Hindi Typing

A Course suitable for SSC Exams

What to Expect From Hindi Typing Course?

15+ Hours of Video Classes

Covers all the basics of Hindi Typing

Assignments For Practice

Practice typing with regular assignments

Certification in Hindi Typing

Get certified on successful completion of the course

Hindi Typing Course - Couse Overview

  • 15+ Hours of Video Class
  • Typing Skills for Government Exams
  • Assignments for practice
  • Course Completion Certificate

Course Syllabus

  • Course Introduction
  • About Hindi Keyboard
  • Typing Test in Government Exams
  • Rules in Typing
  • WPM & Keystrokes
  • Basic Row Information & Finger Position
  • Basic Row Lesson
  • Upper Row Lesson
  • Basic & Upper Row Lesson
  • Bottom Row Lesson
  • Usage of Shift Key
  • Usage of Shift Key across 3 Rows
  • Paragraph Typing
  • Matra
  • Matraya & a ki matra
  • Important Codes in Typing
  • Combination of All Mantras
  • Halant & au ki matra
  • Lesson 21 with Shift New Words 
  • Attaining 20WPM Speed
  • Paragraph Practice (mixed)
  • Lesson on Typing Half Words
  • Lesson on Typing Different Half Words
  • Lesson on Typing Half & Full Words
  • Usage of Symbol Keys
  • Typing with Accuracy
  • Combination of 'Halant', 'Matra' & Rest
  • Usage of Shift in Bottom Row
  • Speed, Accuracy & Timing in Typing 
  • Typing with Codes & Combination of Rows
  • Conclusion of Typing Theory 
  • Usage of Shift & Symbols in Exams
  • Important Codes: Most Commonly Used Words 
  • Practice - Speed 25 to 35 WPM
  • Practice - Speed 40 to 45 WPM
  • Practice - Speed 50+ WPM(pro level)
  • Perfect Paragraph Typing at Exam Hall
  • How to handle problems at Exam Hall
  • Typing without Fear
  • Accuracy in Typing Difficult & Lengthy Words
  • Points to Remember During Hindi Typing

Why should a Candidate Learn Hindi Typing?

Choosing a Hindi Typing test for government exams can be beneficial, as not many people are familiar with Hindi typing. Furthermore, because Hindi is used as the official language in the majority of Indian States and even at the central government level, the chances of you getting a better posting are high if you are well-versed in Hindi typing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch the same course multiple times?

Yes, you can watch your courses any number of times within your validity period

Can I attempt an assessment test twice? +

No, you can attempt an assessment test only once

Will I be getting a Certificate at the end of each course? +

Yes. On successful completion, certificates will be issued for the corresponding course. You should have completed at least 80% of the course (Video Classes), including the assignments, to be regarded for successful completion.

Will more courses be added to the offerings? +

Yes, we will be adding more courses on an on-going basis. Please check the upcoming courses section for more information

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Skillvertex, is Oliveboard's one-stop upskilling platform to help you become the best version of yourself. Through Skillvertex - we aim to equip you with all the MUST-HAVE career skills like Spoken English, Interview Etiquette, Computer skills, Excel, Resume writing, and much more.

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