XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 – Candidates must fulfill the minimum requirements of XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 to qualify for XAT exam. XLRI will share the XAT Eligibility 2024 on its official website when they announce the exam. It’s essential to check these eligibility details early to avoid any issues later on. In this article, we have shared all information’s related to XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024, read entire article for more information.

XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024

To get into XLRI and other XAMI Member Colleges, you need to meet certain requirements called XAT Eligibility. These requirements depend on your nationality, age, qualifications, and the programs you’re interested in. Before you apply for the exam, make sure you understand the XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024. Knowing this will help you with the next steps in the admission process. You can also download a list of XAT books in PDF format and mark the ones that cover the topics in the exam.

  1. For XAT Eligibility 2024, you need to finish a 3-year Bachelor’s degree from any recognized university in India.
  2. Even if you’re in your final year, you can apply, but you must finish your graduation studies by June 2024.
  3. NRI candidates and Foreign Nationals can also apply with a valid GMAT Score, following the official XAT Eligibility rules.
  4. Reserved category candidates don’t get any special relaxation according to the official updates on XAT Exam Eligibility.

XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 – Overview

The XAT Eligibility for XAT 2024 is the basic requirement to get into XAMI Member Colleges and other MBA Colleges in India that consider XAT Scores. It’s crucial to go through all the details to smoothly apply. Check all the conditions for XAT 2024 Eligibility before the upcoming exam. If you don’t meet these conditions, you won’t be allowed in the next steps of the XAT selection process. Look at the table below for key points on XAT Eligibility. Start preparing for XAT as soon as possible.

XAT Eligibility ParticularsDetails
Declaring BodyXLRI Jamshedpur
XAT Eligibility for Educational Qualification3 Years Bachelor’s Degree
Minimum Marks RequirementNot Applicable
XAT Reservation PolicyNot Applicable
XAT Eligibility for Age LimitNo Limit
Number of AttemptsNo Limit

XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 – Educational Qualification

Candidates who are willing to apply for XAT exam must satisfy the educational qualification required by the organisation. To be eligible for the XAT Exam, candidates should finish your graduation studies. Look at the criteria below for XAT Eligibility in terms of your education. After covering the topics, make sure to practice with the XAT Question Paper.

  1. Basic Requirement: To meet XAT Eligibility, you need to have completed 3 years of Graduation Studies in any discipline from a recognized University. No minimum marks are required.
  2. Final Year Students: If you’re in your final year, you can still apply. But, it’s important to finish your studies by June 2024. You must submit your degree certificate and mark sheet to the exam authority before the admission year ends.
  3. Check XAT Answer Key Details: Make sure to go through all the details related to the XAT Answer Key.
  4. No Attempt Limits: There’s no restriction on the number of attempts as per XAT Eligibility.

XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 – Nationality Requirements

Both Indian and Foreign Nationals can apply for XAT following the official rules. Even NRI candidates are eligible. If NRI or Foreign National candidates have a valid GMAT score, they can apply directly for XLRI Admission. Look into XAT Analysis and start preparing accordingly.

  1. Indian Citizenship: If you are an Indian citizen, you can apply for XAT 2024.
  2. NRI & Foreign Candidates: Even if you are not from India, Non-Resident Indian (NRI) and foreign candidates are allowed to take the XAT Exam.
  3. Foreign Nationals Registration: Foreign nationals can apply for XLRI admissions using their GMAT scores.

XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 – Age Limit

Anyone, regardless of age, can apply for the XAT Exam according to the latest information. There’s no age restriction mentioned in the XAT Eligibility 2024 updates.

  1. No Age Limit: There’s no maximum age specified in the XAT Eligibility.
  2. Open to Graduates and Working Professionals: Whether you’re a recent graduate or a working professional, you can apply for the exam.
  3. Graduation Studies Requirement: Just complete 3 years of graduation studies, and you meet the criteria.
  4. Checking XAT Result: Once the exam is done, candidates need to go online, log in, and download their XAT Result using their login details.

XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 – XLRI Courses Through GMAT

Remember these points to understand the basic details about XAT Eligibility 2024 using GMAT.

  1. GMAT Application Requirement: If you are a Foreign or NRI candidate interested in XLRI courses, use your GMAT scores for the application.
  2. GMAT Score Validity: Your GMAT score should be valid from December 01, 2017, to December 31, 2022.
  3. XAT Registration Needed: Even if you have GMAT scores, complete the XAT Registration process.
  4. Specific Programs for Indian Candidates with GMAT: Indian candidates with GMAT scores can apply specifically for General Management programs at XLRI.

That’s the process – use GMAT scores for XLRI applications, make sure they’re within the valid dates, complete XAT registration, and consider the specific programs available for Indian candidates with GMAT scores.

XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 – NIR/PIO and Foreign Nationals

As per the latest info from XAT Authorities, candidates in certain categories can also apply for XAT 2024. They need to pick either XAT or GMAT to meet the XAT Eligibility for the final selection at XLRI. Keep yourself informed about the current XAT Exam Pattern.

  1. NRI (Non-Resident Indian): A person is considered an NRI if they haven’t lived in India for about 9-10 years and have spent less than 730 days in the country. If you fit this description, you can apply for XAT under the NRI category, according to the official XAT Eligibility.
  2. PIO (Persons of Indian Origin): PIO refers to candidates with foreign citizenship (excluding Pakistan and Bangladesh) who, during the application process and study period, hold a foreign passport. For admission consideration, at least one of their parents or grandparents must have been an Indian citizen under the Constitution of India. Make sure to study all topics in the XAT Syllabus.
  3. FN (Foreign National): If you are a citizen of a foreign country (meaning any country other than India) and don’t fall under NRI or PIO status, you can still apply for the upcoming XAT exam, as stated in the official XAT Eligibility.

XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 – Reservation Policy

According to the official XAT Eligibility updates, XLRI doesn’t offer any special considerations for reserved category candidates. However, individual colleges may have their own rules for reservations, so it’s essential to check before applying.

Moreover, there are no discounts in the XAT application fees for candidates in categories like SC, ST, OBC, and PWD. The fee is the same for all Indian candidates, which is 2000 without a late fee.

XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 – Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is XAT Eligibility?

Ans. According to the latest information from XLRI, XAT Eligibility is the minimum requirement for getting into XLRI and other XAMI Member Colleges nationwide. Candidates should review all the details because XAT Eligibility can differ based on age, nationality, and the courses chosen.

Q2. What are the Important factors of XAT Eligibility 2024 to consider?

Ans. The key factors for XAT Eligibility 2024 include age, educational qualifications, nationality, and the chosen course. Candidates should carefully go through all the details to avoid any miscommunication with the exam authority.

Q3. Is there any reservation policy in XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024?

Ans. As per the official updates from the conducting body, there is no reservation policy in XAT Eligibility Criteria 2024 for any category. The eligibility criteria and application fees are the same for all Indian candidates, regardless of their caste.

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