Detailed MH-CET 2021 Exam Analysis | Day 3 18th Sep

This year MAH MBA CET is conducted by DTE Maharashtra on three dates – September 16, 17, and 18, 2021 in multiple slots. Each slot in MAH CET has a time duration of 150 minutes (2½ hours). Here we bring to you a detailed MHCET exam analysis 2021, with section-wise questions, difficulty level and more for the day 3. This will help you gauge your performance in the exam and estimate your standing in upcoming shifts and exams. So, read along!

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MHCET Exam Analysis 2021 | 18th September 2021

This year MHCET MBA has been the most uncertain pattern across the three days. The number of questions in the sections of quant, AR, and LR saw a difference of 5-10 questions compared to regular pattern. Check out the detailed analysis below –

Morning Slot Overall Analysis

  • The quant and logical reasoning questions were easy
  • Abstract reasoning questions were of a moderate level
  • The verbal ability section can be rated as moderate on account of new question types

As compared to MH-CET 2020, the difficulty level of MH-CET 2021 was perceived to be of same level. The exam threw quite a few surprises as well. Some of them are listed below.

  • Unlike the usual, number of questions in quant were 60.
  • Abstract Reasoning had 30 questions compared to 25 in previous year papers.
  • Cloze test had 10 questions.
  • Vocab had 15 questions in total.
  • In logical reasoning, more questions were based on critical reasoning and syllogisms.

The following table gives a snap-shot of section-wise analysis.

S No
Section Name
Number of Questions
Mark Per Question
Total marks for the section
Difficulty level
Logical Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning
Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability/Reading Comprehension

Detailed Section-wise Analysis

1. Logical Reasoning 

The difficulty level of this section was moderate. Data arrangement sets were difficult and the syllogisms, though conventional, were on the trickier side. Good questions were asked on blood relations. No hard puzzles and no input output questions were asked.

Non-Verbal ReasoningNo. of Questions (approx.)
Blood Relations5
Standalone questions15

Verbal Reasoning – 10 Questions

Total – 60 questions.

2. Abstract Reasoning

This was comparatively easier than the other sections. Thirty questions in AR were asked, and were not so common. Following is a distribution of question types. Figures were included as well.

  • Analogy : 15 questions
  • Series : 15 questions

3. Quantitative Aptitude

The questions were not as straight-forward as they usually are in MH-CET. One had to have clear concepts as well as logical thinking to be able to effectively solve this section. Following is a distribution of question types. 2 sets of Data Interpretation approx 10 questions were asked and were easy.

Following was the approximate overall break-up of the topics in this test:

Quantitative Aptitude TopicsNo. of Questions (approx.)
Number Series5
Geometry3 to 4
Modern Math4
Algebra2 to 3
DI – Pie, Missing Data and one more10

4. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

New question types were asked in the section and the overall difficulty of the section was thus high. While error related and para-jumbles were tricky and difficult, the reading comprehension questions were of a moderate level.

Verbal Ability and Reading ComprehensionNo. of Questions (Approx.)
Grammar, Error Correction, FIBs10
Cloze Test10
Para Jumbled3
Reading Comprehension12
TotalAround 50

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