Rulers of India

In terms of heritage and history, India is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. India is home to several rulers, emperors, kings, and dynasties. 

Here are a few of India’s most notable rulers, each with their own intriguing narrative to tell. 

List of Rulers of India 

Rulers of India

History and Facts
AkbarOn October 15, 1542, Abu’l-Fath Jalal ud-din Muhammad Akbar was born.He was only 13 when he inherited the throne following the death of his father, Humayun from 1556 to 1605, he ruled over the majority of the Indian subcontinent, extending Mughal sovereignty. He ruled over India for half a century and was one of the greatest emperors of all time.
AshokaAshoka the Great was the Mauryan Empire’s third king. Between c. 268 and 232 BCE, Ashoka ruled the entire Indian subcontinent practically. The lion capital of Ashoka became the national emblem of modern India.
Maharana PratapMaharana Pratap, the 13th king of Mewar, was the son of Maharana Udai Singh and ruled the Indian region of Mewar. Pratap endured terrible suffering as a fugitive, yet he never stopped up his fight for independence. He is also known as “Mewari Rana” and is well known for his victories over the Mughal army of Akbar.
Alauddin KhiljiKhilji is the second sultan of the Delhi-based Khilji dynasty. Alauddin implemented various key administrative measures, including tax controls, pricing controls, and social reforms.
Prithviraj ChauhanHe inherited the throne as the son of king Someshvara & queen Karpuradevi.In his childhood, he is believed to have killed a tiger with his bare hands. Prithviraj had military victories over various Hindu kingdoms in the territory.
SamudraguptaSamudragupta ruled the Gupta Empire of Ancient India. He held art, poetry, and music in high regard, and as a result, he engaged many poets and intellectuals in his court. He considerably increased the political influence of his dynasty.
Chandragupta MauryaIn ancient India, he was the founder of the Maurya Empire. From around 268 to 232 BCE, he governed the Indian subcontinent. He also fought the Seleucid-Mauryan War & conquered the Nanda Empire.
PorusHe was an ancient Indian king. The courage of Porus in the battle of Jhelum pleased Alexander so much that he re-established him as a kingdom.
AurangzebAs the sixth Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb ruled over the majority of the Indian subcontinent for 49 years. He aided the Mughal Empire in reaching its peak.
Shivaji BhosleHe was a warrior-king from India. He is credited with the establishment of the Maratha Empire.
Rana SangaHe was the king of Mewar and one of the most powerful Rajput leaders in India during the 16th century.
Tipu SultanTipu Sultan, often known as the Tiger of Mysore, controlled the Kingdom of Mysore from 1782 to 1799. He is also acknowledged as India’s rocket technology pioneer.
JahangirJahangir was the son of Mughal emperor Akbar. He was a great administrator as Emperor, and his reign was defined by political stability and economic progress.
HumayunHumayun was the Mughal Empire’s second emperor.
Sher Shah SuriThe founder of the Suri Empire and an Afghan ruler. He made the rupee the official currency of India.
Muhammad bin TughluqHe was Delhi’s Turkic Sultan. He was a bold young man who began exhibiting his fighting ability even before ascending to the king.
Bahadur Shah ZafarBahadur Shah Zafar, Akbar II’s son, was India’s twentieth and final Mughal Emperor.
BindusaraHe was the second Mauryan ruler of India, and he was the son of Chandragupta Maurya.


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What was Tipu Sultan known as?

Tipu Sultan was known as the “Tiger of Mysore.”

What was Sher Shah Suri famous for?

Apart from his bravery and accomplishments, he was best renowned for introducing the rupee as India’s national currency.

How long did Ashoka rule for?

Ashoka ruled for approximately 37 years between c. 268 and 232 BCE. 

How long did Akbar rule?

Akbar ruled from 1556 to 1605. He ruled over the majority of the Indian subcontinent, extending Mughal sovereignty.


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