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IBPS PO Quant Scoring Topics – Join Oliveboard Edge

IBPS PO Important Topics

Quantitative Aptitude is the most important section for clearing any competitive exam like IBPS PO Recruitment Exam. One of the major areas of focus in the IBPS PO exam syllabus is Quantitative Aptitude. Most of the aspirants get intimidated by seeing the difficulty level of this section. We at Oliveboard provide extensive study material to help you prepare effectively for Quant and clear the IBPS PO exam 2019. Having good knowledge in Quant will give you a competitive edge in IBPS PO Exam. Therefore, We have come up with an exclusive course on IBPS PO Important Topics that covers all the important topics and will get you 25+ score in the quantitative Aptitude section. This course would exclusively be available on Oliveboard Edge. This course will be soon live and will be taught by Chandan Sir. Aspirants preparing for IBPS PO should subscribe to Oliveboard edge and get access to this specially designed course which will help you secure your dream job in the banking sector.

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IBPS PO Important Topics

Scoring Topics: IBPS PO – Course Design

This course is designed for any prelims exam for PO Recruitment like IBPS PO, where 35 questions are asked and you have to score more than 25 marks within 20 minutes. As a result, the IBPS PO Scoring Topic course includes only those topics which will help you get 25+ marks like simplification/approximation, number series, quadratic equations, DI and quantity comparison. Useful across all Bank, Clerk & Insurance exams. There Subscribe to Oliveboard EDGE to get access to various live classes and online courses for Bank, SSC, Railways and other competetive exam preparation.

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Features of Online Course – IBPS PO Scoring Topics

This course is structured to cater both beginner and advanced level students. After going through this online course you will be able to solve each and every question on the given topics with much ease and within the allocated time. Following is the list features of this course:

  • Quick learning ability.
  • Clear of basics.
  • Complex problem-solving skills.
  • Abstract thinking.
  • Easy 25+ score.
  • Achievement orientation.

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List of Sessions to be covered  for IBPS PO Scoring Topics Course:

The sessions for the IBPS PO  Scoring Topics are as given below:

  • Simplification
  • Approximation
  • Missing & Dual number series on New pattern
  • Wrong number series
  • Quantity based quadratic equation
  • Quantity based arithmetic question
  • DI pie & bar & line mixed on new pattern
  • DI tabular & Radar on new pattern
  • Caselet mixed Arithmetic
  • LPS

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IBPS PO Important Topics – Schedule

The course will be live from 1 October 2019 and will be conducted from 9:30 am in the morning. The classes are going to be conducted according to the below schedule by Chandan sir.

Class Title Day/Date Time
Simplification 1-Oct, Tue 9:30 AM
Approximation 3-Oct, Thu 9:30 AM
Missing & Dual number series on New pattern 4-Oct, Fri 9:30 AM
Wrong number series 7-Oct, Mon 9:30 AM
Quantity based quadratic equation 9-Oct, Wed 9:30 AM
Quantity based arithmetic question 10-Oct, Thu 9:30 AM
DI pie & bar & line mixed on new pattern 11-Oct, Fri 9:30 AM
DI tabular & Radar on new pattern 14-Oct, Mon 9:30 AM
Caselet mixed Arithmetic 15-Oct, Tue 9:30 AM
LPS 17-Oct, Thu 9:30 AM


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That is all from us in this blog of Scoring Topics: IBPS PO, hope this input will help you. We will meet you in the class. For more such updates stay tuned with Oliveboard.

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