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Chera Dynasty | Sneak Peek

The Cheras ruled over the central and northern parts of Kerala and the Kongu region of Tamil Nadu. They controlled the ports of the west coast, Musiri, and Tondi. Vanji (Present-day Karur or Tiruvanchaikkalam in Kerala) was their capital. Most Scholars now accept that there were two main branches of the Chera family and the Poraiya branch ruled from Karur of present-day Tamil Nadu.

  • The emblem of Cheras was “bow and arrow”.
  • The Pugalur inscription of the 1st century AD has reference to three generations of Chera rulers.
  • The Cheras owed its importance to trade with the Romans. They also built a temple of Augustus there.

The most well-known ruler of Cheras was Senguttuvan, the Red Chera or the Good Chera in the 2nd century A.D.

  • His military achievements have been chronicled in epic Silapathikaram, with details about his expedition to the Himalayas where he defeated many north Indian rulers.
  • Senguttuvan introduced the Pattini cult or the worship of Kannagi as the ideal wife in Tamil Nadu.
  • He was the first to send an embassy to China from South India.

The Chera Kingdom – Social, Administration & Political Aspects

  • Most information known about the Cheras is through the texts of Sangam Literature. The most common sources include the Pathitrupattu, the Akananuru, and the Purananuru
  • The Cheras introduced copper and lead coins, which were inspired by Roman coins. The majority of these coins were discovered in the Amaravati riverbed and are the most  important source of Chera historiography.

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What was the capital of the Chera dynasty?

Vanji (Present-day Karur or Tiruvanchaikkalam in Kerala) was the capital of the Chola Dynasty

Who was the founder of the Chera dynasty?

Uthiyan Cheral Athan was the founder of the Chera dynasty.

What was the time period of the Chera dynasty?

The Cheras of the early historical period ruled from (c. second century BCE – c. third century CE). The Chera Perumal kingdom existed between (c. 9th- 12th century AD).


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