SSC CGL 2023 Toppers List, Check Who is AIR 1

SSC CGL 2023 Toppers

The wait is over for candidates who appeared in the SSC CGL exam. The Staff Selection Commission, or SSC, has released the final result for the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) 2023. Candidates who participated in this exam can check the result on the official SSC Recruitment website, It’s worth mentioning that more than 7800 candidates have achieved success in this examination.

In this article you will get to know about SSC CGL 2023 Topper List.

SSC CGL 2023 Toppers List

2002000527HEARSH VARMA03/06/959B069SL\II\00001
2201124227PRINCE TYAGI05/04/979B069SL\II\00002
2201305810ROHIT YADAV02/03/986D586SL\II\00003
2201068494PRAKASH SINGH MANAJI20/07/979B089SL\II\00004
2201091841ARUN KUMAR27/08/946B069SL\II\00005
5107001877ARCHIT SHARMA24/12/990B079SL\II\00006
4410048695PREM SHANKAR OJHA23/07/979B219SL\II\00007
4410085842ADITYA SHARMA09/05/026B219SL\II\00008
1404000475MOHIT GUPTA08/09/990B069SL\II\00009
2405124557DEVANK GUPTA07/03/979B199SL\II\00011
3011013897ABHISHEK GUPTA29/09/019B039SL\II\00012
2405065151RAHUL PAREEK17/08/960B069SL\II\00013
9210006689ABHED M A04/05/999B169SL\II\00015
3009081273MANDEEP SINGH14/03/970B039SL\II\00016
7007006293HIMANSHU VISHNOI19/08/009B169SL\II\00017
2405096711DIVYANSHU FAUZDAR15/04/999B069SL\II\00018
9001010036ASHI KUMARI08/02/996B069SL\II\00019
2405028146KARN KHANDELWAL27/09/979B169SL\II\00020
5105004070NIRANJAN KUMAR15/03/936B166SL\II\00021
4410063263DEBRUP CHAKRABORTY05/10/939B069SL\II\00022
2201201032AAYUSH BALUNI06/12/979B069SL\II\00023
2201139042UTKARSH SRIVASTAVA11/02/949B069SL\II\00024
7204021048MANISH BUGALIYA03/05/976B219SL\II\00025
4404010570AKHIL KUMAR NANDI14/02/009B069SL\II\00026
2405036998MAHAK JOTWANI20/08/019B169SL\II\00027
8201023198ABHISHEK CHAUDHARY29/03/989B169SL\II\00028
2201210891NITESH KUMAR SINGH15/08/969B169SL\II\00029
4205024681ABHIJEET KUMAR13/07/949B169SL\II\00030
7001010543APURV KUKRETI22/04/979B169SL\II\00031
4206009224SACHIN KUMAR31/01/996B189SL\II\00032
4410091439MD YUNUS AHAMED12/09/019B169SL\II\00033
8008013101UPPU SAI SIVA TRIVEDI27/03/996B179SL\II\00034
3205012048SUKRIT KUMAR15/06/949B199SL\II\00035
2201255480TARUN KUMAR10/05/959B039SL\II\00036
8601055540POLADI PRAKYATHRAO28/07/979B219SL\II\00037
2201280650GOPAL PRADHAN19/08/000B069SL\II\00038
4410057743SUDIP MAJI23/07/969B219SL\II\00039
8201003181JASWANT SINGH19/02/999B039SL\II\00040
2201006598NITIN CHAUDHARY15/02/949B169SL\II\00041
3205037900AYUSH SHIVAM10/03/980B069SL\II\00042
3206093001VISHAL KUMAR10/02/036B219SL\II\00043
3206066083ABHINAV ADARSH29/01/009B059SL\II\00044
2201233114YOGESH KUMAR21/03/999B069SL\II\00045
2405014420NIDHI AGRAWAL21/01/999B169SL\II\00046
4205002745HIMANSU KHANNA06/05/009B169SL\II\00047
3003036260CHITRANSH PRATAP SINGH09/08/970B069SL\II\00048
2201264190MOHAMMAD SAQIB20/05/946B069SL\II\00049
4410056960SNEHIL NANDI01/01/009B169SL\II\00050
8007009995K VENKAT VIJAY KUMAR20/11/956B219SL\II\00051
2201200309SOHIT KUMAR03/02/986B169SL\II\00052
3001029200LALIT KUMAR03/11/999B169SL\II\00053
4604004264JITENDRA KUMAR PATRA12/06/970B169SL\II\00054
1408006891AMAN KUMAR13/03/970B089SL\II\00055
6007007908SHIVAM TRIPATHI20/09/959B169SL\II\00056
4205014211KUNAL KAUSHIK16/04/969B039SL\II\00057
8201008574C R RAMANUJA DESIKAN02/04/979B189SL\II\00058
2201088567AADITYA POONIA19/11/029B069SL\II\00059
2201063804VIKAS CHAUDHARY14/04/019B069SL\II\00060

This list shows the top performers in the SSC CGL exam. Two result lists were released this year. Saurabh Kumar Verma got Rank 1 in List 1.

Yogesh Prajapat, at the age of 18, is the youngest candidate selected in SSC CGL 2023, securing a position as a GST inspector. This remarkable accomplishment highlights his dedication and talent, achieving a coveted government post at such a young age.

In contrast, Raju Singh, aged 50, is the oldest candidate chosen in SSC CGL 2023. Despite his age, he has secured a position as a TA CBIC, demonstrating resilience and determination to pursue career aspirations later in life. The successes of both Yogesh and Raju show that individuals can take diverse paths to achieve their goals in government examinations.

SSC CGL 2023 Toppers List – JSO

1Saurabh Kumar Verma
2Sumitro Bhattacharya
3Rohit Yadav
4Prakash Singh
5Arun Kumar
6Archit Sharma
7Prem Shankar Ojha
8Aditya Sharma
9Mohit Gupta

SSC CGL 2023 Cut Off – Highest & Lowest Cutoff

CategoryHighest (Post)Lowest (Post)
UR338 (AEO-ED)302 (UDC-Atomic Energy)
EWS331 (ASO-EC)301 (TA-CBIC)
ST307 (ASO-MEA)276 (TA-CBIC)

SSC CGL 2023 Toppers List – FAQS

Q1. Who is AIR 1 in SSC CGL 2023 ?

Ans. HEARSH VARMA is AIR 1 in SSC CGL 2023.

Q2. Who is youngest candidate selected in SSC CGL 2023 ?

Ans. Yogesh Prajapat, at the age of 18, is the youngest candidate selected in SSC CGL 2023, securing a position as a GST inspector.


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