Spoken English

Speak English with Confidence

What you get in Spoken English course?

40 Hours of Complete Coverage of Video classes

Covers all the important topics of Spoken English.

Session wise Assignments

Test your learning with regular Micro-Assignments after each session.

Get Certified in Spoken English

Certification on successful completion of the course

Spoken English - Course Overview:

  • 40 Hours of Complete Coverage
  • Focus on Pronunciation
  • Session wise Assignments
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Delivered in English

Course Syllabus:

  1. How To Learn English?
  2. Correct Listening & Pronunciation
  3. Present Indefinite Tense (Affirmative Sentences) 
  4. Present Continuous & Perfect Tense
  5. Present Indefinite Mix ( Affirmative + Negative + Interrogative)
  6. Present Indefinite + Vocabulary
  7. Present Continuous + Present Perfect
  8. Present Indefinite (Affirmative + Negative)
  9. Practise Session
  10. WH Family (Indefinite + Continous + Perfect )
  11. Practise Session: Past Indefinite Tense
  12. Present Indefinite + Past Indefinite Mix
  13. Full Past Indefinite Tense
  14. WH Family (With All Structure)
  15. Use Of Can + Vocabulary + Practice
  16. Use Of Should + Vocabulary + Practice
  17. Future Indefinite
  18. Practise Session
  19. Usage of How & Who
  20. Past Indefinite Vs Present Perfect
  21. Practice Session: Past Indefinite & Present Perfect
  22. Introduction to Language
  23. Daily Use English
  24. Use of Should Have & Do
  25. Have To / Has To
  26. Use Of USED TO (Model)
  27. Daily Use Sentences 
  28. Is / Am / Are + Past Participle Was / Were
  29. What All + Who All + Where All
  30. Use Of Be + Voice Modulation + Daily Use Structure
  31. Use Of Expressions
  32. Get It Done
  33. MAKE Causative Verb

Why you should learn Spoken English?

Learning spoken English is a basic skill that every person needs to possess. From business to daily conversations, you would need a good understanding of spoken English. We have come up with the best course to make your spoken English fluent in just 40 days.

Learning spoken English will not only help you in your academics or competitive exams. But it will boost your confidence and will enhance your communication skills. This skill will help you lifelong. Without any delay, start your preparation journey with the Oliveboard.

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Can I watch the same course multiple times?

Yes, you can watch your courses any number of times within your validity period.

Will I be getting a Certificate at the end of each course? +

Yes. On successful completion, certificates will be issued for the corresponding course. You should have completed at least 80% of the course (Video Classes), including the assignments, to be regarded for successful completion.

Will more courses be added to the offerings? +

Yes, we will be adding more courses on an ongoing basis. Please check the upcoming courses section for more information.

Can I attempt an assessment test twice? +

No, you can attempt an assessment test only once.

What is SkillVertex? +

SkillVertex is Oliveboard's one-stop upskilling platform to help you become the best version of yourself. Through SkillVertex - we aim to equip you with all the MUST-HAVE career skills like Spoken English, Interview Etiquette, Computer skills, Excel, Resume writing, and much more.

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