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CAIIB Practice Questions for HRM

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) conducts the Certified Associate of India Institute of Bankers (CAIIB) exam twice a year, once in June and once in December. CAIIB intends to provide advanced knowledge necessary for improved decision-making to individuals already a member of IIBF in risk management, Treasury Management, Credit Management, International Banking, Balance Sheet Management, economic analysis, and so on. In order to prepare you better for the CAIIB exam, here we are with CAIIB Practice Questions for HRM pdf.

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Questions in the CAIIB Practice Questions For HRM PDF –

Q1. Information type which focuses on accomplishments of employees is classified as 

a. trait-based information 

b. behavior-based information 

c. results-based information 

d. coaching based information 

Q2. Important elements such as cooperativeness, presence at work, a timeline of work, quality, and quantity of output are classified as …… 

a. employee performance variables 

b. employee recruitment variables 

c. employee training variables 

d. employee development variables 

Q3. The fourth step in process of management by objective is to …… 

a. guided setting of objective 

b. ongoing performance discussion 

c. review the job and agreement 

d. develop performance standards

Q4. The type of rewards employees get in form of praise for successfully accomplishing goals or completing projects is classified as …… 

a. primacy rewards 

b. intrinsic rewards 

c. extrinsic rewards 

d. leniency rewards 

Q5. According to compensation programs, benefits such as retirement pensions and life insurance are classified in the category of …… 

a. direct compensation 

b. primacy compensation 

c. indirect compensation 

d. recency compensation 

Q6. Types of compensation employees get from the organization after timely completion of work include…… 

a. intrinsic rewards 

b. extrinsic rewards 

c. strictness reward 

d. both a and b 

Q7. People who chose careers having more structured activities are classified as …… 

a. realistic orientation 

b. investigative orientation 

c. social orientation 

d. conventional orientation 

Q8. Forced distribution and ranking are considered methods of …… 

a. comparative methods 

b. narrative methods 

c. behavioral methods 

d. category rating methods 

Q9. Performance appraisal measurement error in which prejudices of rater distort results of rating is classified as …… 

a. rater bias 

b. halo effect 

c. contrast error 

d. sampling error 

Q10. Type of central tendency error occurs while appraising performance when employee rating falls at the higher side of the scale is classified as …… 

a. strictness error 

b. leniency error 

c. halo effect 

d. contrast error 


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