Must Read Non Fiction Books for CAT Preparation – CAT preparation is more than just studying textbooks; it’s about developing a well-rounded mindset. To excel in this competitive exam, you need to hone your analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and broaden your perspective. In this list of top non-fiction books, we’ll introduce you to essential reads that will enrich your CAT preparation journey. These books offer valuable insights, enhancing your knowledge and cognitive skills, setting you on the path to CAT success.

Importance of Reading Non-Fictional Books For CAT Preparation

A lot of folks think non-fiction books are not as fun as exciting fantasy or science fiction tales. Non-fiction can seem a bit slow and doesn’t get much love. But you should give them a chance because they have some great benefits:

  1. Learning About the World: Non-fiction books teach you real things about the world. You learn facts and facts are cool!
  2. Staying Interested: They can be interesting too! Some non-fiction books are like real-life adventures.
  3. Getting Inspired: They can make you feel inspired and motivated to do amazing things.
  4. Reading and Words: Reading non-fiction makes you better at reading and understanding big words.
  5. Discovering New Worlds: You get to learn about different people, their lives, and their cultures. It’s like traveling in your mind!

Must Read Non-Fiction Books During CAT Preparation

This collection includes 15 books grouped into three levels. The first level is for beginners and is easy to understand. The second level is a bit more advanced. The third level includes books that help you grow and learn in many ways.

Level 1 Non- Fiction Books for CAT Preparation
Book NameAuthorGenre
Outliers: The Story of SuccessMalcolm GladwellPsychological non-fiction
The Skies Belong to Us: Love and Terror in the Golden Age of HijackingBrendan I. KoernerBiography, True crime
India UnboundGurcharan DasPolitics, Economy
Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human CadaversMary RoachScience
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a HatOliver SacksNeurology, Psychology
Level 2 Non- Fiction Books for CAT Preparation
Book NameAuthorGenre
The 33 Strategies of WarRobert GreeneBusiness, management, Military history
Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!Richard FeynmanAutobiography, Biography
We Buy: The Science of ShoppingPaco UnderhillBusiness non-fiction
Contagious: Why Things Catch OnJonah BergerBusiness non-fiction
Why Business LegendsGita PiramalBusiness, Biography
Level 3 Non- Fiction Books for CAT Preparation
Book NameAuthorGenre
Breakout Nations: In Pursuit of the next Economic MiraclesRuchir SharmaEconomics
Leaving Microsoft to Change the World: An Entrepreneur’s Odyssey to Educate the World’s ChildrenJohn WoodBusiness, Inspiring
Ballad of the Whiskey RobberJulian RubinsteinBiography, Crime
Liar’s Poker: Rising through the Wreckage on Wall StreetLewis MichaelEconomics
The Idea of IndiaSunil KhilnaniPolitics, Economic

Benefits of Reading Non Fiction Books During CAT Preparation

Non-fiction books help CAT preparation in several ways:

  1. Improving Reading Skills: CAT’s Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) section requires good reading skills. Reading non-fiction regularly enhances your reading ability.
  2. Vocabulary Enhancement: Non-fiction books introduce you to new words, which is helpful for answering vocabulary-based questions in CAT.
  3. Understanding Complex Topics: Many CAT passages are fact-based, and non-fiction readers can better understand and interpret such topics.
  4. Analytical Thinking: Non-fiction often deals with real-world issues, which can improve your critical thinking skills, valuable for CAT.
  5. Broadening Knowledge: Non-fiction books cover a wide range of subjects, increasing your general knowledge that’s handy in CAT.

How to Choose Non Fictional Books for CAT Preparation

  1. Choose the Right Books: Start with books that match your current reading level and gradually move to more challenging ones.
  2. Diversify Your Reading: Explore different topics and genres within non-fiction to broaden your knowledge.
  3. Gradual Complexity: As you become more comfortable, pick books that are a bit more advanced to keep improving.
  4. Stay Consistent: Regular reading is key. Set aside dedicated time for reading every day to build the habit.
  5. Take Notes: While reading, jot down important points, new words, or ideas that stand out to you.
  6. Discuss with Others: Sharing your thoughts and ideas with friends or joining a book club can deepen your understanding.
  7. Reflect on What You Read: After finishing a book, take some time to think about what you’ve learned and how it relates to CAT preparation.

Other Important Non Fictional Books

  1. “Beyond The MBA Hype” by Sameer Kamat: Provides valuable insights into the MBA journey and what to expect.
  2. “The Argumentative Indian” by Amartya Sen: Explores India’s diverse culture and history, enhancing your understanding of social issues.
  3. “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” by C. K. Prahalad: Focuses on innovative business strategies, essential for CAT aspirants interested in management.
  4. “How Much Should a Person Consume?” by Ramachandra Guha: Offers critical perspectives on environmental and social issues, stimulating analytical thinking.

These books cover various themes, helping you develop a well-rounded perspective, a valuable asset for CAT preparation.

Non-Fiction Books Must read For CAT Preparation – Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Why should I read non-fiction books for CAT preparation?

Answer: Reading non-fiction books is beneficial for CAT preparation because they help enhance your critical thinking, analytical skills, and expand your overall perspective. These abilities are valuable in excelling in the CAT exam.

Q2: How can non-fiction books benefit my CAT preparation?

Answer: Non-fiction books benefit your CAT preparation by providing insights into a wide range of subjects, improving your reading comprehension, and deepening your understanding of real-world issues. These skills are essential for success in the CAT exam.

Q3: Are these non-fiction books directly related to the CAT syllabus?

Answer: While these non-fiction books may not be directly related to the CAT syllabus, they play a crucial role in developing skills such as logical reasoning and critical analysis, which are highly advantageous for CAT exam success.

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