Practice Quant Miscellaneous Questions – For SBI Clerk, SBI PO & RBI Asst. Exams

Solve these Quant Miscellaneous Questions in the same time period as that taken by the topper. Miscellaneous Word Problems are commonly asked in the Prelims Phase of various Bank and Government Exams. We have come up with 15 of these questions here in this blog. Give them a try and solve in the minimum time possible for the upcoming SBI Clerk, RBI Assistant, SBI PO and IBPS exams

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Practice Quant Miscellaneous Questions Here

Q.1. Two types of liquids worth Rs. 40 per litre and Rs 60 per litre are mixed with a third liquid in the ratio of 4:3:3 respectively. If the mixture is sold at Rs. 50 per litre, then find the price of third liquid.

(Toppers’ Time: 55 Seconds)

a. 50.33

b. 51.33

c. 52.33

d. 53.33

e. 54.33

Q.2. Jatin’s investment in a partnership was 25% more than Kalam’s investment. But they share an equal amount from profit. How much percentage less is the period of investment of Jatin than Kalam?

(Toppers’ Time: 40 Seconds)

a. 10% 

b. 15%

c. 20%

d. 25%

e. 30%

Q.3. If a shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% on the marked price, he earns a profit of 20% on the cost price. What will be his percentage profit on the cost price, if he allows a discount of 7% on the marked price?

(Toppers’ Time: 52 Seconds)

a. 16%

b. 24%

c. 14%

d. 22%

e. None of these

Q.4. The height of B is 93.75% of that of A and the height of C is 60% of that of D. If the height of C is 80% of that of B, then the height of A is what percentage of that of D?

(Toppers’ Time: 80 Seconds)

a. 60%

b. 75%

c. 80%

d. 90%

e. None of these

Q.5. Kajal, Neha and Parul spend 75%, 70% and 80% of their income respectively. Ratio of saving of Kajal, Neha and Parul are 20:9:8. If their total income is Rs 90,000, then what is the income of Kajal?

(Toppers’ Time: 61 Seconds)

a. Rs. 45000

b. Rs 48000

c. Rs. 44000

d. Rs. 36000

e. None of these

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Q.6. A train crosses a platform in 60 seconds with a speed of 96 km/hr. If the length of the train is 2/3 times that of the platform, then what is the time (in seconds) taken by the train to cross a man, standing on the platform?

(Toppers’ Time: 83 Seconds)

a. 24 seconds

b. 20 seconds

c. 28 seconds

d. 16 seconds

e. None of these

First, try and solve these questions by yourself and then for the approach to solving them and correct answers, watch the video given below:


Q.7. Three persons A, B and C started a business with an initial capital in the ratio of 8:7:9. After 3 years from the start, B adds Rs. 1250 more to his capital. if at the end of 5 years, the ratio of profit share of A, B and C is 8:8:9 respectively, then what is the average of initial capital of all the three persons?

(Toppers’ Time: 42 Seconds)

a. Rs. 4000

b. Rs. 5000

c. Rs. 4500

d. Rs. 3000

e. None of these

Q.8. Price of an item is marked up by 60% over its cost price and that article is sold after applying two successive discounts of 25% and 20% respectively. In this process, there is a loss of Rs. 80. What is the single discount percentage that must be allowed on the item?

(Toppers’ Time: 35 Seconds)

a. 40%

b. 32%

c. 28%

d. 35%

e. None of these

Q.9. There are a total of 40 students in class VI out of which 45% are girls. In Science, the average marks of all students in class VI is 76. If the average marks of all boys of class VI in the same subject are 70, then total marks obtained by all boys together of the same class is approximately what percentage of total marks obtained by all the girls together of the same class?

(Toppers’ Time: 33 Seconds)

a. 87%

b. 93%

c. 97%

d. 100%

e. 103%

Q.10. The ratio of compound interest in 2 years to the simple interest in 3 years on the same Principal at the same rate of interest per annum is 3:4. What is the rate of interest per annum?

(Toppers’ Time: 38 Seconds)

a. 20

b. 10

c. 25

d. 15

e. 30

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Q.11. There are two mixtures P and Q of milk and water, the ratio of milk to water in mixture P and Q is 16:3 and 2:1 respectively. These two mixtures are mixed in the ratio of 19:21 to form mixture R, then what will be the ratio of milk to water in mixture R?

(Toppers’ Time: 33 Seconds)

a. 2:1

b. 3:1

c. 3:2

d. 4:3

e. None of these

Q.12. The present age of A is 37.5% of that of B. After 5 years, B’s age will be 40% more than C’s age at that time. If A’s present age is 6 years, then find the average of the present ages of B and C.

(Toppers’ Time: 31 Seconds)

a. 11 years

b. 12 years

c. 13 years

d. 14 years

e. None of these 

Q.13. Respective ratio of the cost price of the article and the marked price of the article is 47:60. Discount percentage allowed on the marked price is 6%. Find the respective ratio of the cost price and selling price of the article. 

(Toppers’ Time: 45 Seconds)

a. 5:6

b. 4:5

c. 6:7

d. 3:4

e. None of these

Q.14. A fruit seller initially had two varieties of fruits i.e. apples and mangoes. He sold 25% of the apples and 10% of the mangoes to the customer. 50% of the remaining apples to customer B, 60% of remaining mangoes to customer C and now is left with 202.5 Kg of apples and 180 Kg mangoes. Find the initial quantity of apples is what percentage more than the initial quantity of mangoes?

(Toppers’ Time: 29 Seconds)

a. 10%

b. 25%

c. 8%

d. 16%

e. 12%

Q.15. Three containers A, B and C  having mixtures of milk and water in the ratio of 1:15, 3:5 and 5:7 respectively. if the capacities of the container are in the ratio of 5:4:5. Find the ratio of milk and water if the mixtures of all the three containers are mixed?

(Toppers’ Time: 31 Seconds)

First, try and solve these questions by yourself and then for the approach to solving them and correct answers, watch the video given below:


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This was all from us in this blog of Quant Miscellaneous Questions. We hope that you would like it. We will keep coming up with more questions on different topics of the syllabus of SBI Clerk & RBI Assistant Exams. Till then keep visiting Oliveboard.

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