SNAP 2023 Exam Analysis for 22 December 2023 – The SNAP 2023 Test 3 conducted in two sessions on December 22, 2023, from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM and 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Following the successful completion of the exam, a comprehensive analysis has been provided below for both shifts of the Day-3 examination. Our examination of SNAP 2023 reveals that the pattern for Day 3, in both shifts, closely resembled that of Days 1 and 2. Notably, Test 3 was administered in a two-shift format this time. The SNAP analysis for 2023 includes information on the overall difficulty level, section-wise weightage, and recommended attempts for both shifts.

SNAP Exam Analysis 22 December 2023 – Difficulty Level

SectionsTotal number of questionsDifficulty level
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency20Easy to Moderate
General English – Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Ability15Easy
Analytical and Logical Reasoning25Easy

SNAP Exam Analysis 22 December 2023 – Difficulty Level

According to the analysis of SNAP Test 3, it exhibited similarities with SNAP Exam 1 and SNAP Exam 2. The second SNAP test included questions on idioms, phrases, modern verbs, and spelling corrections, mirroring the content of SNAP 2023 Test 1.

SNAP 2023 Test 3 EnglishNumber of questionsLevel of difficulty
Conditional statement1Easy
Correct statement 1Easy
Figure of speech 1Easy
Model filler1Easy
Compound word1Easy
Passive form1Easy
Adverb/Adjective 1Easy
Part of sentence1Easy
  • Total Questions: 15
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • RC Based Questions: Nil
  • Verbal Ability Based Questions: 15
  • Ideal Attempts 13-14 questions with 90% accuracy
  • Expected time to attempt the sections 14-15 minutes.

SNAP Exam Analysis 17 December 2023 – Analytical & Logical Reasoning

The section in SNAP 2023 Exam 2 comprised questions on number series, alphabet series, blood relation, statement, assumption, cause and effect, and critical reasoning, all of which were deemed easy.

SNAP 2023 Test 3 – A-LRNumber of questionsLevel of difficulty
Verbal Reasoning
Statement & Course of Action1Easy
Statement & Assumption2Easy
Passage (Conclusion)1Easy
Statement & Conclusion2Easy
Non-Verbal Reasoning
Analogy (number based)1easy
Word arrangement1easy
Odd one out1easy
Arrangement 4easy
Blood relation2easy
Clock and calendar3easy
Visual reasoning1easy
Binary logic1easy
  • Total Questions: 25 
  • Questions based on Verbal Reasoning: 11-12
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning based questions: 13-14
  • Difficulty level- Moderate with few questions slightly difficult
  • Ideal Attempts- 19-20
  • Expected time to attempt the section: 24-25 minutes

SNAP Exam Analysis 22 December 2023 – Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency

The section featured direct questions covering topics such as height distances, number series, time-speed-distance, logarithm, LCM HCF, ratio, clock, and calendar. Additionally, SNAP Exam 2 included two manageable questions from Data Interpretation (DI).

SNAP 2023 Test 3 – QA, DI-DSNumber of QuestionsLevel of Difficulty
Ratio2Moderate to difficult
Profit & loss2Easy to moderate
LCM & HCF1Easy 
Data Interpretation2Easy
Total20easy to moderate
  • Total Questions-20
  • Mathematics based Questions-18-19
  • Data Interpretation (DI) Questions-1-2
  • Difficulty Level – Moderate but higher than other two sections
  • Ideal Attempts – 14-15 Questions with 90% accuracy
  • Expected time to complete the section – 22-24 minutes

SNAP Exam Analysis 17 December 2023 – Cut off Score Vs Percentile

The correlation between SNAP 2023 scores and percentiles holds substantial importance for securing admissions into Symbiosis University’s MBA Program. Test takers’ total scores in the SNAP Test are transformed into percentiles to formulate the merit list. The following outlines the anticipated score range necessary to achieve the desired percentile.

SNAP Test-2 Score vs Percentile 2023
SNAP total MarksSNAP Percentile

SNAP Exam Analysis 22 December 2023 – Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which section is considered the most challenging in the SNAP exam?

Ans. The Quantitative Aptitude (QA) and Logical Reasoning sections are regarded as the most challenging in the SNAP exam 2023.

Q2. What is the required score to achieve the 99 percentile in the SNAP exam 2023?

Ans. To attain the 99 percentile in the SNAP exam 2023, candidates should aim for a score ranging between 55 and 60 marks.

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