nut to crack. I always struggled with puzzles but kept practicing. Oliveboard mocks are a good source to prepare for puzzles of latest trend.
For Expert Help on Reasoning topics, Register here:
English in bank exams is less traditional and it is more about usage in daily life. If you read editorials of newspapers like Indian Express or The Hindu I think it will help you in normal questions as well as RC. Also try to learn new words. You can refer the book named “Word Power Made Easy”.
General Knowledge:
I consulted GKToday monthly booklets and Oliveboard GK tests as well as blogs. Remember GK is a scoring area and you should not miss out on this.
Few lines on how Oliveboard helped me:
I took Oliveboard mock test series for SBI mains and found it quite helpful. It was on similar lines of actual SBI exam. With innovative puzzle questions, good interface and a large pool of like-minded candidates it is a good litmus test for preparation.
Enroll for SBI PO Cracker course here:
Tips to Aspirants:
I always believed in myself in spite of so many failures. So never lose hope and keep moving ahead in order to achieve your dreams.
I wish all the very best to all the aspirants.

Kapil Mittal


I am currently working at the CAG Office, Gwalior and SSC CGL is the only exam that I prepared for and attempted. Banking & SSC CGL exams' syllabus is almost the same but there is huge difference in pattern and hence I decided to focus completely on one exam.
I had purchased Oliveboard's test series for SSC CGL and they were completely up-to-the mark. But another feature of Oliveboard that I completely loved were the multiple "Group Study Sessions" that they organized just before the exam. Those were awesome and it was fun solving questions in limited time while chatting with all the other participants. Also, I must mention that the User Interface is super smooth. I had taken other mock test series too but their content was nowhere in comparison with Oliveboard. Thank you OB for helping me clear SSC CGL 2015
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