SNAP Selection Process

SNAP Selection Process 2023 – Symbiosis International (Deemed) University (SIU), the most important thing is your exam score to get into the MBA courses at . For the batch of 2024-2026, they look at different things like your SNAP 2022 score, how you do in Group Exercise (GE), Personal Interaction (PI), and Writing Ability Test (WAT). They’ll tell you how you did in the SNAP exam in the first week of January 2024, and then the process of shortlisting and selecting students will start in the first week of February 2024.

SNAP Selection Process – Important Dates

Symbiosis International (Deemed) University has various institutes that provide different areas of study for postgraduate courses. Every year, SNAP is held to admit students to MBA programs in these institutes. The dates for SNAP 2023 have been updated by SIU.

SNAP EventSNAP Dates
SNAP 2023 Exam DatesDecember 10, 2023 (Paper 1)December 17, 2023 (Paper 2)December 22, 2023 (Paper 3)
Declaration of SNAP result 2023January 10, 2024
Symbiosis Interview Date/ WATTBA

SNAP Selection Process – Important Dates

The SNAP selection process involves several key stages. Firstly, aspiring candidates need to register for MBA admission on the official institute website. Following this, the institute declares the SNAP 2023 cut-off scores, setting a minimum benchmark for eligibility. Subsequently, a shortlist is released for the Group Exercise-Personal Interview-Writing Ability Test (GE-PI-WAT) rounds. In these rounds, shortlisted candidates participate in group discussions, individual interviews with experts, and essay writing on assigned topics. The final step includes the release of the merit list, which is determined by considering both the SNAP 2023 scores and the performance in the GE-PI-WAT rounds. It is crucial for candidates to actively engage in each stage, as non-participation in any step may impact their chances of securing admission to the MBA program.

  1. Registration for MBA Admission:
    • Candidates must register on the official institute website to apply for MBA admission in 2023.
    • Applying doesn’t guarantee moving to the next selection stages.
  2. SNAP 2023 Cut-off Declaration:
    • Each of the 16 Symbiosis Institutes will announce their cut-off percentiles.
    • Candidates meeting these cut-offs will move on to the next round.
  3. Shortlisting for GE-PI-WAT Rounds:
    • Based on the SNAP 2022 cut-offs, institutes will release a shortlist of candidates.
    • Shortlisted candidates will be eligible for the GE-PI-WAT rounds.
  4. GE-PI-WAT Rounds:
    • Candidates from the shortlist will undergo:
      • Group Exercise (GE): Discussing a given topic in small groups (7-8 candidates).
      • Personal Interview (PI): Individual interviews conducted by a panel of experts.
      • Writing Ability Test (WAT): Candidates receive a topic for essay writing.
  5. Final Merit List:
    • The institute will compile the final merit list considering:
      • SNAP 2023 scores.
      • Scores obtained in the GE-PI-WAT rounds.
  6. Non-Participation Consequences:
    • Candidates who miss any SNAP selection round will not be considered for MBA admission.

SNAP Selection Process – Group Exercise

After SNAP 2023 ends, those who score above a certain minimum are invited to the Group Exercise (GE) round. This step helps evaluate aspirants based on their focus, communication, and leadership skills. In the GE round, a topic is given to a group of aspirants to discuss for 15-20 minutes. First, they have five minutes to read a case study, and then they spend 15 minutes discussing and coming to an agreement. If they do well in the GE, they can move on to the next round, which is the Personal Interview (PI).

SNAP GE Experience

First, everyone is put into groups of 7-8 people. Each group has a leader called a group coordinator. Then, they watch a video for the first group activity. They talk about the video topic for 7 minutes. After that, they take a short 2-minute break, and then they start the second group activity. This helps see how well they work together and discuss things in a group.

SNAP Selection Process – Personal Interaction

The Personal Interview (PI) round is done to check how well candidates talk with others, how confident they are, what they know about things in general, and what kind of person they are. The interviewer might also ask about what candidates wrote in the forms or any other information related to their studies.

SNAP Selection Process – Written Ability Test

The Written Ability Test is a writing skill test where people write a short essay. The aim is to check how well they can share their ideas clearly and in a steady way. Everyone has to write about a certain topic or situation, and they get 25 minutes for it.

SNAP Selection Process – Final Merit List

  1. Final Merit List Release:
    • Each college will release the final merit list in March/April 2023.
    • This list will have the names of all the people who got selected.
  2. Cut-off Information:
    • The website of each institute will show category-wise cut-offs for the Merit List and Waitlist.
  3. Waiting List Release:
    • Whether they release a waiting list depends on how many seats are available at the SNAP institute.
    • This list is made using scores from SNAP and the GE/PIWAT rounds.
  4. Admission Provisional:
    • If you get in, it’s a provisional admission.
    • The final admission happens when you pay the fees by the due date and meet the eligibility conditions for the program.

The table below shows how much importance or “weight” each stage of the SNAP Selection Procedure has when they make the list of who got in.

SNAP Score Group Exercise (GE)Personal Interaction (PI)Writing Ability Test (WAT)Total

SNAP Admission Process – Points to Remember

To get into any PG programs, you have to be present for all parts of GE-PIWAT. Only those who take part in everything will be considered for the merit list. If you miss any part, you won’t be eligible for MBA programs at SIU.

SNAP Admission Process – Cut Off

Only the candidates who pass the main SNAP 2023 score limits can continue to the next steps of getting into SNAP. The SNAP 2023 cutoffs will be out soon from all the institutes. Until then, you can look at the cutoffs from previous years as a guide.

MBA collegeCitySNAP 2023 Expected Cut off percentile for admission 2024
SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management)Pune96-98
SCMHRD (Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development)Pune95-97
SIIB (Symbiosis Institute of International Business)Pune92-94
SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management)Bangalore88-90
Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management (SIOM)Nashik85-87
SICSR(Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research)Pune80-82
SITM (Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management)Pune81-83
SIMS (Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies)Pune75-77
SIMC (Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication)Pune70-72
SCIT (Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology)Pune74-76
SIHS (Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences)Pune55-57
SSMC (Symbiosis School for Media & Communication)Bengaluru72-74
SSBF (Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance)Pune58-60
SSSS (Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences)Pune50-54
SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management)Hyderabad55-57

SNAP Admission Process – Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How many stages are there in the SNAP selection process?

Ans. There are mainly two stages in the SNAP 2023 selection process. The first stage is the SNAP 2023 entrance exam (Round 1), followed by the second stage, which is GE-PI/WAT (Round 2).

Q2. When will the GE-PI/WAT round of SNAP 2023 start?

Ans. The GE-PI/WAT round for the SNAP exam is expected to start in the third week of February 2024.

Q3. Who will release the SNAP merit list?

Ans. Each Symbiosis Institute will release its SNAP merit list based on the marks obtained by candidates in both SNAP 2022 and the GE/PI/WAT rounds.

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