OSCB Banking Assistant Last Minute Preparation Tips

OSCB Banking Assistant Preparation Tips: OSCB Banking Assistant exam is going to be conducted on 13th March 2022 across centres in Odisha. The candidates are already at the final phase of their preparation. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to provide some of the most important last-minute tips both before and during the exam which will be helpful to the candidates and will also ensure that they appear on the exam with full confidence and energy.

OSCB Banking Assistant Last Minute Tips

We are going to share some last-minute tips that will be useful before the exam and also during the exam. For the convenience of aspirants, these tips are divided into two groups which are:

  • OSCB Banking Assistant Last Minute Tips Before Exam
  • OSCB Banking Assistant Last Minute Tips During Exam

OSCB Banking Assistant Last Minute Tips Before Exam

Following are some of the most valuable tips that will be beneficial for the students before the exam:

Do not study or practice any new topics the night before the exam

It is not recommended to study or practice any new topics on the night before the exam as it can make you confused. The aspirants should have a clear mind with a focus on the exam. Also, avoid learning any new concept as it can mess with your preparation.

Get a good night’s sleep

It is very essential to get a good night’s sleep before the exam as it will help you get charged up for the exam. Inadequate sleep will result in lack of energy and focus which can hamper your prospects in the exam. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours the night before the exam.

Reach exam centre ahead of the reporting time

It is best to reach the exam centre ahead of the reporting time as it will allow your mind to calm down and get relaxed. Reaching the exam centre at the last minute can increase stress levels which can be detrimental to exam performance.

Carry all the necessary documents

It is very essential to check the guidelines issued by the exam conducting authority and follow them accordingly. Candidates should keep all the essential documents with them as mentioned in the notification.

Get acquainted with the exam pattern and feel

If you are appearing for the first time for the exam, it is highly recommended to be aware of the exam pattern and also appear for mock test for the exam. It will boost your confidence which will have a positive impact on your preparation.

OSCB Banking Assistant Tips During the Exam

Stick to your strategy

If you are preparing with a certain plan in mind, then it is better to follow the same during the exam. There should not be last moment changes in the order of sections which you have already planned.

Attempt easy questions first

It is very essential to solve easy questions first. It will save your precious time which can be utilised for revision and for solving difficult problems.

Difficult and time taking questions should be solved later

A good practice during competitive exams is to attempt time-consuming and difficult questions at the end.

Time management

Make a solid time management strategy by allowing yourself 60 secs or less to solve a question. In case the question exceeds that limit, you move on to the next question. Remember all questions have equal weightage and therefore getting stuck into one question means ruining your chances for revision.

Do not make blind guesses

If you are unaware of the question asked, it is better not to attempt wild guesses. If it turns out to be wrong, it will hamper the overall score.


That was all about the OSCB Banking Assistant Last Minute Tips. We hope that it will prove to be useful for all other aspirants. For more updates, stay connected to Oliveboard.


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