Remedial Teaching for CTET English Preparation

Every year, the Central Board of Secondary Education releases CTET notification inviting eligible students to apply for recruitment as a teacher. The exam is carried out during the months of December and July across the country. Remedial Teaching for CTET is an important topic to be covered in CTET English pedagogy.

What is Remedial Teaching in CTET?

Remedial teaching is designed to help learners, who are lagging behind. Remedial classes are often small, with a focus on high teacher-student interaction. Learners need positive reinforcement to reach their potential and teachers, thus, need to plan interesting activities to help stimulate interest and enhance motivation amongst the learners. Relevant and simple teaching activities are needed. Remedial Teaching for CTET Preparation is an important topic for the exam.

Teachers need to design meaningful and appropriate learning activities in order to provide good learning experience to the learners. Short and clear instructions are required to avoid confusion. Seeing growth and progress acts as a motivational factor for both learner as well as teachers.

Remedial Teaching for Writing

Writing is a continuing process of discovering how to find the most effective language for communicating one’s thoughts and feelings. Writing enhances language acquisition as learners experiment with words, sentences, and larger chunks of writing to communicate their ideas effectively. Teaching how to write effectively is one of the most important skills. Teachers can help the learners reach their writing potential through following strategies.

Run-on Sentence or Comma Splice

  • Separate the clauses into two sentences. Eg., Rita is very intelligent. She began writing when she was two years old.
  • Replace the comma with a semi-colon. Eg., Rita is very intelligent; she began writing when she was two years old.
  • Replace the comma with a coordinating conjunction. Eg., Rita is very intelligent and she began writing when she was two years old.
  • Replace the comma with a subordinating conjunction. Eg., Rita is very intelligent as she began writing when she was two years old.

Pronoun Errors

Noun errors occur when pronouns do not agree in number with the noun to which they refer. Eg., Everybody must bring his or her own lunch.

Mistakes in Apostrophe Usage

  • An apostrophe is not used after a possessive pronoun such as: my/ mine/ our/ours/ his/ hers/ its/ their/ theirs. My mother’s bed is next to my bed.
  • An apostrophe is used to indicate a contraction for it is
    • Incorrect: Its a cold day.
    • Correct: It’s a cold day.

Incorrect Subject/Verb Agreement

If the subject is singular, the verb must be singular. If the subject is plural, the verb must be plural.

  • Incorrect: The stories is good for beginner readers.
  • Correct: The stories are good for beginner readers

Remedial Teaching for Reading

Remedial reading is an important topic in remedial teaching for CTET English. It is a change in instruction that helps remedy a weakness in the area of reading. Reading is a complex activity that requires the use and coordination of many skills simultaneously. Difficulty with any of these abilities may result in a reading problem. Learners who struggle with reading, have difficulty with phonics and decoding. Working within a learner’s instructional level is the best scenario for improvement in every reading session.

Ways to help the learners reach their Reading potential can include the use of the following strategies:

  • Use Pre-Reading techniques such as discussing the purpose of every reading activity.
  • Phonemic awareness (recognition of sounds within words) should be stressed. Learners need to understand that there is a systematic and predictable relationship between written letters and spoken sounds.
  • Teach important vocabulary before reading.
  • Provide wide range of reading materials.
  • Summarize the main ideas of key sentences or paragraphs.

CTET Remedial Teaching for Listening

Learners who lack proper listening skills will have a much harder time communicating in English. Listening activities should train learners and prepare them for effective functioning outside the classroom. Assisting learners in the development of listening comprehension is a challenge because of the critical role that listening plays, not only in communication, but also in the acquisition of language. Teachers need to select or create listening texts and activities that meet the needs of their learners. Learning this topics will help in covering Remedial Teaching for CTET English

Ways to help the learners reach their Listening potential can include the use of the
following strategies:

  • Storytelling, listening songs or watching videos.
  • Performing a task in response to instructions, ticking off items on a worksheet as they hear it being said.
  • Answering questions verbally about a listening text.
  • Listening for the keywords.

Remedial Teaching for Speaking – CTET Preparation

Teaching speaking is a very important part of second language learning. A speaker not
only needs to know how to produce the specific parts (such as grammar, pronunciation,
or vocabulary) of language, but also needs to know how to produce language in social situations (pragmatics). Improving speaking skills takes a lot of classroom practice and motivation to speak. In order for learners to become proficient speakers of English, they would have to be taught correct pronunciation, given accurate knowledge of grammar structures and be able to select appropriate vocabulary. It is essential, therefore, that language teachers pay great attention to teaching speaking.

Ways to help the learners reach their Speaking potential can include the use of the
following strategies:

  • Increase learners speaking time and encourage through positive comments.
  • Ask eliciting questions in order to prompt learners to speak more.
  • Allot time limit for each and every speaking activity.
  • Provide speaking activities like discussions, role-plays, etc.


Remedial Teaching is extremely vital for the learners who are slow in learning. They need attention and change in teaching styles. When the teacher adopts and focuses in the above mentioned remedial teachings, it becomes easy for the learners to comprehend whatever the teacher is trying to convey.

Remedial Teaching is an important topic with respect to CTET Exam Preparation. Hence, aspirants should read this topic carefully. We have also launched CTET courses which can help students comprehend each and every pedagogy easily.


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