International Day of Nowruz 2024, Its History & Significance

International Day of Nowruz 2024

International Day of Nowruz 2024: Every March 21, people worldwide celebrate the International Day of Nowruz, a special New Year festival. It’s a big deal because it happens when spring starts, bringing in new life and showing nature’s fresh beginning. The United Nations made it an official holiday on March 21, 2010, calling it ‘Nauryz,’ ‘Navruz,’ or ‘Nowrouz,’ which all mean ‘new day.’ More than 300 million people globally look forward to this celebration, especially in countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, and many others.

History of International Day of Nowruz

Nowruz Day is not just about the New Year; it’s also about making the world more peaceful and friendly. In this article, we’ll explore the history of the International Day of Nowruz, starting from its roots in an ancient Persian religion called Zoroastrianism, and see how it brings different cultures together.

History of International Day of Nowruz

Nowruz has been celebrated for over 3,000 years, starting from the beliefs of Zoroastrianism. It’s not only popular in countries like Iran and Afghanistan but also in regions like the Balkans, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. This festival is more than just a party; it’s a way for people to become closer by promoting peace, solidarity, and respect for each other’s cultures.

Pre-New Year Celebrations and Special Traditions

Before Nowruz, people get ready by cleaning their houses, a tradition known as ‘khooneh tekooni.’ Iranians do special things weeks before the New Year, like jumping over bonfires during ‘Chaharshanbeh Soori’ to get rid of bad things from the past year. Children go around their neighborhoods asking for sweets, and the festival ends with delicious food like ‘sabzi polo mahi’—a dish with rice, white fish, and herbs.

The Official Recognition of International Nowruz Day

In 2010, the United Nations decided to officially celebrate the International Day of Nowruz. Countries like Afghanistan, Iran, and others initiated this decision, recognizing Nowruz as a global festival that brings people together.

The Significance of International Day of Nowruz

Brings Different People Together

The festival is like a bridge that connects people from all around the world, allowing them to experience Iranian traditions and culture. This connection helps us understand each other better and feel like one big global family.

Encourages Us to Stay Positive

As the New Year begins, it’s like starting with a clean slate. Nowruz inspires hope and makes us believe in new possibilities. It gives us the courage to face the future with positivity.

It’s a Lot of Fun

Besides all its important meanings, the Nowruz festival is just plain fun! There’s music, dancing, and exciting activities like jumping over fires and taking part in tournaments. It’s a joyful celebration that everyone can enjoy.


In conclusion, the International Day of Nowruz is not just about celebrating a new year; it’s about celebrating unity, peace, and understanding among people from different parts of the world. As we join in the festivities, we not only welcome a new year but also celebrate the diversity that makes our world so rich and colorful.

21st March 2024 Special Day

The International Day of Nowruz on March 21st represents a symbolic timing for millions globally to manifest optimism by commemorating the promise of renewal that comes with each new spring. As the distinct calendar date approaches, communities from Iran to Turkey come together in celebration, united by shared traditions honoring Nature’s reawakening. The early arrival of 2024’s special Nowruz day will be the perfect opportunity to set aspirational goals, recalibrate priorities, and rekindle hope for the year ahead. Much like 2010 when the UN formally recognized the over 3,000-year-old festival, the occasion presents a chance to ignite worldwide momentum for positive change by having every stakeholder band together in solidarity – just as diverse cultures do annually to mark spring’s arrival.


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