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Synonyms for SSC CHSL: Synonyms are an important topic coming under the English section of competitive exams like SSC CHSL, SSC CGL and other banking and government exams etc. It is a scoring topic and generally, 8-10 questions can be expected in SSC exams.


In this e-book, we have shared questions based on synonyms following the pattern asked in competitive exams like SSC CHSL and SSC CGL.

Synonyms for SSC CHSL Tier – 1

1. Accrue

A. See

B. Collect

C. Transfer

D. Organise

2. Adjustment

A. Compromise

B. Subtract

C. Balancing

D. Resizing

3. Affluent

A. Alert

B. Amazing

C. Wealthy

D. Established

4. Agile

A. Clumsy

B. Stiff

C. Nimble

D. Inactive

5. Aura

A. Halo

B. Space

C. Void

D. Blank

6. Barren

A. Fertile

B. Desolate

C. Isolated

D. Remote

7. Congenial

A. Disagreeable

B. Unpleasant

C. Compatible

D. Appropriate

8. Delinquent

A. Late

B. Lazy

C. Dutiful

D. Offending

9. Deplete

A. Reduce

B. End

C. Augment

D. Flowing

10. Deteriorate

A. Worsen

B. Destroy

C. Determine

D. Special

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