10 Tips to Prepare for Bank Exams using your Mobile Phone

Bank jobs are one of the most sought-after jobs in India owing to the various benefits a bank job offers. IBPS PO and IBPS clerk are around the corner and candidates opting for these exams are trying their best to prepare. Today’s is the era of mobile and internet. People can use this as a medium for education. Amidst the hectic life, learning using a mobile phone is not just effective but at times the only option. Push notifications, mobile feed and messages are the best way to keep yourself up to date. Therefore, we bring to you 10 tips to prepare for bank exams using your mobile phone with the best bank exam preparation app. This article will be also useful for the working professionals looking for a bank job as they have less time to dedicate for exam preparation.

Prepare for Bank Exams using your Mobile Phone

  1. Best News Apps

One of the best ways to improve your general knowledge is by reading newspaper every day. You need to stay aware of the current affairs. There are various news apps available including Hindustan Times, The Hindu etc. that you can download on your phone for the news update on the go.

  1. Ebooks

Ebooks are study materials that you can refer to anytime through your phone. You also get exam specific guide available online that you can access from your phone.

Download the below banking exam prep books for free.

  1. YouTube Channel

This channel can be used effectively for bank exam preparation. Gone are the days, when YouTube was considered as a channel for entertainment. These days, exam prep videos, problem solving videos etc. work really well among exam aspirants. Download the YouTube app and You can subscribe to Oliveboard’s YouTube channel and get GK digest daily, best Exam tips from toppers, Problem solving videos and much more.

  1. Mock Tests

Online mock tests are the best way to prepare for an exam and evaluate your progress. These tests are available on mobile app as well. You can download Oliveboard’s mobile app and access best online mock tests for IBPS and other bank exams. You can also avail free tests through our top app.

Oliveboard mobile app not just let you practice tests but also help you with regular push notifications, 3 daily tests on English, Quant and Reasoning and also provide analytics. You can practice and evaluate your performance.

  1. Live Sessions

Live Sessions are another source of exam preparation that have evolved in the recent years. You can attend live sessions through your Facebook or YouTube app anytime during the day. We conduct live sessions both in our Facebook and YouTube channel with toppers and subject matter experts.

  1. Reasoning Apps

There are free reasoning apps available that includes frequently asked reasoning questions. You can practice these questions and improve your reasoning score. Few examples would be Logical Reasoning, Aptitude Reasoning, Reasoning etc.

  1. Phone Dictionary

English is one of the sections in all the bank exams. A dictionary app comes as handy for vocabulary learning. As it is on your phone, every time you come across a new work, you can check the meaning immediately.

  1. Puzzle Games

There are huge number of puzzle games like Logical Reasoning Puzzles available for phones. Few games are designed to improve one’s logical reasoning ability along with the fun factor. Download such games from playstore or appstore and enjoy learning with fun.

  1. Discussion Forums and Study Groups

Study groups and forums are another effective mode of exam preparation. Specially for bank exams, that is constantly evolving every year, interactive sessions are helpful. Besides, people tend to remember better when they study in groups. Discussion forum is a platform where you can ask any question related to a section or topic and get answers from peers.

  1. Quora

Quora is a question answer platform that can be used smartly for exam preparation. There are many exam toppers and experts who constantly answers questions on Quora related to exam pattern, syllabus, problems and more. Follow Oliveboard and other experts on Quora and get access to informative content through your phone.

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Here are 10 effective ways of using your mobile phone for the upcoming bank exam preparation. Now, prepare on your move!

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All the best!


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