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NIACL AO Study Plan

NIACL AO Study Plan: The New India Assurance Company Limited (NIACL) will conduct its Administrative Officer (AO) recruitment exam on the 9th of September 2023. Candidates must be on their last leg of preparation for the same. The NIACL AO has 450 vacancies up for grabs and candidates should make sure to prepare well for the great opportunity. In this article candidates can find the NIACL Study plan that will help them streamline their preparation for these last 20 or so days.

NIACL AO Study Plan – Important Dates

The NIACL AO Prelims exam 2023 is just around the corner. Candidates should make sure to keep in mind the important dates of the NIACL AO Recruitment schedule. The following table will give information on the same for reference.

Official Notification Release Date25th July 2023
NIACL AO Apply Online Begins01st August 2023
Last date to submit the application form21st August 2023
NIACL AO Admit Card 2023
NIACL AO Phase-I Online Examination9th September 2023
NIACL AO Phase-I Online Examination Result
NIACL AO Phase-II Online Examination8th October 2023
NIACL AO Phase-II Online Examination Result
NIACL AO Interview

NIACL AO 20-Day Study Plan for NIACL AO Prelims 2023

The table below will give the NIACL AO 20-day study plan for NIACL AO Prelims 2023. The schedule will include both study, preparation and mock tests. Remember this is a suggested schedule and candidate’s can modify it any way they wish.

DayFirst HalfSecond Half
Day 1NIACL AO Prelims | Mock Test 1
Take The Diagnostic Mock
Spend Time Analyzing Your Performance
Identify Strengths &
Direction Sense concept
Direction Sense Practice Test
Day 2Seating Arrangements
Seating Arrangements
Practice Test
Order And Ranking Concept
Order & Ranking Practice Test
Day 3Reasoning Puzzles Concepts
Reasoning Puzzles Tests
Percentages & Partnership Concepts
Percentages & Partnership Practice Test
Day 4Number Series Concepts
Number Series Practice Test
Ratio & Proportion Concepts
Ratio & Proportion Practice Test
Day 5Simplification/ Approximation Concepts
Simplification/ Approximation Practice Test
Time & Work Concepts
Time & Work Tests
Day 6Reading Comprehension Concept
Reading Comprehension Practice Test
Probability Concepts
Probability Tests
Day 7Cloze Test Concept
Cloze Test Practice Test
Alphanumeric Series Concepts
Alphanumeric Series Tests
Day 8Error Spotting Concepts
Error Spotting Practice Test
Problems on Ages Concepts
Problems on Ages tests
Day 9Inequality Concepts
Inequality Practice Test
Para-jumbles Concepts
Para-jumbles tests
Day 10Syllogism Concepts
Syllogism Practice Test
Permutation and Combination Concept
Permutation and Combination tests
Day 11Input-Output ConceptsInput-Output TestsFillers Test Level 1, 2 and 3
DI – Table levels 1, and 2
Day 12Data Sufficiency Concepts
Data Sufficiency Practice Test
Sentence Joining Level 1, 2 and 3
DI – Caselets level 1 and 2
NIACL AO Prelims Mock Test 2
Day 13Quadratic Equations Concepts
Quadratic Equation Practice Test
Vocabulary Level 1 and 2
DI – Chart and Graph Level 1 and 2
NIACL AO Prelims Mock Test 3
Day 14Averages, Mixtures, and Alligation Concepts
Averages, Mixtures, and Alligation Practice Test
Quantity Comparison Level 1 and 2
Coding-Decoding Level 1, 2, and 3
NIACL AO Prelims Mock Test 4
Day 15Profit & Loss Concepts
Profit & Loss Practice Test
Mensuration levels 1 and 2
Analytical Reasoning level 1 and 2
NIACL AO Prelims Mock Test 5
Day 16Simple & Compound Interest Concepts
Simple & Compound Interest Practice Test
Revision of Quant
NIACL AO Prelims Mock Test 6
Day 17Time, Speed & Distance Concepts
Time, Speed & Distance
Practice Test
Revision of Quant
NIACL AO Prelims Mock Test 7
Day 18Sentence Improvement Concepts
Sentence Improvement Practice Test
NIACL AO Prelims Mock Test 8
Revision of Reasoning
Day 19Logical Reasoning Concepts
Logical Reasoning Practice Test
NIACL AO Prelims Mock Test 9
Revision of Reasoning
Day 20Blood Relations Concept
Blood Relations Practice Test
Revision of English
NIACL AO Prelims Mock Test 10

NIACL AO Study Plan – Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to clear the NIACL AO Exam. 

  1. Make Time Table- Many students apply for any exam but then do not study systematically. For systematic study you need a proper time table. So first of all prepare a time table covering all the topics asked in the exam.
  2. Read good books: There are plenty of books available in the market, but reading all of them will be of no use. If you have notes from your coaching institute then refer to them for your preparation.
  3. Revision is the key: One thing that sets toppers apart is the habit of revision. For this exam, revision is the key, you have to remember whatever you are reading.
  4. Mock Tests for Prelims: Join a mock test series for better understanding of the actual exam level, test series can immensely help you in acing this exam.
  5. Previous Year Question Papers: Go through the previous year question papers, It will help you to get a better idea of the level of exam and the kind of questions asked.

NIACL AO Study Plan – How to Analyze Mock Tests

In the study plan, mock tests are recommended almost every day, especially towards the end. Analysing mocks is as important as attempting them. Unless you analyze your performance, your preparation strategy won’t be fruitful. Here’s how to analyze mocks properly.

  • Review the Wrong Questions. Find where your concept or approach went wrong. Click on Review Wrong” and this takes you through solutions of only the wrong attempts.
  • Attempt the Unattempted ones. You can take an untimed test of only the Unattempted questions in the mock test. Click on Review Un attempted” and this allows you to attempt all the ones left unanswered.
  • Review the Correct Answers. Check if there were better solutions or approaches to the one you adopted.
  • Practice tests from your Weak Areas. Oliveboard’s Adaptive Engine figures the top three areas that you need to work on the most based on your performance data and gives you lessons and tests on those topics. After each mock test, find new lessons + tests on your weak areas by visiting theImprove
  • Analyze Graphs. These are detailed reports on your time spent & accuracy section-wise, along with bench-marking reports on your score and percentile.

NIACL AO Study Plan – Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How should I start my NIACL AO preparation?

A1. Candidates can begin their NIACL AO preparation by understanding the exam pattern and syllabus.

Q2. How to manage time effectively while following the study plan?

A2. Allocate specific time slots for each subject, and stick to the plan diligently.

Q3. When should I start practicing mock tests?

A3. Start mock tests after covering major portions of the syllabus for better assessment.

Q4. How can I stay motivated throughout the preparation?

A4. Set short-term goals, take breaks, and remind yourself of the end goal.

Q5. What should I do in the final days leading up to the exam?

A5. Revise important formulas, concepts, and take mock tests for time management.

Q6. How can I track my progress during preparation?

A6. Keep a study journal to note completed topics, scores in mock tests, and areas for improvement.

Q7. Should I focus more on theory or practice?

A7. Strike a balance between understanding concepts and practicing questions.


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