How to Read Newspaper for MBA Exam – Candidates preparing for the MBA exam must know that reading Newspaper every day is very important. There are many candidates still confused about how to read a newspaper. Which newspaper to read? How much time to spend reading newspaper? In this article, we have solved all these doubts and discussed the best way to prepare for the MBA exam by reading a newspaper.

Why is Newspaper Reading Important for MBA Exam?

As a candidate preparing for any competitive exam may think why it is important to read newspaper every day. First thing is reading itself is one of the best habit, that too reading newspaper will help you in many ways. Here I have given all the benefits of reading newspaper step by step below.

  1. Current Affairs Knowledge: Newspapers have the latest news about what’s happening in the world. This is vital for the MBA exam because it often includes questions about current events. Knowing about recent developments can help you answer these questions correctly.
  2. General Awareness: MBA exams typically have a section to test your general awareness. Reading newspapers regularly helps you stay informed about various topics, which can boost your performance in this section.
  3. Improves Vocabulary and Reading Skills: Reading newspapers regularly can enhance your vocabulary and reading skills. This can be very useful for understanding and answering the reading comprehension questions in the exam.
  4. Essay Writing: In some MBA entrance exams, you might have to write essays. Reading newspapers can expose you to different writing styles and improve your ability to express your thoughts effectively.
  5. Group Discussions and Interviews: In the MBA admission process, group discussions and interviews are common. Being well-informed through newspaper reading can make you a more confident and knowledgeable participant in these interactions.
  6. Decision-Making Skills: As future business leaders, MBA students need strong decision-making skills. Understanding how current events impact the business world can help you develop this skill.
  7. Critical Thinking: Reading newspapers can also improve your critical thinking abilities. You’ll learn to analyze and evaluate information, which is important in both the exam and your future business career.

What to Read in A Newspaper?

Reading newspaper is an art, but knowing what to read in a newspaper is very important. Newspaper is a source that consist of all the News around the world. So as a candidate preparing for exam you must know which part in the newspaper you must focus on reading.

As an MBA exam preparing candidate you must know the syllabus very well. Understand and analysis what type of questions are asked in the current affairs part. By learning this candidates will know what to read in a newspaper and can eliminate all the other unwanted news. Here I have given few tips that can help you in understanding what tp read and not to read in a newspaper.

  1. Understand Exam Syllabus: First understand, get a clear idea of MBA exam syllabus before starting to preparation. This will help you to read related topics in the newspaper.
  2. Headlines and Front Page: Start with the headlines and front page. This gives you a quick overview of the most important news of the day. Look for topics related to business, economics, politics, and international affairs.
  3. Business Section: The business section of a newspaper is a goldmine for MBA exam preparation. Pay attention to articles about companies, stock markets, economic trends, and business strategies. Try to understand the key concepts and terms used in these articles.
  4. Editorials and Opinions: Editorial pieces offer insights and opinions on important issues. Reading these can help you understand different perspectives on a topic, which is valuable for essay writing and discussions.
  5. International News: MBA exams often have questions about global affairs. Reading about international events can provide you with the knowledge needed to answer these questions.
  6. Economic Indicators: Look for articles or sections that discuss economic indicators like GDP, inflation, and unemployment rates. Understanding these indicators is essential for MBA exams and future business studies.
  7. Interviews and Profiles: Many newspapers feature interviews with business leaders and profiles of successful companies. Reading these can give you real-world examples to refer to in your MBA exam answers.
  8. Editor’s Picks or Recommended Reading: Some newspapers highlight a selection of articles as their top picks. These are often well-researched and insightful pieces, making them great choices for MBA exam preparation.
  9. Avoid Distractions: While reading, try to avoid getting sidetracked by unrelated content, such as entertainment or celebrity news. Focus on the sections that are relevant to business, economics, and current affairs.
  10. Take Notes: As you read, make notes of important information, key facts, and any new terms or concepts you come across. This will help you retain and review the information later.

Top 5 Newspapers for MBA Exam Preparation

The first thing you must do is pick a good source. As there are many newspapers available in the market picking the best is very important. The newspaper you are picking must have all relevant issues, Up to date, Cover national and international news, also must have editorial pages. Here are top 5 newspapers for MBA exam preparation.

  1. The Indian Express: Read it daily, especially the editorial section. It helps with group discussions in the IIM Selection Process.
  2. The Hindu: Great for CAT and other exams. The unbiased news and social topic articles can improve your vocabulary. Also, the crossword section is handy for learning new words.
  3. The Hindustan Times: Useful for CAT aspirants. It keeps you updated on national and international business news, which is important for group discussions and interviews. It also helps improve your reading speed.
  4. Business Standard: Best for business news, stock markets, and economic policies. This knowledge is crucial if you’re aspiring to join top MBA colleges in India.
  5. The Times of India: A well-established newspaper in India. It’s a good choice for competitive exam preparation.

How to Read Newspaper for MBA Preparation – Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How much time should I spend reading the newspaper daily for MBA preparation?

Ans. It’s recommended to spend at least 30 minutes to an hour each day reading newspapers. This allows you to cover important sections and stay updated on current affairs without overwhelming yourself.

Q2. What sections of the newspaper should I focus on for MBA preparation?

Ans. Concentrate on the business section, editorials, international news, and economic indicators. These areas provide valuable information for MBA exams and interviews.

Q3. Which newspapers are the best for MBA preparation?

Ans. Newspapers like “The Hindu,” “The Indian Express,” “The Hindustan Times,” and “Business Standard” are often recommended for MBA aspirants. They offer a mix of business news, editorials, and general awareness.

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