MAH CET Logical and Abstract Reasoning 2024 Preparation Tips In the MAH CET exam, the Logical Reasoning section is crucial and holds the most importance. It consists of 75 questions covering topics such as arrangement, blood relations, syllogisms, and coding-decoding. In this article we have shared simple tips and tricks for MAH CET Logical and Abstract Reasoning 2024 Preparation.

MAH CET Logical and Abstract Reasoning 2024 Preparation Tips

  • The Logical Reasoning part of MAH CET is considered moderately to highly challenging. Historical patterns show that approximately half of the questions usually focus on the Arrangement topic, covering various types like Linear, Square, Matrix, and Circular arrangements.
  • The main purpose of the MAH CET Logical Reasoning Section is to assess a candidate’s critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • In terms of scoring, the MAH CET 2024 marking scheme is straightforward. Candidates earn 1 mark for each correct answer, and there is no penalty for wrong answers.
  • In addition to Logical Reasoning, the MAH CET Syllabus includes three other sections: Quantitative Aptitude, Abstract Reasoning, and Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension. These sections collectively form the content that candidates need to prepare for the MAH CET exam.

MAH CET Logical and Abstract Reasoning 2024 – Overview

Preparing for the MAH CET Logical Reasoning section in 2024 can be challenging because the questions are both long and confusing. Despite this difficulty, it is a section where you can score well. To do so, you need a solid strategy and plenty of practice. Before you begin preparing for the MAH CET 2024 exam, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the Logical Reasoning pattern. Here are the key details about the MAH CET Logical Reasoning section.

Particulars Details
Mode of MAH CET 2024 examOnline
Marks Allotted75
Number of Questions75
Type of QuestionsMCQs
Marks Awarded+1 for every right answer
Negative MarkingNo
Time Suggested60 minutes
MAH CET 2024 Exam Duration150 minutes

MAH CET Logical and Abstract Reasoning 2024 – Syllabus

Before starting to prepare for the MAH CET 2024 exam, it’s essential for candidates to go through the Logical Reasoning Syllabus. This helps in understanding the exam and planning a preparation strategy.

  1. Objective of Syllabus: The purpose of the MAH CET Syllabus for Logical Reasoning is to assess candidates on their logical analysis and critical thinking skills.
  2. Recognition of Time Challenges: Candidates may discover that specific question types demand more time during their study sessions.
  3. Prioritization for Preparation: To address the time challenge, candidates should prioritize those topics that seem to take longer to solve. This strategic approach aims to improve both speed and accuracy.
  4. Tabulated Syllabus Overview: The syllabus is systematically organized in a tabulated format, providing a clear overview of the topics that candidates need to cover in Logical Reasoning.
MAH CET Logical Reasoning Syllabus
Linear and Circular ArrangementVenn Diagram
Symbol-based ComparisonSeries Completion
Sequential OutputSelection Criteria
Blood RelationsConditional Coding
Direction SenseRanking
Statement-ArgumentQuantitative Reasoning

MAH CET Logical and Abstract Reasoning 2024 Preparation Tips – Topic Wise Weightage

Here is a simple breakdown of the essential topics in the MAH CET Logical Reasoning section. It includes the typical number of questions asked and the difficulty level for each topic.

TopicNo. of QuestionsLevel of Difficulty
Arrangements (Game Changer)25-35 QuestionsModerate-Difficult
Directions5 QuestionsModerate
Blood Relations5 QuestionsModerate
Critical Reasoning15-20 QuestionsModerate-Difficult
Syllogisms5-8 QuestionsModerate
Coding-Decoding2-5 QuestionsEasy-Moderate
Data Sufficiency (Logical Reasoning based)5-8 QuestionsDifficult
Coded Inequality2-5 QuestionsEasy-Moderate
Series 2-5 QuestionsEasy-Moderate

How to Crack MAH CET Logical and Abstract Reasoning 2024?

Here are a few important things to remember as you get ready for the MAH CET 2024 Logical Reasoning section:

  1. Daily Practice:
    • Make it a habit to practice Logical Reasoning daily. Stick to this routine without skipping.
  2. Create a Schedule:
    • Plan a study schedule based on your preferences and stick to it. Consistency is key.
  3. Choose a Reliable Book:
    • Find a good book for Logical Reasoning and stick to it. Avoid using multiple sources to prevent confusion.
  4. Clear Basics First:
    • Before attempting complex problems, ensure a clear understanding of the basics of MAH CET Logical Reasoning.
  5. Discover Shortcuts:
    • Identify shortcuts and simpler methods for specific problem types like arrangements and syllogisms.
  6. Think Before Checking Options:
    • When solving logical reasoning questions, don’t immediately look at the answer options. Ponder the question and consider your answer before checking the choices.
  7. Careful Reading:
    • Read each question attentively. Practice active reading, and answer questions only after thoroughly understanding the question.
  8. Practice Deductive Reasoning:
    • Employ the method of deduction. If the correct answer is elusive or time is running short, eliminate obviously wrong options and choose based on logical conclusions.
  9. Visualization Techniques:
    • Use visualization techniques to conceptualize answers while attempting the papers.
  10. Solve Sample Papers and Mock Tests:
    • Practice with a variety of MAH CET sample papers, mock tests, and practice questions to enhance your preparation.
  11. Join a Study Group:
    • Stay motivated by joining a good study group. Studying with friends is an effective and enjoyable way to learn.

Common Mistakes To Avoid while Attempting MAH CET Logical Reasoning Questions

  1. Avoid Rushing Through Data:
    • Take your time to carefully read the information given in the questions. Solve the puzzle by drawing conclusions. Then, analyze each question based on the obtained data, understanding the question’s requirements, and answering accordingly. Missing even a single point in the data can lead to incorrect conclusions.
  2. Time Management:
    • Limit the time spent on a single question to 35-40 seconds. If a question seems challenging or you’re unable to solve it, move on to the next one. Efficient time management is crucial.
  3. Attention to Important Terms:
    • Pay close attention to important terms while solving questions. In syllogisms, terms like “All, some, none,” “Unless, Not, Never, and Definitely,” and “Only and Only If” are critical. Also, be mindful of negative prefixes like un-, dis-, non-, etc.
  4. Short Tricks for Blood Relations:
    • Familiarize yourself with abbreviations and short tricks for solving questions related to blood relations. Neglecting these can consume valuable time in solving such questions.
  5. Avoid Silly Mistakes:
    • Take care to avoid making silly mistakes, especially when solving questions in a hurry due to time constraints. Accuracy is equally important as the number of attempts, and there’s negative marking for wrong answers. Double-check directions, numbers, and alphabets to minimize errors.

MAH CET Logical and Abstract Reasoning 2024 Preparation Tips – Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Are there any sectional cut-offs in MAH CET that one needs to clear along with the overall cut-off?

Ans. No, there are no sectional cut-offs in MAH CET. Candidates are not required to meet any specific cut-off marks in individual sections; only the overall cut-off is considered. Marks in individual sections are irrelevant.

Q2. How can I prepare for the MAH CET 2024 exam in 30 days?

Ans. While preparing for an exam ideally takes months, if you have 30 days left, you can still make significant progress. Review previous year’s question papers, practice mock tests regularly, and focus on clearing your basics. Consistent practice and strategic revision can help you make the most of the remaining time.

Q3. Is the MAH CET Logical Reasoning section difficult?

Ans. The MAH CET Logical Reasoning section is generally of medium difficulty. Some questions may take a bit longer, so it’s important to manage your time well and avoid spending more than 90 seconds on a single question.

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