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Mistakes to Avoid in SBI Clerk Exam : With the SBI Clerk examinations being only a month away, every second counts and you must be using it to improve yourself to do better in the SBI Clerk Prelims and Mains. However, with regards to exam preparation, there are several aspects wherein candidates may make mistakes. Often those are quite simple mistakes and errors, but their impacts could be such that their cut-offs aren’t cleared and hence their chance to clear the examinations is eliminated.


SBI Clerk : 8 Mistakes to Avoid

We at Oliveboard have come up with an article, ‘SBI Clerk: 8 Mistakes to Avoid’ wherein we list the 8 most common mistakes that aspirants tend to make which end up costing them their attempt due to low grades.

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Not creating or following the timetable

SBI Clerk is not the toughest examination, but still to score well, one needs to be about how they prepare for the tests. If a timetable is not created, then the candidate may not have a clue regarding how to cover their chapters and they will find themselves unable to complete their portions in time which will then cause them to try cramming their syllabus which isn’t helpful.

Number of questions vs. Correctness of answers

Everyone knows that for the SBI Clerk or banking examinations in general, lots of practice is needed. However, it is not enough to study and practice more number of questions, it is also essential to get them right. Practicing fewer questions and ensuring that the method used to solve them is correct is far better than practicing many questions and struggling to find their correct answers (in which case their practice itself is wrong).

Not maintaining a proper diet

Following a diet that contains unhealthy food items is quite likely to cause you to feel lazy and/or sick. For example, consuming too many fried foods may cause you to feel lazy which will demotivate you from following your timetable. Hence, ensure to try and follow a simple diet with spicy foods only consumed in moderation.

Lack of revision

While the portion for SBI Clerk examinations is not vast, it still has several topics under each section which must be practiced adequately. Many times, we may try to complete the whole portion and we manage to, but due to the lack of time, we fail to revise those topics enough number of times. Lack of revision causes your preparation to be as good as zero preparation because you are likely to forget whatever you have studied if you do not revise. Hence, whatever you study, make sure to revise that at least 2-3 times regularly to make sure you do not forget it.


Comparing scores and exam preparation with others

Students in general like to compete especially when it comes to banking and competitive examinations; however, sometimes, this comparison can cause you unnecessary stress. For example, when you and your friend are studying Logical Reasoning, your friend may complete it faster than you do, and this way, you will try to finish it quickly as well (even if your understanding is not complete and clear). This way, your preparation too might be affected, and the impacts will be obvious on your results and grades. Instead, take it slow and go at your own pace, do not compare your exam preparation with others, for everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

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Not analyzing the practice and mock tests

Mock tests are created for only 1 purpose, to help you identify your current level of preparation. However, simply taking mock tests for the sake of taking them or simple practice is ill-advised. You must learn to apply the results you derive from each mock test; for example, when you score well in Quantitative Aptitude but not so much on Logical Reasoning, you should practice only on Logical Reasoning or just devote much of your time towards the section instead of focusing on all 3 sections. The objective of mock tests is to help you find your weak parts, so that you can ensure that they no longer remain so.


This is one of the biggest challenges that all of us at some point must have faced. It is not easy to stay motivated; students might at some point stop focusing on their studies as they used to, before. However, every student needs to find their own factor which can motivate them to continue studying on. For someone, it might be their aspirations to have a strong professional career, for some others, it might be the ability to take care of their beloved ones by becoming financially secure. Whatever it may be, you need to find what drives you to push forward, because procrastination is one of the biggest challenges in your path to clearing SBI Clerk examinations.

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Skipping Concepts

The whole portion for each section is of vital importance; you cannot determine whether a certain kind of question will come in the examination or not. Hence, it is advisable to not skip any concept and ensure that all the concepts are covered for the case of the exam preparation. Should you skip any chapter or topic, questions from that topic can cause you to feel anxious and worried during the examination and that might impact your overall performance.

Now you know the major reasons due to which your preparation for the examination may be weakened. Do ensure to not let those come in your way of clearing the SBI Clerk examinations and you will surely succeed! All the Best!


Mistakes to Avoid in SBI Clerk exam

What mistakes should I avoid in SBI Clerk exam?

Here are the mistakes that you should avoid in SBI Clerk exam.
1. Not creating or following the timetable
2. Number of questions vs. Correctness of answers
3. Not maintaining a proper diet
4. Lack of revision
5. Comparing scores and exam preparation with others
6. Not analyzing the practice and mock tests
7. Procrastination
8. Skipping Concepts

What is the most common mistake made by students in SBI Clerk exam?

Wasting too much time on a single question is one mistake that is made by most of the students.



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