7 Tips for staying Motivated during SSC CGL Exam preparation

As the day of SSC CGL exam is nearing, the tension and pressure on exam preparation would also be increasing for many if not all the aspirants. An Important component of any Exam preparation is Motivation. If an individual is motivated enough, he or she will find the entire preparation period very enjoyable. On the other hand, if the motivation is lacking the most talented and the intelligent aspirants also find it very difficult to concentrate and get the most out of their exam preparation to achieve success. This blog will give you tips about things to do to stay Motivated during SSC CGL Exam Preparation. If the Exam preparation is a recipe, then Motivation is like Salt in the recipe. As you all are well aware that without salt any recipe is tasteless which means you cannot enjoy it. Enjoying the preparation takes everyone one step closer to success.

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7 Tips for staying motivated during SSC CGL Exam preparation

Read about all the important tips to stay motivated during SSC CGL exam :

Stay Motivated during SSC CGL Exam preparation : Remember why you selected this path

The best motivation for anybody appearing for SSC CGL exam is the feeling of getting into the government services, wearing the uniform “WARDI”. So, if anybody is feeling down on motivation, he or she must ask the questions like “What was the reason for selecting this path”. “What pushed you to pick up this up.” Etc.

Motivated during SSC CGL Exam preparation 1

Stay Motivated during SSC CGL Exam preparation : Visualize yourself after success

You should always visualize your self in the position you wish to be in. It is a proven physchological excercise which would help you stay motivated through out your preparation phase.

Motivated during SSC CGL Exam preparation.

Enjoy the Journey

Look at the preparation period like a journey and enjoy it. This can be done by learning not just for the sake of the exam but with the purpose of acquiring knowledge and wisdom.

Do Exercise and stay fit

Physical and mental exercise is very essential to keep one’s mind and body fresh. This will go a long way in keeping your concentration levels high and in turn, will help you with the motivation aspect.

Motivated during SSC CGL Exam preparation 2

Read and watch Motivational books and videos

During your break timings from studies read a good inspirational book, or watch a motivational video or a movie (Forrest Gump would be my first recommendation)

Motivated during SSC CGL Exam preparation 3

Follow a self-made Time Table

Being disciplined is very essential for SSC CGL preparation and a self-made timetable goes a long way in achieving that. Also, ensure that you have mock tests included in your timetable so that you are aware of your position and that itself could act as a motivation for better performance.

Motivated during SSC CGL Exam preparation 4

Always remember “I Will Win

Write it down on a chart paper and paste in front of your study table. These three words will go long way in keeping you motivated during SSC CGL Exam preparation.

We hope you found the tips for Staying Motivated during SSC CGL Exam preparation helpful and would use them during your SSC CGL preparation.

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All the best for SSC CGL 2022 Exam.

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