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SSC CGL Inspector: Preventive Officer – Job profile and Salary

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The role of an Inspector (Preventive Officer) is a highly multi-faceted one and comes with many roles and responsibilities. However, in order to get this job, you will have to sit for the SSC CGL examination and get through successfully. That is why make sure that you keep an eye out for the SSC CGL exam notification while you are busy preparing for the examination. Additionally, you will also need to have a clear idea about the job profile and salary structure as well.


Preventive Officer: Job profile 

The job profile of an Inspector (Preventive Officer) will depend on whether he/she has been given a desk job or field job. A detailed description of both the profile is given below-

  1. Field posting

If you have a field job, you will likely be posted in airports and seaports. One of the main responsibilities will be to monitor the timely and proper payment of customs duties. Additionally, you will also have to work towards preventing illegal activities like smuggling of drugs, explosives, gold and other things that have been banned by the Government of India. Another important responsibility of an Inspector (Preventive Officer) is to thoroughly check the ships, cargos, and boats that are coming into the country from other foreign countries. In case he/she comes across any illegal activities and things, they have the power to arrest the guilty people. If they choose to confiscate any items, they have the power to auction those items to the right people.

  1. Desk posting

If you are assigned a desk job, then your responsibilities will be of clerical nature. You will mainly have to carry out normal file work such as filing important official files and documents, prepare reports, monitor and maintain files, correspondence etc. If needed, you will also have to assist your seniors as and when required. One of your most important jobs will be to make sure that all the official documents are in the right place and condition so that they are easily accessible when needed.

Preventive Officer: Salary Structure

The salary structure of an Inspector (Preventive Officer) is as follows-

Monthly Salary INR 40,000
Pay Scale INR 9,300-INR 34,800
Initial Pay INR 9,300
Grade Pay INR 4,600
Total Pay (Pay Scale+ Grade Pay) INR 13,900


Apart from the money that they get as mentioned above, they additionally get the following allowances and incentives-

  • Petrol allowance
  • Limited mobile bill
  • Transport allowance (TA)
  • House rent allowance (HRA) (In case you not given housing quarters)
  • Dearness allowance on total pay above (DA)

Preventive Officer: Career growth

The career growth of an Inspector (Preventive Officer) is one of the best ones when it comes to government jobs. Your career graph will escalate in the given order-

  • Superintendent (Group-B Gazetted Office) (After finishing 8-10 years and qualifying through the departmental examination)
  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Commissioner



If you are looking to sit for the SSC CGL examination, then you will need to study very hard and prepare with a lot of diligence for the upcoming examination. Having all the SSC CGL exam details will further help you to understand the exam better and score high marks.