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Spellings in English literature can get rather tricky. Not to mention Middle Ages that used to be much harder. Thanks to the Great Vowel Shift we now spell “Shoppe” as “Shop”, or “Aprille” as “April.” But some of the most commonly misspelled words still carry that old goofiness. Double letters and few exceptions to popular mnemonics add to this difficulty in getting the correct spellings. We have listed some of those words in this article.

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List of Most Common Misspelled Words

Here is the list of most commonly misspelled words. The correct spellings are mentioned in small brackets.

  • absense (absence)
  • adress (address)
  • advise, the verb, is often switched with advice, the noun.
  • alot (a lot)
  • aquit (acquit)
  • arguement (argument)
  • artic (arctic)
  • begining (beginning)
  • beleive (believe)
  • broccolli (broccoli)
  • borough and bureau are confused
  • calender (calendar)
  • comraderie (camaraderie)
  • cieling (ceiling)
  • cemetary (cemetery)
  • changable (changeable)
  • collegue (colleague)
  • consciencious (conscientious)
  • concious (conscious)
  • daquiri (daiquiri)
  • decieve (deceive)
  • definately (definitely)
  • desparate (desperate)
  • disasterous (disastrous)
  • dumbell (dumbbell)
  • embarass (embarrass)
  • enviroment (environment)
  • existance (existence)
  • experiance (experience)
  • facinating (fascinating)
  • Febuary (February)
  • firey (fiery)
  • flourescent (fluorescent)
  • foriegn (foreign)
  • goverment (government)
  • gratefull or greatful (grateful)
  • guarantee
  • harrass (harass)
  • hieght (height)
  • hipocrite (hypocrite)
  • humerous (humorous)
  • innoculate (inoculate)
  • independant (independent)
  • kernal (kernel)
  • liesure (leisure)
  • liason (liaison)
  • libary (library)
  • lisense (license)
  • maintainance (maintenance)
  • medevil or mideval (medieval)
  • millenium (millennium)
  • miniture (miniature)
  • miniscule (minuscule)
  • mischievious (mischievous)
  • mispell (misspell)
  • momento (memento–momento is Spanish for “moment”)
  • misterious (mysterious)
  • neccessary (necessary)
  • nieghbor (neighbor)
  • noticable (noticeable)
  • occassion (occasion)
  • occurence (occurrence)
  • oddyssey (odyssey)
  • peice (piece)
  • playwrite (playwright)
  • preceed (precede)
  • presance (presence)
  • privelege (privilege)
  • prophecy is a noun, while prophesy is a verb.
  • pumkin (pumpkin)
  • rasberry (raspberry)
  • recieve (receive)
  • rtyhm (rhythm)
  • sacriligious (sacrilegious)
  • sience (science)
  • sissors (scissors)
  • seperate (separate)
  • sinserely (sincerely)
  • supercede (supersede)
  • thorough and through are often mixed up
  • truely (truly)
  • untill (until, or till)
  • Wensday (Wednesday)
  • wether (whether)
  • wich (which, or witch)
  • wierd (weird)
  • you’re is often used in place of your

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