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SNAP Result 2023 – Symbiosis International (Deemed) University will tell everyone how they did in SNAP 2023 on January 10, 2024. You can find this out on To check your SNAP result and get your SNAP scorecard, you need to use the same ID and password you used when you signed up. The result will available on the SIU official website. In this article, you can find out when the results are coming, how to get your scorecard, what’s on it, the cutoff, and what happens after you know your SNAP exam result.

SNAP Result 2023 – Important Dates

SNAP is a big test that happens once every year, three times in a day. Symbiosis International (Deemed) University does this to let people join MBA programs. Once the test is done, you get your SNAP result in a scorecard. Here are the important dates for SNAP 2023:

EventSNAP Dates
SNAP 2023 examDecember 10, 2023 (Paper 1)December 17, 2023 (Paper 2)December 22, 2023 (Paper 3)
SNAP result date 2023January 10, 2024
SNAP result timeTo be announced

SNAP Result 2023 – How to Download?

After the SNAP test, you can see your result on Symbiosis International (Deemed) University’s official website. If you want to download your SNAP exam result, you need to use your SNAP login. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the official website: Click on and find the “result” tab.
  2. Use your SNAP ID and password: Enter the SNAP ID and password you got during registration.
  3. See your SNAP results: Once you’re logged in, your SNAP 2023 results will show up on the screen.
  4. Download and print: If you want, you can download the result and print it out for your records.

SNAP Result 2023 – Details Mentioned

When you check your SNAP 2023 result, you’ll see more than just your marks. Here’s what you’ll find on your scorecard:

  1. Your Name: It shows your name, so you know it’s your result.
  2. Your Roll Number: This is like your student ID, so they know it’s specifically yours.
  3. Your Signature and Photo: Your picture and signature will be there to make sure it’s really you.
  4. Sectional Marks: You can see how many marks you got in each section.
  5. Overall Score: This is your total score in SNAP 2023.
  6. SNAP Conducting Body Stamp: There will be a stamp from the people who organized the SNAP 2023 exam to confirm everything is official.

SNAP Result 2023 – Scorecard

Once you log in to your dashboard using your SNAP ID and password, look for the SNAP Scorecard and download it as a PDF. After downloading, open the scorecard and if you have a printer, press CTRL+P to print it at home. If you don’t have a printer, save the SNAP scorecard file to a pen drive and get a printout from any computer center.

SNAP Result 2023 – Calculate Scorecard

Symbiosis International (Deemed) University figures out your SNAP score using a specific system. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Total Marks: The whole SNAP 2023 test is out of 60 marks.
  2. Correct Answers: You get one mark for each right answer.
  3. Incorrect Answers: But, for every wrong answer, they take away 0.25 marks.
  4. Adding Up: They add up all your marks from every part of the SNAP 2023 test.
  5. Scaling Down: Then, they adjust the total score to a maximum of 50 for deciding who gets selected.

This way, they calculate and decide the final scores for everyone.

SNAP Result 2023 – What After Result of SNAP 2023?

After the SNAP 2023 results are announced, Symbiosis International (Deemed) University and other colleges involved will make a list of candidates they’ve shortlisted. This list is based on how well candidates did in each section of the SNAP 2023 test. Those selected will then move on to the next stages. The table in the SNAP 2023 result article shows how much each stage counts toward the final decision.

  1. Group Exercise and Personal Interaction (GE-PI):
    • This is where you do activities with a group and have a personal talk with the organizers.
  2. Writing Ability Test (WAT):
    • Here, you write something to show your skills.
  3. Final Selection:
    • After going through GE-PI and WAT, they make the final decision on who gets selected.

SNAP Result 2023 – SNAP Weightage

SNAP 2023 parameters/ roundsTotal Weightage
SNAP result (out of 150, scaled down to 50 marks)50
Group Exercise10
Personal Interaction30
Writing Ability Test10

SNAP Result 2023 – Cut Off

The least marks needed by students to get into colleges accepting SNAP 2023 results are known as the SNAP cutoff. Each college will tell you their own SNAP 2023 cutoff, and it can be different for each category of students. They decide these cutoffs based on how students did in the past years’ SNAP exams.

  1. Available Seats:
    • They look at how many spots are open for new students.
  2. Past Year Trends:
    • They check how high or low the cutoffs were in previous years.
  3. Number of SNAP 2023 Candidates:
    • They consider how many people took the SNAP 2023 test.
  4. Question Paper Difficulty:
    • They think about how hard or easy the SNAP 2023 questions were.

All of these things help them decide what the SNAP cutoffs should be.

SNAP Result 2023 – Final Result

After finishing all the steps, the last SNAP 2023 results will be out. If you pay the fees, you’ll officially get into your chosen college. Remember, once they declare the final result of SNAP 2023, you can’t ask for it to be checked again or changed.

SNAP Result 2023 – Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How can I see my SNAP result?

Ans. If you took the exam, you can find your SNAP 2023 result as a scorecard on January 10 at

Q2. How much does the online test count in the SNAP 2023 selection process?

Ans. According to the rules from SIU for past SNAP exams, the computer-based test holds 50% importance in the whole SNAP 2023 selection process. For all the details, check out this full article on SNAP 2023 results.

Q3. When is the SNAP 2023 exam happening?

Ans. SNAP 2023 is taking place on December 10, 2023 (Paper 1), December 17, 2023 (Paper 2), and December 22, 2023 (Paper 3).

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