JAIIB Frequently Asked Questions

JAAIB Frequently Asked Questions: Candidates appearing for the JAIIB exam usually have few doubts about the exam. Candidates will clear these doubts through the JAIIB Frequently Asked Questions that have been given below relating to the JAIIB exam.

What does JAIIB stand for? 

The full form of JAIIB is Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers. It is an exam conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance for business and finance professionals.

What is the objective of conducting the JAIIB exam?

The JAIIB Exam is conducted to improve the financial and banking services, customer relations, banking technology, and legal aspects of the banking industry. Candidates can do this by developing competent professional employees through exams.

What do you mean by JAIIB certification?

JAIIB certification is a certificate course created by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. It is one of the most reputed professional courses in the field of banking and finance industry.

Can any common person who does not belong to any sector appear for the JAIIB exam? 

No, common or ordinary people cannot appear for the JAIIB exam.

Can a bank clerk appear for the JAIIB Exam?

Yes, a bank clerk can appear for the JAIIB exam. 

Can the questions be repeated in the JAIIB Exam?

JAIIB exam is conducted by the IIBF. The exam is conducted twice a year, i.e., in May and November. There are three papers in the JAIIB Exam, i.e., Accounting and Finance for bankers, Principles and Practices of Banking, and Legal and Regulatory aspects of banking. Most of the questions are repeated in these exams.

Which paper is considered to be the toughest in JAIIB?

For bankers, accounting and finance are considered the toughest paper in the JAIIB exam. If the candidates can score good marks in this paper, they generally clear the JAIIB Exam; otherwise, they will have to reappear after six months.

Is there any increase in salary after passing the JAIIB exam?

Yes, after passing the JAIIB bank clerk gets one increment in the salary. Officer employees also get one increment.

In how many attempts can a candidate pass the JAIIB exam?

A candidate can pass the exam in four consecutive attempts, i.e., within a time limit of 2 years. Candidates have to enroll themselves afresh if they did not pass the exam within the stipulated time period of two years.

What if a person fails in all four attempts consecutively? 

If a person fails in all four attempts of JAIIB, they will have to re-enroll afresh. Also, no credit will be granted for subjects in which you had passed earlier.

How can the JAIIB legal paper be passed? 

In the JAIIB exam, the passing marks are 50 percent on average, whereas 45 percent marks in each subject. If the average marks are less than 50 percent of marks in a particular subject are less than 45 percent. However, marks in a subject are 50 percent or more; you need not take that particular subject on the next attempt. 

How should the preparation be done for JAIIB? 

The following steps should be followed for preparing for JAIIB Exam in the right manner-

  1. Firstly a proper schedule or timetable is required. 
  2. Look through the syllabus and prepare it well using the latest edition of study material. 
  3. Do take some mock tests for practice. 
  4. It is important to do revision.

All of this will help you in clearing the exam on the first attempt.

What do you mean by mock test for the JAIIB exam?

JAIIB Mock tests are online tests that are conducted for the candidates to practice for the exam so that they can score better in the actual exam. By giving these tests, students can develop an exam preparation strategy for the actual exam.

Does the JAIIB exam have negative markings? 

There is no negative marking in the JAIIB exam. 

What is the in-hand salary of a person who clears the JAIIB exam? 

The in-hand salary of the bank clerk after clearing the JAIIB exam will be Rs. 30,000 per month. 

What is the total number of questions in the JAIIB exam? 

The number of questions for the JAIIB exam is not fixed. They can vary. However, generally, 120 questions are there in each paper of 100 marks. They may consist of questions based on case studies and multiple-choice questions. 


We hope the article has given you the relevant information about the JAIIB Frequently Asked Questions that will help the candidates in clearing their doubts relating to the exam. For any queries, contact us at Oliveboard.


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