XAT Preparation 2024 – XLRI, Jamshedpur, will be organizing the Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) 2024. XAT stands out distinctly from CAT, being regarded as one of the most challenging management entrance exams, according to experts. The XAT question paper comprises approximately 100 questions covering Quantitative Aptitude & Data Interpretation, English, Decision Making, and General Awareness. Notably, the essay writing component, previously removed, has been reinstated in the XAT syllabus. The exam will now consist of four sections, including the essay section. In this article we have shared tips and strategies for XAT Preparation 2024.

XAT Preparation 2024 -Exam Pattern

In 2024, those in charge of the XAT Exam made a few tweaks. They introduced something new called ‘Mock Keyboard Testing’ in Part B. The General Knowledge (GK) and Essay writing sections shifted to Part C. The number of questions increased to 105 from 101, and the entire exam now lasted for 210 minutes.

SectionSubjectsNumber of QuestionsXAT Exam Time
Part-IDecision Making22175 minutes
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation28
Verbal and Logical Ability26
Part-IIMock Keyboard Testing (new section)5 minutes
Part-IIIGeneral Knowledge2530 minutes
Essay1 (to be answered out of 3)
Total105210 minutes

Note: There is no sectional time limit for Part-1

How to Prepare for XAT 2024?

The XAT 2024 is scheduled for January 7, 2024, leaving only two months for exam preparation. Now is the crucial time to cover the remaining topics in the XAT syllabus and begin practicing mock tests. Successful XAT preparation in 2024 requires a comprehensive approach, encompassing not just syllabus coverage but also dedicated practice and revision. Many of you likely began your preparation earlier, gaining proficiency in important topics.

The XAT 2024 exam is a gateway for admission to XLRI Jamshedpur, XLRI Delhi, and over 1,000 other B-schools across India. To excel in XAT, one needs to master Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Verbal & Logical Ability, General Knowledge, and Decision Making.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses: In XAT preparation the first and foremost thing that can be done is to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the XAT syllabus. Work on the weak points more in the initial days of preparation so that you can score good marks on those topics.

Revise important concepts: Another most useful tip is to revise or brush up on your concepts, it can be mathematical formulas to current affairs to English. All of the sections are important and scoring good in all sections will automatically improve your chances of qualifying for the XAT

Practice mock tests: Regular practice of XAT mock tests as per the latest XAT exam pattern will not only help you in increasing your speed and accuracy but also help you in identifying your strong and weak areas, which can then be worked upon for improvement.

Solve previous year papers: If possible you can also try to solve sample papers from the previous XAT exams. It will help you in knowing the kind of questions that can be expected in the XAT.

XAT Preparation Tips – Section Wise 

XAT preparation consists of careful planning and execution. XAT new exam pattern consists of 4 sections and we are providing you with a separate preparation strategy for each section.

XAT 2024 – Tips for Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning (VALR)

The section of VALR in XAT is tough as compared to other MBA entrance exams. It consists of 26 questions and the primary focus is on reading comprehension. The XAT reading comprehension passages are tough as they are long and information dense, based upon inference.

The other areas that are covered under the VALR section include para jumbles, poem comprehension, critical reasoning, filling in the blanks and correcting the sentence etc.

To master the VALR section candidates need to read extensively. It helps by reducing the time required for RC passages and also helps in preparing for grammar and vocabulary questions in the paper.

XAT RC based passages are mostly from the fields of philosophy, art and culture, psychology and history. It is not fact based therefore the candidate has to inculcate the practice of reading such topics

It is advised not to do speed reading for XAT passages as they are inference based and dense. It is different from the fact-based passages that are provided in other entrance exams. Hence, it is better to read the passage properly to understand it better.

Do not spend too much time in one section as time is the key in XAT. Also, there is negative marking so do not attempt any answer purely based on guess.

Try to complete the VALR section within 50-55 minutes as the Quant and decision making section of XAT also needs to be attended and scored well so as to get a higher percentile.

XAT 2024 – Tips for Decision Making (DM)

The decision making section in XAT is unique to XAT as no other MBA entrance exam has this section. Therefore it is of prime importance in the XAT preparation strategy. XAT paper will consist of 21 questions from this section. The lack of reference makes it a difficult section to navigate.

The questions in this section are mostly based on mathematical decision making or behavioural or situational decision making.

The best tip for XAT decision making section preparation is to solve questions from previous year papers for this section.

While you are solving a question, try to understand the situation from the point of view of each stakeholder involved, this will broaden your perspective and expand your critical analysis skills.

It may happen that in a particular question there will be as such no correct answer, but such a course of action needs to be taken that will be beneficial to all the stakeholders involved.

You may encounter some questions where opinions are presented as facts to indulge you in thinking these are very essential to the question but do not get carried away by facts and always rely on your critical thinking to make a decision.

Do not try to guess your answer without reading the full question as there is negative marking and an incorrect guess can cost you a lot.

XAT 2024 – Tips for Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (QADI)

The section for QADI is the one having the most number of questions and plays a vital role in making it to the XAT merit list. There are 28 questions from this section with unequal distribution in quant and data interpretation. 

The majority of the questions coming in the QADI is from the QA section while around 30% questions are from DI. The DI questions are calculation intensive.

Prepare for the QADI section by practising questions from the topics of Algebra, Geometry, Coordinate geometry, profit and loss, probability, bar graphs, pie charts, simple and compound interest, simplification etc.

Try to practice easy questions first and then ramp up the difficulty level as you gain speed and accuracy.

Practising mock tests for the QADI section is essential to increase your speed and accuracy. It also helps you to identify weak areas that need improvement.

Try and practice more DI questions as these questions require extensive calculation and can be time-consuming.

Make a habit of memorising tables up to 20 and square root values till 100 as these may prove beneficial during the paper.

Do not attempt a question that you are not confident about. It will lead to negative marking and also waste your time. In XAT, time is an important factor.

XAT 2024 – Tips for General Knowledge

The GK section for XAT consists of 25 questions and has a time limit of 15 minutes for attempting the questions. This section is based on Static GK topics such as Indian Constitution, economy, currency, capital, who’s who etc and current affairs like International news, new discoveries, latest schemes, advances in science and technology etc. 

The best tip for XAT preparation for the GK section is to prepare for current affairs and awards, latest developments, full forms, economy, country capital and currency.

Make a habit of reading the daily newspaper as it will help you develop awareness of the latest developments in India and World.

Do not try attempting a question that you are not confident about. Although the GK section has no negative marking and is not considered for final percentile calculation, it is useful in the later processes.

XAT 2024 – Last Week Preparation Tips

  • Do not try to attempt any new topic as it will not be an ideal time to learn new concepts.
  • Revise your concepts and fine tune your plan
  • Go through the shortcuts and formulas so as to be fully confident in attempting the paper
  • Read interviews of previous XAT toppers and gather information about the right approach to solving XAT paper.


XAT is one of the prestigious MBA entrance exams in India and selection in XAT paves way for a good career in management. Therefore, candidates are required to put effort and dedication for excelling in the XAT entrance exam. We hope that this blog helps the candidates in adding value to their XAT preparation.

XAT Preparation 2024 – Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is XAT more challenging than the CAT exam?

Ans. XAT is considered tougher than CAT in certain aspects, mainly due to an additional section on Decision Making. The quantitative aptitude questions in XAT are also known for their difficulty. IIFT is perceived to be on par with CAT in terms of difficulty.

Q2. Can preparation for the CAT exam be sufficient for appearing in the XAT 2024 exam?

Ans. While XAT shares some similarities with CAT, it includes an additional section on Decision Making and general awareness. Candidates who have prepared for CAT can attempt XAT by focusing on these additional sections.

Q3. How to Prepare for XAT in 30 Days?

Ans. For candidates planning to prepare for XAT in one month, it’s crucial to dedicate focused study time to all the chapters. Begin by assessing your current position according to the exam pattern and then identify your strengths and weaknesses in the syllabus. Create notes for essential formulas and topics and use your free time for regular revisions.

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