Double Fillers for SSC CHSL Tier -1

Double Fillers for SSC CHSL: Double fillers are one of the important topics in the English section for competitive exams like SSC CHSL, SSC CGL and other government exams.

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In this blog, we will be discussing some of the questions based on double fillers which will be beneficial for the aspirants in their exam preparation.

SSC CHSL Double Fillers Questions

1. He used to ________ the point that victory in any field needs ________ courage.

A. stress, exemplary

B. emphasise, little

C. dismiss, formidable

D. refute, no

2. In many rural areas hospitals are ________ equipped because of the ________ of funds from the government.

A. optimally, disparity

B. inadequately, scarcity

C. well, dearth

D. faulty, lacking

3. The quality of ________ between individuals and the organisation for which they work can be ________ to the benefit of both the parties.

A. interaction, improved

B. services, evaluated

C. sophistication, developed

D. work, appreciated

4. Trained employees increase ________ and ________ of their industry and take it to a higher position.

 A. accomplishment, dignity

 B. wisdom, development

 C. performance, productivity

 D. motivation, upgradation

5. Cholesterol has long been identified as a silent killer because the patient has no _______ of the danger freely ___ his system.

A. Information, invading

B. Inkling, traversing

C. Thought, attacks

D.  Idea, infecting

6. It is a noble quality to ________ the good and ________ the bad.

 A. imitate, pretend

 B. retain, preserve

 C. criticise, ape

 D. appreciate, condemn

7. Despite ________ knowledgeable, he remained ________ all through.

 A. being, poor

 B. having, enriched

 C. having, ignorant

 D. of, doubtful

8. Effective managers ________ and attempt to ________ the organization’s values, goals, structure and climate.

 A. direct, motivate

 B. organise, plan

 C. monitor, influence

 D. advocate, exhibit

9. People who are ________ can ________ their things in an orderly manner.

 A. punctual, manage

 B. upright, keep

 C. thrifty, perform

 D. indecisive, do

10. A good management will decide not only the ________ for equipment but also its ________ for deciding priorities.

 A. usefulness, utility

 B. need, urgency

 C. requirement, necessities

 D. cost, value

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