In Oct 2023, RPF reunited 601+ children in ‘Nanhe Faristey’

601+ children in Nanhe Faristey

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) remains an unwavering guardian, steadfastly committed to securing railway property, passenger zones, and the overall welfare of travelers. Their relentless efforts focus on ensuring a travel experience that is safe, secure, and comfortable for all passengers.

October 2023: A Month of Persistent Vigilance

Throughout October 2023, RPF continued its mission to guarantee the safety, security, and comfort of passengers, concurrently supporting Indian Railways in delivering dependable freight transport services.

Nationwide Protection of Railway Assets

RPF’s preventive security measures have proven effective in fulfilling its responsibility to protect extensive railway assets across the country. The force stays proactive in both detecting and preventing crimes against railway property.

Highlights from October 2023

Operation “Nanhe Faristey” – Locating and Reuniting Lost Children

Under the initiative “Nanhe Faristey,” RPF played a pivotal role in reuniting over 601 lost children with their families. This mission addressed the separation of children from their families due to various reasons, with RPF tirelessly working for their safe return.

Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts (Operation AAHT)

RPF’s Anti-Human Trafficking Units (AHTUs) thwarted the plans of human traffickers, rescuing 39 individuals in October 2023.

Operation “Jeevan Raksha” – Swift Intervention to Save Lives

Swift and vigilant action under “Jeevan Raksha” saved the lives of 262 passengers in imminent danger of being run over by trains at platforms and railway tracks.

Empowering Women Passengers – “Meri Saheli” Initiative

In a dedicated approach to women’s safety, RPF’s “Meri Saheli” initiative saw 232 teams attending 13,664 trains, providing security assurance to 423,803 lady passengers. RPF also took action against 5,722 individuals found in coaches reserved for women.

Cracking Down on Touts (Operation “Uplabdh”)

In the ongoing battle against touts, RPF arrested 490 individuals, seized future tickets valued at Rs. 43.96 lakhs, and dismantled 42 illegal software in October 2023.

Operation “NARCOS” – Combating Drug Crimes

RPF’s commendable efforts led to the arrest of 99 individuals and the seizure of narcotics valued at Rs. 5.99 crores during October 2023. The apprehended criminals were subsequently handed over to empowered agencies for legal action.

Prompt Response to Passenger Concerns

RPF swiftly addressed security-related passenger complaints through the Rail Madad Portal and the helpline (No. 139 integrated with Emergency Response Support System No. 112), receiving over 30,300 complaints in October 2023.

Operation “Yatri Suraksha” – Enhancing Passenger Safety

Supplementing police efforts, RPF arrested 256 criminals involved in offenses against passengers in October 2023, delivering them to the concerned GRP/Police.

Ensuring Safety through “Operation Sanraksha”

In a determined effort to maintain passenger safety, RPF arrested 33 individuals involved in the perilous act of stone pelting on running trains in October 2023.

Assisting Those in Need (Operation Seva)

With a humanitarian approach, RPF provided assistance to 272 elderly, sick, or injured passengers during their rail travels in October 2023.

Curbing Illegal Goods Transport (Operation Satark)

Under “Operation Satark,” RPF seized illegal tobacco products and liquor worth Rs. 10,33,149 and Rs. 26,12,656, respectively, apprehending 127 individuals and handing them over to relevant Law Enforcement Agencies.

Conclusion: Upholding a Pledge

In summary, RPF’s accomplishments in October 2023 underscore a steadfast commitment to ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of railway passengers, as well as the protection of invaluable railway assets nationwide.


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