Sentence Improvement Questions for SSC CGL

Sentence Improvement Questions for SSC CGL: Sentence Improvement questions are an important part of competitive exams like SSC CGL. It comes under the English language and comprehension section.

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In this blog, we will be discussing questions that have been asked in previous SSC Exams and which will be helpful for the aspirants who are waiting for SSC CGL and other SSC exams like CHSL, etc.

SSC CGL Sentence Improvement Questions

Directions: Improve the bold part of the sentence

1. We has finished our lunch half an hour ago.

a) will have finished

b) had finished

c) finished

d) No improvement

2. Neha was too clever to see through Rohan’s tricks

a) see into Rohan’s tricks

b) see Rohan’s tricks.

c) see at Rohan’s tricks.

d) No improvement

3. No sooner I saw the lizard than I ran away.

a) No sooner I had seen

b) No sooner did I see

c) As soon as I saw

d) No improvement

4. Taj Mahal is a worth seeing monument in Agra.

a) a monument worth seeing

b) one of worth seeing monuments

c) a monument to see its worth

d) No improvement

5. They loaded their ships with spices and silks and returns with the summer monsoon.

a) return

b) returning

c) returned

d) No improvement

6. She is the best and wisest girl in the class

a) a best and a wisest

b) the best and the wisest

c) best and a wisest

d) No improvement

7.  Having had in the USA Embassy for a long time, Mr. Gupta has met many prominent personalities.

a) Had he been

b) He has been

c) Having been

d) No improvement

8.  Ronit did many mischiefs.

a) committed many mischiefs

b) made much mischiefs

c) made many a mischiefs

d) No improvement

9.  The young man was carried by the passionate appeal made by the social worker.

a) got carried away by

b) was carried towards

c) was carried off by

d) No improvement

10. As the financial situation worsened we realized that we were heading toward a disaster.

a) along

b) for

c) into

d) No improvement


1 – b

2 – d

3 – b

4 – a

5 – c

6 – b

7 – c

8 – a

9 – a

10 – b


This blog was all about the topic of Sentence Improvement questions for SSC CGL which will be useful for other competitive exams also. We hope that it will prove beneficial for exam preparation. For more updates, stay connected with Oliveboard.

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