Deal with Bad Phase During CAT Preparation – Preparing for CAT is a journey with its ups and downs. Everyone faces tough times. Pushing through these moments is the key to success. It’s like a bumpy road, especially when you doubt your methods and struggle in practice exams. But if you keep going, you’ll come out a winner.

What Does Bad Phase During CAT Preparation Means?

Sometimes, while getting ready for CAT, you may face difficult times. This could happen for various reasons, and it’s different for each person. Nowadays, many people are stressed because of the pandemic, which has been going on for over a year. It’s on everyone’s mind. There are other reasons too, like students who are still in college and have exams, or people who have jobs and want to crack CAT. Many of us have been in such situations.

Let me give you a different example.

Think of a person named ‘A.’ A is a working professional with a full-time job. Recently, A got extra responsibilities at work, and the team is short of one person due to personal reasons. A is now responsible for completing a critical project in just one week. A is also preparing for CAT, which adds to the stress. A is working long hours, even on weekends, and there’s very little time left for CAT preparation. A’s feeling overwhelmed, and it’s hard to decide what to do.

How to Deal with Bad Phase During CAT Preparation?

If you couldn’t study much for CAT, it’s called a tough time in your preparation. This can happen because you’re tired, not interested, or lacking motivation. Now, you’re stuck thinking about what to do next. Should you start studying right away or take a break to clear your mind and make a plan?

Relax and Recharge with Reading

When you’re not sure what to do when things get tough, try reading. Grab a book or some blogs about something you enjoy, and read away. It’s like taking a little vacation from your worries. Reading a good story can transport you to a different place, and you can put your stress aside for a while. This helps clear your mind, making it easier to concentrate on what’s most important to you.

Boost Your Brain with Puzzles

Solving puzzles might not sound like fun during tough times, but it’s a great idea. Things like Rubik’s cubes, Sudoku, or online chess can give your brain a workout. This will help you feel better in the days to come as you continue your CAT journey. Don’t focus on negative things; do whatever makes you feel good. Start with easier puzzles that you can win to go to bed feeling positive. Some people are naturally good at puzzles, while others aren’t. But anyone can learn to enjoy them and make it a habit.

Boost Your Mind and Body

When you’re feeling stressed or unproductive, it’s essential to find a way to release your built-up emotions. You need a way to let go of that pent-up energy to start your CAT preparation with a fresh mind.

Physical and mental exercises are excellent for this. You can do a few minutes of yoga, go for a short jog, or practice deep breathing. Afterward, take a nice shower, and you’ll be ready to get back to your CAT studies with renewed energy.

Stay Productive with Everyday Tasks

During this pandemic, our minds can get tired, but our bodies are still full of energy. You can do things that don’t require a lot of thinking but use your physical strength. For instance, in your CAT preparation, you can take tests on your favorite subject. But if you don’t feel like studying for CAT for a while, work on other tasks.

You can tackle your current projects or get ready for your end-semester exams. By doing these tasks, you’ll feel better in a few days and be more ready to study for the CAT exam. Think of it as a trade-off, where you’re using your time wisely to prepare for the future.

Plan Your Way to Success

When you’re going through a tough time and lack motivation for your CAT exam preparation, try making a plan. It keeps you engaged and assures you that you’re doing something valuable. Create a schedule or strategy for taking practice exams in the upcoming days.

I’ve used this method, and it works well. When you’re feeling frustrated and can’t concentrate on problem-solving, making a simple plan for a few days can get you back on track. It not only helps you organize your preparation but also motivates you to get started.

The Power of Sleep

Getting good sleep is really important, especially when you’re feeling down. Sometimes, people think studying late at night will help, but it often doesn’t when you’re stressed. Don’t force yourself to study when you’re not focused. It’s better to plan for the next day and get a good night’s sleep. Resting for 7 or 8 hours each night is really helpful, even if it might seem like a small thing. Taking care of yourself by sleeping well is crucial during tough times.

Keep Perspective: It’s Just a Test

The most important thing to remember is that life goes on even if you don’t get a super score in CAT. Think of this phase that way. Don’t set goals that are too high and make you feel bad if you don’t reach them. Instead, relax and say, “Hey, this test isn’t the most important thing in my life.” If you set more realistic goals, you’ll do your best, and even if things don’t go well today, there’s always tomorrow. You can’t be both Batman and Superman at the same time. Set modest goals and give it your best shot.

During tough CAT prep times, stay determined, adapt strategies, seek support, and focus on your goals. Conclusion: Stay resilient and succeed.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Why do bad phases happen during CAT preparation?

Ans: Bad phases can occur due to stress, lack of motivation, personal issues, or external pressures like work or exams.

Q2: Can reading help cope with stress during CAT preparation?

Ans: Yes, reading can provide a break, relax your mind, and improve focus, reducing stress during challenging times.

Q5: What’s the significance of setting realistic goals during a rough phase?

Ans. Realistic goals prevent disappointment, allowing you to focus on gradual progress and maintain motivation during CAT preparation.

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