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Clerk Cracker Plus for IBPS Clerk Main Exam – Day 1 Free

IBPS Clerk Main Exam Day 1 Free

The Clerk Cracker Plus is the Most Comprehensive Online Course for the IBPS Clerk Main Exam preparation currently available out there. The best of faculties and excellent course plan, It will increase the chances of thousands of candidates appearing for the IBPS Clerk Main Exam by manifold.

IBPS Clerk Main Exam – Clerk Cracker Plus

The Clerk Cracker plus course for the IBPS Clerk Main Exam is scheduled to start from tomorrow – 27 December 2018. The course is going to run till 18th Jan 2019. To make our students aware about the quality of our faculties and teaching techniques we are going the start the course by providing all our classes and session on Day 1 for FREE. 

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The clerk cracker plus is the best online course for IBPS Clerk Main Exam because of its awesome features. We are listing them down for you here -:

  • Daily LIVE Classes By The BEST Faculty  (70+ Hours): These are designed especially for the mains level.
  • Daily 1 Hour Faculty-led Practice Sessions: Structured daily live practice sessions with the faculty.
  • One-on-one Video Doubt Clearing Sessions With Faculty: Yes, in this course you will get individual attention. As a part of the course, you will be able to directly reach out to the faculty for addressing your queries in allotted ONE-on-ONE sessions.
  • 10 Mock Tests for Clerk Mains With Expert Analysis: No preparation is complete without taking mock tests and analyzing them. Hence, the package also includes 10 high-quality mock tests for IBPS clerk mains.
  • Access to Clerk Cracker Classes
  • Early access to OliveBoard Bolt for Current Affairs, Economy and Banking
  • 20+ Comprehensive e-books on Banking Awareness and Static GK

You can read about the Clerk Cracker Plus in detail here

Therefore, just to re-confirm, all above-mentioned features given above would be available for FREE on Day 1 of the Clerk Cracker Plus course for IBPS Clerk Main Exam. You will just have to register for the course. So hurry up and Enroll now to not miss out on this excellent opportunity of getting the best online course for the IBPS Clerk Main Exam for FREE.

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The Quality of our Faculties and Learning techniques have been proven by the immense success of our IBPS Clerk Cracker course for the Prelims Exam. you can read about the feedback for that course here. To understand why you should be taking an online course for your IBPS Clerk Main Exam, read our blog on Benefits of Online Learning.

That all from us in this blog. We hope you like reading it and found the information provided above useful. So Hurry up. Register for the Clerk Cracker Plus Course for IBPS Clerk Main Exam. We will be waiting for you in the Class. All the best for your Exam preparation

IBPS Clerk Main Exam online course clerk cracker plus

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