IIM Placements 2023

IIM Placements 2023 – Over 5000 students graduated from 20 IIMs across India. In the official data for IIM 2023 placements, the average salary was Rs 12 lakh, and the highest was Rs 58 lakh. IIMs are among the best management schools, making high placement expectations for IIM students in 2023 completely justified. In this blog we shared complete details about the IIM Placement 2023.

IIM Placements 2023 – IIM MBA Placement 2023

Here’s the process for management students to secure promising MBA placements from their respective IIMs.

  1. CAT Exam: First, students need to take the Common Admission Test (CAT).
  2. CAT Percentile: Based on their CAT exam scores, they should apply to the IIMs that match their CAT score or are on their list of preferred IIMs.
  3. MBA/PGP Program: After completing two years of their MBA/PGP program, students become eligible for the IIM placement process.
  4. Placement Choice: During the IIM placement drive, students can select the job field they are interested in and secure a good placement.

IIM Placements 2023 – Ahmedabad Placement 2023

In the last year’s placement report for IIM Ahmedabad, the highest salary offered to a student was Rs 61.49 lakhs per year in India, while the highest international salary was $140,599. On average, students received Rs 32.8 lakhs per year domestically and $108,405 internationally.

BatchPGP 2023
Number of Recruiters188

Highest package of IIM Ahmedabad
Rs 61.49 LPA
Average domestic salary offeredRs 32.8 LPA
Number of Offers280
Number of International Offers8
Major CohortConsulting
Top RecruiterMckinsey & Co.

IIM Placements 2023 – Lucknow Placement 2023

IIM Lucknow has achieved a 100% placement rate for its PGP batch, securing 632 offers. The placement process saw 71.3% male and 28.7% female candidates, with the highest monthly salary offered being Rs. 1 crore.

ParticularsPlacements Statistics (2021-23)
Number of Recruiters200+
Number of Offers632
Number of Students556
Highest Package (International)Rs 65 LPA
Highest Package (Domestic)Rs 1 CPA
Average PackageRs 32.23 LPA
Median PackageRs 30 LPA
Top 10% Average SalaryRs 49.3 LPA
Top 25% Average SalaryRs 44.3 LPA
Top 50% Average SalaryRs 40.5 LPA
Top RecruitersBarclays,

IIM Placements 2023 – Indore Placement 2023

In 2023, IIM Indore achieved a 100% placement rate for its PGP and IPM batches, consisting of 568 students. The highest annual salary rose by 132% to Rs. 1.14 crore, and the average salary increased by 21% to Rs. 30.21 lakh. A total of 568 students, including those in the 2-year PGP and 5-year IPM programs, received job offers from 160 prominent recruiters in various fields, with consulting being the top recruiting domain, accounting for 29% of offers.

Highest CTC (Domestic)Rs 1.14 Cr PA
Median CTCRs 27.2 LPA
Average CTCRs 30.21 LPA
Average CTC of top 100 studentsRs 52.06 LPA
Offers bagged in top-placed sector29% (Consulting)
Companies visited160
Top recruitersAmazon,

IIM Placements 2023 – Calcutta Placement 2023

In the previous year, IIM Calcutta’s 58th batch achieved a 100% placement rate, with 190 recruiters providing a total of 570 job offers during the placement process.

ParticularsMBA Placement Statistics (2022)MBA Placement Statistics (2023)
Batch size465465
Offers made631573
Placement rate100%100%
Companies visited190+190
New recruitersNA39
Highest international packageNARs 94.82 LPA
Highest domestic packageNARs 1.15 crore per annum
Average packageRs 34.20 LPARs 35.07 LPA
Median packageRs 31.00 LPARs 33.67 LPA

IIM Placements 2023 – Visakhapatnam Placement 2023

IIM Visakhapatnam’s 2023 placements concluded successfully with a 100% placement rate. The average salary increased by 10.29% to Rs 16.61 lakh per year, and the highest salary reached Rs 32.65 lakh per year. Additionally, 17% of students received multiple job offers. IT & Consulting (33%) and BFSI (26%) sectors made the most offers, with Product, Strategy & Consulting roles (25%) being popular. A total of 141 companies participated, including 95 new recruiters, with Amazon, Asian Paints, Deloitte, Adani Group, and Cognizant among the top recruiters.

ParticularsPGP Placement Statistics (2023)
Highest packageRs 32.65 LPA
Average packageRs 16.61 LPA
Median packageRs 16.00 LPA
Placement rate100%
Top recruiting sectorIT & Consulting (33% recruiters)
No. of companies141
New recruiters95

IIM Placements 2023 – Bodhgaya Placement 2023

IIM Bodhgaya’s 2023 placements just wrapped up with a perfect 100% placement rate. The average salary rose by 33% to Rs 16 lakh per year, while the highest salary more than doubled to Rs 48.58 lakh per year. A total of 70 recruiters took part, including top names like Amazon, BNY Mellon, Deloitte, HCL, Infosys, and ICICI Bank. These recruiters came from different sectors like banking, consulting, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), IT services, and analytics.

ParticularsPlacements Statistics 2023
Total No of Students200
Number of Recruiters70
Highest PackageRs 48.58 LPA (Up by 50%)
Average PackageRs 16 LPA (Up by 34%)
Median PackageRs 15.25 LPA (Up by 22%)
Top 25% Students Average PackageRs 21.82 LPA
Top 50% Students Average PackageRs 18.79 LPA
Top 75% Students Average PackageRs 17.08 LPA
Top SectorBFSI
Top RecruitersAxis Bank,
BNY Mellon,
IDBI Bank,
SBI Capital

IIM Placements 2023 – Bangalore Placement 2023

In the 2023 placements for IIM Bangalore’s PGP and PGPBA programs, the average salary was Rs 35.31 lakh per year, and the median was Rs 33.00 lakh per year. They received a total of 606 job offers, including 14 international ones.

BatchPlacement Statistics (2021-23)Placement Statistics (2020-22)
Number of Companies Participated164137+
Students Opted Out12
Number of Offers606662
Number of PPOs Offered291273
Number of PPOs Accepted209181
Lateral Offers Made94180
Number of Lateral Offers Accepted82127
Placement Offers in the Final Week221209
International Offers146
IIM Bangalore Average PackageRs 35.31 LPARs 33.8 LPA
Median SalaryRs 33 LPARs 31.2 LPA
Major SectorManagement ConsultingManagement Consulting
Top RecruitersBCG,
Bain & Company,
Accenture Strategy
Accenture Strategy,

IIM Placements 2023 – Kozhikode Placement 2023

In the 2023 placements at IIM Kozhikode, the highest salary offered was Rs 67.02 lakh per year. For PGP students, the average salary was Rs 31.02 lakh per year, and the median was Rs 27 lakh per year. A total of 123 recruiters, including 36 new ones, participated and made over 500 offers. The consulting industry led the recruitment with 33% of offers, featuring prominent names like Accenture, Deloitte, Tech Mahindra, and Amazon.

ParticularsStatistics (2023)
Highest packageRs 67.02 LPA
Average packageRs 31.02 LPA
Top 5% average packageRs 62.04 LPA
Top 10% average packageRs 55.2 LPA
Median packageRs 27 LPA
Overall recruiters participated123
New recruiters36
Offers made500+
Popular recruitersAccenture,
Tech Mahindra.

IIM Placements 2023 – Ranchi Placement 2023

In IIM Ranchi’s MBA placements for 2023, the highest domestic salary was Rs 67 lakh per year, and the highest international salary was Rs 35.50 lakh per year. On average, students received Rs 17.30 lakh per year. Impressively, 124 companies came to recruit students, and 76 students secured pre-placement offers (PPOs).

Comparing this to 2022, there were notable improvements:

  • The average salary increased by over 7%.
  • The number of recruiters visiting the campus grew by more than 61%.
  • The median salary for MBA graduates increased by over 6%.
Batch size253399
Number of recruiters77124
Number of PPOsNA76
Highest domestic packageRs 32.21 LPARs 35.50 LPA
Highest international packageNARs 67.00 LPA
Average packageRs 16.17 LPARs 17.30 LPA
Median packageRs 15.50 LPARs 16.50 LPA

IIM Placements 2023 – Kashipur Placement 2023

IIM Kashipur has finished its placement process for 2023. The top domestic salary reached Rs 37 lakh per year. About 187 companies participated, offering 340 jobs, of which 319 were accepted. The highest domestic salary for MBA graduates increased by more than 28% compared to the previous year, 2022.

ParticularsPlacements 2023
Number of Recruiters187
Number of Offers340
Number of Students319
Highest Package (International)$ 39,240
Highest Package (Domestic)Rs 37 LPA
Average PackageRs 18.1 LPA
Median PackageRs 17.2 LPA
Top 10% Average SalaryRs 28.5 LPA
Top 20% Average SalaryRs 25.9 LPA
Top 30% Average SalaryRs 24.5 LPA
Top RecruitersAmazon,
Axis Bank,

IIM Placements 2023 – Sambalpur Placement 2023

In IIM Sambalpur’s MBA placements for 2023, the highest domestic salary was Rs 66.41 lakh per year, and for international candidates, it was Rs 64.15 lakh per year. The average salary was Rs 16.63 lakh per year. Notably, the highest domestic salary in 2023 increased by a remarkable 147% compared to 2022. The average MBA package also saw a substantial 26% increase from the previous year, and the median package went up by more than 29% compared to 2022.

ParticularsPlacement Statistics (2023)
Total students167
No. of recruiters130
Placement rate100%
Highest package obtainedRs 64.61 LPA (Domestic)Rs 64.15 LPA (International)
Average packageRs 16.63 LPA
Median packageRs 16.00 LPA
Top recruiting domainSales & Marketing (27% placement rate)
Top recruiting sectorBFSI (30% placement rate)

IIM Placements 2023 – Nagpur Placement 2023

In IIM Nagpur’s MBA placements for 2023, the highest salary offered was Rs 64 lakh per year, and the average salary was Rs 16.74 lakh per year. The Strategy & Consulting sector hired the most students, accounting for 18% of all placements. Top companies like Microsoft, Accenture, and KPMG recruited from the campus. Moreover, IIM Nagpur saw a 10% increase in the average salary and a 9% increase in the median salary compared to the previous year.

ParticularsMBA Placement Data 2023
Total students236
Highest packageRs 64.00 LPA
Average packageRs 16.74 LPA
Top 50% average packageRs 18.91 LPA
Median packageRs 16.85 LPA
Top recruiting domainStrategy & Consulting (18% placement)
Top recruiting sectorITES (33.33% placement)
First-time recruiters19

IIM Placements 2023 – Udaipur Placement 2023

IIM Udaipur achieved a 100% placement rate for 2023, with an average salary increase of 14% to Rs 20.3 lakh per year and the highest salary at Rs 36 lakh per year. 302 students secured placements, and prominent recruiters like Accenture Strategy, Amazon, BCG, and BNY participated. In the 2019-2021 summer internship program, 235 offers were made, including 73 from the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) sector.

ParticularsMBA GSCM Placement Statistics (2023)MBA DEM Placement Statistics (2023)
Highest packageRs 36.83 LPARs 32.21 LPA
Average packageRs 20.37 LPARs 21.29 LPA
Median packageRs 19.00 LPARs 21.00 LPA
Placement rate100%100%
Companies visited1921

IIM Placements 2023 – Shillong Placement 2023

In IIM Shillong’s 2023 PGP placements, the highest salary was Rs 71.30 lakh per year, and the average was Rs 26.96 lakh per year. They had 85 pre-placement offers (PPOs) and visits from 63 companies. In the previous year, for the PGPEx program, the highest and average salaries were Rs 32.20 lakh per year and Rs 21.71 lakh per year, respectively.

ParticularsPGP Placements 2023
Highest packageRs 71.30 LPA
Average packageRs 26.96 LPA
Median packageRs 26.09 LPA
No. of recruiters63
No. of new recruiters26
No. of PPOs85

IIM Placements 2023 – Jammu Placement 2023

The Indian Institute of Management, Jammu, has shared placement information for the 2021-23 batch. They had 126 companies come for placements in 2023, with the highest salary at Rs 64 lakh per year and an average salary of Rs 16.50 lakh per year.

ParticularsMBA Placements 2023
Highest packageRs 64 LPA
Average packageRs 16.50 LPA
Median packageRs 15.25 LPA
Total number of offers257
Total recruiters visited126
Total new recruiters59

IIM Placements 2023 – Sirmaur Placement 2023

IIM Sirmaur’s MBA placements for 2023 have concluded. The highest salary offered was Rs 64 lakh per year, a significant increase from the previous year when it was Rs 26.5 lakh per year. Over 100 companies participated, making over 250 job offers, including 16 international offers from multinational corporations.

ParticularsPlacements 2023
Highest packageRs 64 LPA
Total offers250+
Companies participated100+
Students received international offers16

IIM Placements 2023 – Trichy Placement 2023

In IIM Trichy’s 2023 placements, nearly all participants found jobs, with 172 companies hiring 246 PGDM students and 29 PGPM-HR students. They received 24 PGPM-HR and 266 PGDM offers, with the highest salary at Rs 41.61 LPA and an average of Rs 20.55 LPA. The median salary increased by 22%, and both the average and median salaries grew by 20%. Moreover, the number of pre-placement offers (PPOs) from summer internships increased by 40%. Key recruiters included Accenture, Amazon, Deloitte, Microsoft, and more.

ParticularsPlacement Statistics (2021-23)
Placement Percentage99%
Batch SizePGPM: 246, PGP-HR: 29
Total Recruiters172
Total OffersPGPM: 266, PGP-HR: 24
Increase in PPOs49%
Highest CTCRs 41.61 LPA
Average CTCRs 20.55 LPA
Median CTCRs 19.50 LPA
Major Recruiting DomainFinance
Top RecruitersAccenture,
Avalon Consulting,
Bain & Co.,
BNY Mellon,
Infosys Consulting, etc.

IIM Placements 2023 – Raipur Placement 2023

IIM Raipur has released its placement report for the 2021-2023 academic year. They had 107 companies participating in the recruitment process for 249 students. Notably, 32 of these companies were new recruiters. The highest domestic salary offered was Rs 43.43 LPA.

ParticularsMBA Placement Data (2023)
Highest packageInternational – Rs 67.60 LPADomestic – Rs 43.43 LPA
Average packageRs 21.04 LPA
Median packageRs 20 LPA
Batch size255
Students registered249
Students placed249
Placement rate100%
No. of offers287
Companies visited107 (32 new recruiters)
Top recruiting sectorBFSI (32% placement)
Top recruiting domainSales & Marketing (29% placement)

IIM Placements 2023 – Rohtak Placement 2023

IIM Rohtak shared its final placement statistics for 2021-2023. They had 120+ companies visiting for placements. The highest salary offered was Rs 36 LPA, and the top 10% of students had an average package of Rs 34.68 LPA. The median salary was Rs 17.5 LPA. In terms of sectors, BFSI and Finance were the top choices, offering jobs in areas like Wealth Management, Risk Management, Investment Management, and Relationship Management, making up 45% of the placements.

ParticularsMBA Placement 2023
Average packageRs 18.73 LPA
Top 10% average packageRs 34.68 LPA
Top 25% average packageRs 27.15 LPA
Top 50% average packageRs 22.64 LPA
Highest packageRs 36 LPA
Median packageRs 17.5 LPA
Placement rate100%
Companies participated120+
New companies45+
PPOs received37+

IIM Placements 2023 – Amritsar Placement 2023

IIM Amritsar’s MBA placements for 2023 are done. The median salary was Rs 16 LPA, and the average was Rs 16.51 LPA. Over 120 companies visited the campus, and some well-known first-time recruiters like Godrej & Boyce, McKinsey & Company, and BlackRock participated in the placement drive.

ParticularsIIM Amritsar Placements 2023
Number of Recruiters120+
Number of Offers
Number of PPOs25
Number of Students257
Highest PackageRs 36.25 LPA
Average PackageRs 16.51 LPA
Median PackageRs 16 LPA
Top Quartile Average PackageRs 36.25 LPA
Top 50% Average PackageRs 19.54 LPA
Top DomainsConsulting / Strategy
Top RecruitersAccenture, Adani, Deloitte, Cognizant, KPMG, Yes Bank, Infosys, L&T

IIM Placements 2023 – Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What are the salary packages at IIM Ahmedabad?

Ans. In the previous year’s placement report for IIM Ahmedabad, the highest salary offered was Rs 61.49 LPA, while the average package for domestic roles was Rs 32.8 LPA.

Q2. When does the placement process take place at IIMs?

Ans. Typically, the placement season at IIMs occurs between December and February.

Q3. Which well-known brands participate in the recruitment drive at IIMs?

Leading multinational companies like J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Apple, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, KPMG, HSBC, E & Y, and Accenture actively participate in the placement process.

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