100 Practice Questions for South Indian Bank PO and Clerk Exam- General Awareness

The SIB PO & Clerk Prelims exam is going to be conducted on 14th February 2022. With only a few days until the Online Test begins, here are some last-minute practice questions to help you practice. In this blog, we provide you with Practice Questions for South Indian Bank PO and Clerk Exam- General Awareness.

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Attempt a Free SIB PO Mock Test Here

Attempt A Free SIB Clerk Mock Test Here

Practice Questions for South Indian Bank PO and Clerk Exam- General Awareness | Sneak Peek

  1. Recently, which of the following has approved the acquisition of shareholding in Air India by Tata Sons?
  1. Competition Commission of India
  2. Ministry of Finance
  3. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  4. Ministry of Civil Aviation
  5. Confederation of Indian Industry

2. Harjinder Singh has been appointed as the Chef de Mission of India’s contingent for the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. He is the general secretary of:-

  1. Ice Hockey Association of India
  2. Figure Skating Association of India
  3. Freestyle Skiing Association of India
  4. Snowboard Association of India
  5. Speed Skating Association of India

3. Who among the following has recently been appointed as a member of the Badminton World Federation Athletes’ Commission till 2025?

  1. Robin Polii
  2. Kim Wang
  3. PV Sindhu
  4. All of them
  5. Greysia Tabeling

4. CSC has recently tied up with Infosys to empower students in the age group of 10-22 yrs with digital skills through Infosys Springboard. Common Services Centres is the special purpose vehicle belongs to which ministry?

  1. Ministry of Communications
  2. Ministry of Electronics & IT
  3. Ministry of Science and Technology
  4. Ministry of Home Affairs
  5. Ministry of Education

5. Which state has topped in the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana list with the highest number of bank accounts?

  1. Bihar
  2. Odisha
  3. Assam
  4. Tripura
  5. Uttar Pradesh

6. Senior Indian diplomat Pradeep Kumar Rawat has been appointed as India’s next Ambassador of ________.

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. Thailand
  4. Myanmar
  5. Russia

7. Which is the highest-ranked state-owned Indian PSU (that ranked 13) on the Wizikey’s News Score 2021 list?

  1. NTPC
  2. ONGC
  3. BHEL

8. Who has recently inaugurated the good governance week campaign ‘Prashasan Gaon Ki Aur’?

  1. Giriraj Singh
  2. Jitendra Singh
  3. Jyotiraditya Scindia
  4. Ramchandra Prasad Singh
  5. Pashupati Kumar Paras

9. Who has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the BrahMos Aerospace Limited?

  1. B P Sharma
  2. Atul Dinkar Rane
  3. Prasiddhi Menon
  4. Puja Ghimire
  5. Manisha Dhingra

10. Which state will launch the ‘Free Smartphone Yojana to dole out 1 lakh smartphones?

  1. Gujarat
  2. Bihar
  3. Uttar Pradesh
  4. Kerala
  5. Karnataka

Answer keys

1. 1        2. 1        3. 3        4. 2        5. 5        6. 1        7. 1  8. 2                9. 2        10. 3

Attempt a Free SIB PO Mock Test Here

11. Which of the following is NOT true with respect to Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana?

I. Ujjwala 2.0 will provide one crore LPG connections to low-income families who were included in the first phase of the scheme.

II.The Ujjwala 2.0 will be launched in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh.

III. Ujjwala Yojana was launched by PM Modi on May 1st, 2016

  1. Only I
  2. Only I and III
  3. Both II and III
  4. All I, II and III are true
  5. None of the above

12. Which of the following Tata Group company is in talks with Telesat to sign a pact for launching fast satellite broadband services in India?

  1. Tata Consultancy Services
  2. Titan
  3. Nelco
  4. Larsen and Toubro
  5. Tata Motors

13. Which country has granted a patent relating to a “food container based on fractal geometry” to an AI system called DABUS?

  1. South Korea
  2. Japan
  3. China
  4. France
  5. South Africa

14. Which social media platform is launching a one-year joint initiative with UNICEF India for child welfare?

  1. Twitter
  2. Koo
  3. Facebook
  4. Google
  5. LinkedIn

15. The 28th ASEAN Regional Forum Ministerial Meeting was held under the chairmanship of which country?

  1. Israel
  2. Russia
  3. France
  4. Brunei
  5. India

16. Who is the first woman director of the Zoological Survey of India?

  1. Dhriti Banerjee
  2. Anjum Ghosh
  3. Rekha Sharma
  4. Mamata Banerjee
  5. Seema Kaur

17. Which among the following organization has announced 7th August as National Javelin Throw Day?

  1. United Nations
  2. Indian Olympics Association
  3. Federation of Javelin Throw
  4. Sports Association of India
  5. Athletics Federation of India

18. Who is the author of the book ‘Balakot Air Strike: How India Avenged Pulwama’?

  1. Manu Dey
  2. Manan Bhatt
  3. Vivek Agnihotri
  4. Anupam Kher
  5. Ranjit Singh

19. Who among the following is the captain of the Indian women’s Hockey team and has also received Khel Ratna Award?

  1. Savita Punia
  2. Rani Rampal
  3. Neha Goyal
  4. Deep Grace Ekka
  5. Nikki Pradhan

20. ONGC supported ‘Ujjwal Abahan’ project is related to 

  1. Cheaper Oil
  2. Handicrafts
  3. Education of Youth
  4. Women empowerment
  5. Wastewater treatment

Answer keys

11. 1     12. 3     13. 5     14. 3     15. 4     16. 1     17. 5 18. 2    19. 2     20. 2

Attempt A Free SIB Clerk Mock Test Here

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