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Biology MCQs for SSC CGL: Biology is the study of living organisms. It is one of the most important subjects in science. Also, it plays a vital role in competitive exams such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railways etc. In such exams, there are around 6-8 questions that are asked from Biology. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the basic concepts in Biology in order to score more marks and ace the exams.

In this blog, we are providing MCQs from different areas of biology to the students to prepare for the upcoming SSC CGL exam in the year 2022. These same questions are beneficial for other exams like SSC CHSL and Railways.


Biology MCQs

Questions 1-15

1. The study of growing plant without soil in water containing nutrient is known as:

(a) Hypotonics

(b) Hydrotonics

(c) Hydrophonics

(d) Hydrology

Answer: c

2. Which of the following is true about the heart?

(a) Heart circulates blood

(b) Heart supplies oxygen to the blood 

(c) Heart purifies the blood

(d) Heart separates excretory wastes from the blood

Answer: a

3. Which of the following have nucleus?

(a) RBC

(b) WBC

(c) Platelets

(d) None of these

Answer: b

4. Leptospirosis is a disease caused by?

(a) Fungus

(b) Virus

(c) Bacteria

(d) Protozoa

Answer: c

5. Erythrocytes is the other name for?

(a) White blood cells

(b) Platelets

(c) Stem Cells

(d) Red Blood Cells

Answer: d

6. Which of the following is not a fat-soluble vitamin?

(a) Vitamin A

(b) Vitamin B

(c) Vitamin K

(d) Vitamin E

Answer: b

7. The sourness of curd is due to the presence of?

(a) Lactic Acid

(b) Citric Acid

(c) Acetic Acid

(d) Malic Acid

Answer: a

8. The common bread mould fungi is also known as?

(a) Mucor

(b) Neurospora

(c) Rhizopus

(d) Aspergillus

Answer: c

9. The vitamin found in Amla (Gooseberry) is?

(a) Vitamin B

(b) Vitamin D

(c) Vitamin E

(d) Vitamin C

Answer: d

10. Rickets is caused due to deficiency of which vitamin?

(a) Vitamin A

(b) Vitamin D

(c) Vitamin B

(d) Vitamin C

Answer: b

11. The common name for Cyanocobalamin is?

(a) Vitamin A

(b) Vitamin B 2

(c) Vitamin B 12

(d) Vitamin E

Answer: c

12. Which of the following acts both as an exocrine gland and endocrine gland?

(a) Pancreas

(b) Testis

(c) Ovary

(d) Adrenal

Answer: a

13. Deficiency of Vitamin A causes which disease?

(a) Scurvy

(b) Night Blindness

(c) Cancer

(d) Goitre

Answer: b

14. What disease is caused by HIV?

(a) Pancreatitis

(b) Diabetes

(c) Cancer

(d) AIDS

Answer: d

15. Saliva helps in the digestion of

(a) Protein

(b) Fats

(c) Fibre

(d) Starch

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