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Haryana Police Constable Syllabus 2024

The Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) has been released the Haryana Constable syllabus 2024 for the released Haryana Police Constable Recruitment of 6000 vacancies. The Online Application Process Haryana Police Constable Vacancy has been started from 20th February 2024 and the last date to submit application is on 21st March 2024.

Haryana Police Syllabus 2024

To prepare for the Haryana Police Constable written exam, candidates should go through the most recent Haryana Police Constable Syllabus and Exam Pattern provided by HSSC. The syllabus for the Haryana Police Constable Exam in 2024 covers subjects like General Awareness, General Studies, Haryana General Knowledge, Reasoning, Mathematics, Computer Knowledge, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and General Science. The exam pattern consists of 100 questions, with a total score of 94.5 marks. Continue reading the article for more information on the HSSC Police Constable Syllabus and exam pattern for the 6000 vacancies that have been announced.

Haryana Police Constable Syllabus 2024 – Overview

The Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) has been released the Haryana Police Constable Recruitment 2024 for the recruitment of 6000 Constable. The selection process involves a series of steps, including Common Entrance Test (CET), Physical Efficiency Test (PET), Physical Standard Test (PST), a Written Test, and Document Verification. The offline written exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, and the total marks for the test are 94.5. Candidates will have 105 minutes to complete the exam.

Exam NameHaryana Police Constable Recruitment 2024
Post NameConstable
Selection ProcessCET, PET, PST, Written Test, Document Verification
Total Marks94.5 marks
No. of Questions100
Exam Time105 Minutes
Question TypeMCQ Type
HSSC Official Websitehssc.gov.in

Haryana Police Constable Exam Syllabus

Candidates applying for the Haryana Police Constable should be aware of the syllabus, covering subjects like General Awareness, General Studies, Science, GK of India, Haryana, and the World, Computer Knowledge, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Reasoning, and Maths. The total marks for the offline based knowledge test is 94.5. The detailed topics to prepare for the Haryana Police Constable Written Exam is provided below.

Haryana Police Constable Syllabus For General Awareness, General Studies, GK of Haryana

Topics to be CoveredDetails
Current EventsStay updated on ongoing events, both national and international.
National and International Events, Conferences, Summits, VisitsKnowledge about significant gatherings and diplomatic engagements.
Books and AuthorsFamiliarity with literary works and their creators.
SportsAwareness of sporting events, achievements, and athletes.
DiscoveriesKnowledge of recent discoveries in various fields.
Capitals and CurrenciesRecognition of world capitals and currencies.
Awards and RecognitionsUnderstanding prestigious awards and recipients.
Important Dates and EventsMemorization of crucial dates and historical events.
Cultural EventsAwareness of cultural festivals and events.
Economy NewsStay informed about economic developments and news.
Government SchemesKnowledge of various government initiatives and programs.
State NewsAwareness of current affairs within the state.
ObituariesRecognition of notable people who have passed away.
Indian PolityUnderstanding the political structure and processes in India.
HistoryKnowledge of historical events and periods.
Geography of India and the WorldFamiliarity with geographical features and locations globally.
Art & CultureAwareness of artistic and cultural heritage.
Indian National MovementsUnderstanding the key movements in India’s struggle for independence.
History & Geography of HaryanaIn-depth knowledge about the history and geography of the state.
Economy & People of HaryanaUnderstanding the economic landscape and demographics of Haryana.
Social & Cultural Institutions of HaryanaKnowledge of institutions contributing to the state’s social and cultural development.
Language of HaryanaAwareness of the language spoken in Haryana.
National and International Events (additional category)Stay informed about significant events globally.
Indian EconomyUnderstanding the economic aspects of the country.
Five Year PlanKnowledge about the country’s planned economic strategies for a five-year period.

Haryana Police Constable Syllabus For Reasoning

Topics to be CoveredDetails
Alphanumeric & Number SeriesAbility to recognize patterns and sequences involving letters and numbers.
Alphabet PuzzlesSolving puzzles related to the arrangement and manipulation of alphabets.
ClassificationCategorizing items based on common features or characteristics.
AnalogiesRecognizing relationships and similarities between different sets of words or concepts.
Coding & DecodingUnderstanding and decoding patterns of letters or symbols according to a specific rule.
Test of DirectionAbility to interpret and follow directions accurately.
Test of Blood RelationUnderstanding familial relationships and solving related problems.
Sentence & Word ArrangementArranging words and sentences in a logical and meaningful order.
Symbol & NotationInterpretation of symbols and notations to solve problems.
SyllogismDeductive reasoning involving drawing conclusions from given statements.
Venn DiagramAnalyzing relationships and commonalities between different sets using Venn diagrams.
Input and OutputUnderstanding and solving problems related to input and output of data.
PatternRecognition of patterns and sequences in various formats.
Verbal and Non-Verbal ReasoningAnalyzing and solving problems based on both verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
Data SufficiencyAssessing whether given data is sufficient to answer a particular question.
Decision MakingMaking decisions based on provided information and conditions.
Statement & ConclusionEvaluating statements and drawing logical conclusions.
Problem-SolvingApplying logical reasoning to solve problems efficiently.
MiscellaneousVarious miscellaneous topics involving logical reasoning.

HSSC Police Constable Syllabus For Maths

Topics to be CoveredDetails
LCM & HCFUnderstanding and calculating the Least Common Multiple and Highest Common Factor of numbers.
Number SystemKnowledge and application of the properties and operations within the number system.
AverageCalculating and interpreting the average of a set of numbers.
Time & DistanceSolving problems related to the time taken to cover a particular distance at a given speed.
FractionsUnderstanding and working with fractional numbers.
DecimalsPerforming operations and solving problems involving decimal numbers.
Simple & Compound InterestCalculating interest based on different formulas and scenarios.
Ratio & ProportionSolving problems related to the comparison of quantities using ratios and proportions.
PercentageCalculating and interpreting percentages of a given quantity.
SimplificationSimplifying complex mathematical expressions and equations.
Area & VolumeCalculating the area and volume of geometric shapes and figures.
Profit, Loss & DiscountSolving problems related to profit, loss, and discount in various scenarios.
MensurationUnderstanding and calculating measurements related to geometric shapes.
Time & WorkSolving problems related to the time taken to complete a certain amount of work.
PartnershipUnderstanding and solving problems related to partnerships and joint ventures.
GeometryKnowledge and application of geometric principles and the properties of shapes.

Haryana Police Constable Syllabus For Computer Knowledge

Topics to be CoveredDetails
Basics of ComputerUnderstanding fundamental concepts related to computer hardware and software.
Excel, Powerpoint, MS WordProficiency in using Microsoft Office applications for spreadsheet, presentation, and word processing tasks.
Microsoft OfficeFamiliarity with various tools and applications within the Microsoft Office suite.
Hardware & SoftwareKnowledge of computer hardware components and software programs.
InternetUnderstanding basic internet concepts, browsing, and online communication.
ProgrammingBasic understanding of programming concepts and languages.
History of Computer & Its Role in the Modern WorldKnowledge of the historical development and significance of computers in the modern world.
Information TechnologyUnderstanding the application of technology to manage and process information.
Applications & Utilities of Computers in Multiple FieldsKnowledge of how computers are used in various fields and industries.
Networking & Web TechnologiesUnderstanding computer networks and web-related technologies.
Data CommunicationKnowledge of the transmission and reception of data between computers.
Computer VirusAwareness of computer viruses, malware, and methods of protection.
MiscellaneousVarious additional topics related to computer knowledge.

Haryana Police Constable Syllabus For Agriculture

Topics to be CoveredDetails
SoilUnderstanding soil composition, types, and properties.
Fundamentals of AgricultureBasic principles and concepts in the field of agriculture.
Cropping PatternKnowledge of different cropping patterns and their significance.
Farm Production and ManagementUnderstanding farm production practices and efficient management.
Production & Consumption of Fruits, VegetablesKnowledge about the production and consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Soil FertilityUnderstanding factors influencing soil fertility and methods of enhancement.
HorticultureBasic principles and practices of horticulture.
Types of AgricultureDifferent types of agricultural practices and their characteristics.
Irrigation & DamageMethods of irrigation and protection against damage.
PlantationPractices related to the establishment and maintenance of plantations.
Types of PlantationDifferent types of plantations and their management.
AfforestationThe process of establishing a forest or stand of trees in an area where there was no forest.
DeforestationThe clearing, destroying, or removal of forests.
Weed/Pest ControlMethods and strategies for controlling weeds and pests in agriculture.

HSSC Police Constable Syllabus For Animal Husbandry

Topics to be CoveredDetails
Animal Nutrition and Its ImportanceUnderstanding the nutritional needs of animals and the importance of proper nutrition.
Symptoms and Disease in AnimalRecognition of symptoms and diseases affecting animals.
Animal PhysiologyStudy of the physical and chemical processes in animals.
Animal BreedKnowledge about different breeds of animals and their characteristics.
Production & Management of LivestockPractices related to the production and management of livestock.
HealthcareUnderstanding healthcare practices for animals, including vaccinations and treatments.
Ethics & JurisprudenceKnowledge of ethical considerations and legal aspects related to animal husbandry.
Welfare of AnimalsAwareness and practices promoting the well-being of animals.

Haryana Police Constable Syllabus For General Science

Topics to be CoveredDetails
Scientific Methodology – Concepts, Principles & TechniquesUnderstanding the scientific approach, concepts, principles, and research techniques.
PhysicsBasic principles and laws of physics.
ChemistryFundamental concepts and principles of chemistry.
BiologyBasic knowledge of biological sciences.
New Discoveries and InventionsAwareness of recent discoveries and inventions in various scientific fields.
Spacecraft and space launchesKnowledge of spacecraft and recent space launches.
Space ScienceUnderstanding concepts related to space and celestial bodies.
Environmental ScienceBasic principles and concepts in environmental science.
TechnologiesAwareness of recent and emerging technologies in various scientific domains.

Haryana Police Constable Physical Measurement Standards

The table below presents the specific physical standards for candidates aspiring to join the Haryana Police Constable, categorized by gender and reservation status, including height and chest requirements.

Male (UR)170 cm83 cm with 4 cm expansion
Male (Unreserved)168 cm81 cm with 4 cm expansion
Female (UR)158 cmN/A
Female (Unreserved)156 cmN/A
  • Measurement Devices:
    • Utilizes standard digital measurement devices for precision and transparency.
  • Result Publication:
    • Results are promptly posted on the official website of the Haryana Staff Selection Commission.
  • Elimination Criteria:
    • Candidates not meeting PMT standards face elimination from the selection process.
  • Advancement Criteria:
    • Only candidates meeting PMT standards proceed to subsequent stages of the selection process.

Haryana Police Constable PST Exam Pattern

Candidates who pass the Physical Measurement Test will proceed to the Physical Screening Test (PST) to assess their physical fitness and endurance. The standards for this test are as follows:

CandidateRace DistanceQualifying Time
Male2.5 Kilometers12 Minutes
Female1.0 Kilometer6 Minutes
Ex-Serviceman1.0 Kilometer5 Minutes
  • Test Reliability Assurance:
    • RFID or advanced technology may be employed for test reliability, determined by the Haryana Staff Selection Commission.
  • Candidate’s Medical Fitness:
    • Candidates must ensure their medical fitness for the test.
    • Failure to meet the specified Physical Screening Test standards will result in elimination from the selection process.
  • Result Display:
    • The Haryana Staff Selection Commission will publish Physical Screening Test results on its official website.
    • Only candidates meeting the prescribed standards will proceed to subsequent stages in the selection process.

Haryana Police Constable Written Exam Pattern

This table summarizes the number of questions and marks allocated for each subject in the examination.

Sr. No.SubjectTotal QuestionsTotal Marks
1General Science10094.5
2General Studies
3General Reasoning
4Mental Aptitude
5Numerical Ability
6Basic Knowledge of Computer
8Animal Husbandry
9English Language Knowledge
10Current Affairs
  • All questions in the examination are mandatory, and the question paper will be in both English and Hindi.
  • The examination format is offline and OMR-based for the Knowledge Test required for Constable recruitment.
  • There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.
  • The total number of questions in the exam is 100, and each question carries a weightage of 0.945 marks.
  • Candidates are required to choose one option out of five provided for each question.
  • An additional five minutes will be given to mark the fifth option in case the candidate is unsure of the answer.
  • The total time allotted for the entire paper, including the additional five minutes, is 105 minutes.
  • If a candidate leaves a question unanswered, 0.945 marks will be deducted for each unattempted question.

Haryana Police Constable Syllabus – Exam Marking Category

The Knowledge Test, carrying 94.5% weightage, is a crucial phase in the Haryana Police Constable selection process. It evaluates candidates on objective criteria, bilingual proficiency, and additional considerations for NCC and socio-economic criteria.

  1. Physical Measurement Test (PMT) and Physical Screening Test (PST):
    • These tests are essential for all candidates.
    • If you pass these tests, you move on to the next step – a Knowledge Test, which is a major part of the selection process (94.5% weightage).
    • The Knowledge Test consists of multiple-choice questions, and each question is worth the same number of marks.
    • The test is conducted in both Hindi and English, unless your language proficiency needs to be assessed.
  2. Knowledge Test (94.5% Weightage):
    • For general category candidates, it is necessary to score at least 50% (excluding socio-economic criteria weightage) to be eligible for selection.
    • Reserved category candidates have a lower cutoff at 40%, with a 10% concession.
  3. Additional Weightage (Maximum 5.5 marks):
    • Candidates with NCC certificates can get extra marks based on their level of certification – A-level (1 mark), B-level (2 marks), and C-level (3 marks for Constables).
    • Socio-economic criteria can contribute a maximum of 2.5% weightage to eligible candidates, as per the Common Eligibility Test Policy.

Haryana Police Constable Syllabus 2024 – FAQs

What are the key subjects covered in the Haryana Police Constable Syllabus 2024?

General Awareness, General Studies, GK of Haryana, Reasoning, Maths, Computer Knowledge, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and General Science.

How is the Knowledge Test weighted in the selection process?

The Knowledge Test holds 94.5% weightage in the overall selection process.

What additional weightage is provided, and how is it calculated?

Additional weightage (maximum 5.5 marks) is given for NCC certificates and socio-economic criteria.

What is the passing criterion for the Knowledge Test for general category candidates?

General category candidates need to secure a minimum of 50% marks (excluding socio-economic criteria weightage).

Are there concessions for reserved category candidates in the Knowledge Test?

Yes, reserved category candidates receive a 10% concession, setting their minimum cut-off at 40%.


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