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SBI CBO Last Minute Tips: SBI will be conducting the exam for Circle Based Officers (CBO) on the 4th of December 2022. There are a total of 1422 vacancies open. With the exam this close, we will provide a few general last-minute tips to make sure that you feel zero pre-exam jitters. So here are some SBI CBO Last-Minute Tips.

SBO CBO Last Minute Tips

With the SBI CBO 2022 exam in a few days, candidates must be wrapping up their preparation and nervous about the exam. If your preparation is solid, you don’t need to worry, but here are a few tips that will help you distress before your D-Day.

1. Revision

Make sure to revise as much as possible. Especially with the objective exam. For banking awareness and general knowledge, revise the important dates, appointments, and events. You can have a list of information you have difficulty remembering so you can revise it whenever possible. Do not try to learn anything new as it may confuse and panic you. For English, keep reading and finding new words. Increase your speed and comprehension. For computer aptitude, make sure you have written important definitions and concepts for quick reference. Read up on topics for descriptive writing too!

2. Proper Routine and Nutrition

It is important to maintain a proper routine. A planned and well-balanced schedule helps make exam preparation and last-minute revision a lot more comfortable and easy. Dividing time between different types of questions and between the two languages helps in providing variety and reduces monotony.

It is also important to keep a strict and well-balanced diet. Leafy vegetables, carbohydrates, ample intake of water, and control of oily and rich food and dessert will help keep your mind sharp for focusing and learning. Make sure to avoid food that makes you heavy or sleepy and make sure to avoid overeating.

3. Physical and Mental Health

It is necessary to keep the body active as you prepare for any exam. For SBI CBO 2022, you have to retain information on language and grammar for two different languages. The best way to relax and sharpen your brain is to have a session of exercise incorporated into your schedule. This will not only reduce stress but also refresh the body and mind and improve sleep.

4. Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

Stress, tension, anxiety, and low confidence- all are common before a big exam. Competitive exams are especially stressful. However, it is essential to make sure not to let it overwhelm you. The best way is to revise only in short durations and not to revise the whole syllabus repeatedly. This way you can efficiently focus on revising that which you are unsure about. So following the given SBI CBO last-minute tips will go a long way in helping ease your mind and keep you on track for the exam.

Make use of stress-relieving methods which work for you, like reading books, listening to music, walking, etc. Try and avoid too much use of technology.

5.   Sleep Pattern

Sufficient sleep is vital in the days leading up to the exam. Light dinner and exercise in the day will help you enjoy undisturbed sleep. The brain requires sufficient rest to work optimally in a high-tension situation like a competitive exam, for which enough sleep is vital. 

SBI CBO Last Minute Tips – The Day of the Exam

Make sure to rise early and have a light breakfast. Arrive at the center early to prevent panic. Make sure to have packed all the necessary materials for the exam beforehand. Only revise if absolutely necessary, too much may lead to confusion and anxiety.

The SBI CBO 2022 exam can be cleared with the right planning, preparation, and practice. These SBI CBO 2022 last-minute tips will make sure your hard work and dedication pay off!

This is all from our side in this blog SBI CBO preparation. Best of luck!

SBI CBO Last Minute Tips: Frequently Asked Questions

When will the SBI CBO Exam start?

Tentatively, there are two shifts for SBI CBO. The first shift would start at 8:30 AM and the second shift at 1 PM.

How many shifts will SBI CBO have?

SBI CBO will tentatively have 2 shifts.

When will the SBI CBO exam be held?

The SBI CBO exam will be held on the 4th of December 2022.


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