IBM and AWS Inaugurate Innovation Lab in Bengaluru

Innovation Lab

IBM and AWS have jointly revealed the establishment of an Innovation Lab at the IBM Client Experience Center in Bengaluru, India. This move underscores their commitment to enhancing collaborative services, particularly focusing on harnessing the potential of generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Lab’s Mission and Global Reach

The recently launched Innovation Lab stands as a symbol of IBM and AWS’s dedication to encouraging experimentation with cutting-edge cloud-enabled technologies, specifically in the realm of generative AI. This facility is open to clients worldwide, inviting them to delve into joint solutions, prototype testing, and validating proofs of value to expedite innovation across various industries.

Industries Targeted for Evolution

IBM and AWS have pinpointed key industries for focused collaboration, encompassing Banking and Financial Services, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Travel and Transportation, and Healthcare. The overarching objective is to leverage the power of generative AI to instigate transformative changes within these sectors.

Lab Structure and Areas of Emphasis: Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab adopts a structured approach with distinct experience zones, each highlighting different technology areas supported by generative AI and machine learning. These zones showcase cloud modernization, SAP transformation, industry innovation, data and technology transformation, and cybersecurity. This categorization enables clients to explore and comprehend the specific applications of these technologies.

Global Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange

Beyond being a hub for innovation, the lab serves as a central point for knowledge-sharing among clients. Clients can gain insights into best practices through the exchange of global case studies, fostering a collaborative environment that propels industry advancement.

Expert Teams Pioneering Innovation

An integral aspect of the lab is the collaboration between technology and industry experts from both IBM and AWS. These expert teams will collaborate to construct rapid prototypes tailored to address client-specific business and technology challenges. This underscores the commitment of both companies to driving client innovation through cutting-edge technologies like AI.


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