President of India Inaugurates Unmesha and Utkarsh festivals

Unmesha and Utkarsh

On August 3, 2023, the President of India Inaugurates Unmesha and Utkarsh festivals – International Literature Festival and Festival of Folk and Tribal Performing Arts in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. In her address, she emphasized the profound impact of literature and arts on people and their interconnectedness. She highlighted the importance of transcending the ego and self-interest to create meaningful literary and artistic works. The President also stressed the need for translating major Indian works into various languages to enrich the country’s literature.

Literature: Reflecting, Preserving, and Progressing Humanity

Smt. Droupadi Murmu commended literature for its role in reflecting humanity, preserving sensitivity and compassion, and driving progress. Literature has acted as a mirror to humanity, saving it from obscurity and guiding it towards the future. She lauded writers and artists as participants in the sacred campaign to protect humanity and its values. The ideals of India’s freedom struggle were fortified by the strength of literature, with writers expressing the essence of freedom and renaissance across the nation. Even today, novels, stories, poems, and plays from that era continue to inspire and influence minds.

Literature’s Role in Fostering Understanding and Unity

Amidst the challenges faced by the world, Smt. Droupadi Murmu stressed the importance of building understanding among people from diverse cultures and beliefs. Storytellers and poets play a central role in this endeavor, as literature has a unique ability to connect human experiences and transcend differences. Harnessing this potential can help reveal our common destiny and strengthen the bonds of our global community.

Unmesha and Utkarsh – Empowering Tribal Communities for India’s Development

Unmesha and Utkarsh - Empowering Tribal Communities for India's Development

The President emphasized the significance of tribal progress for India’s journey towards becoming a developed nation. She expressed the collective responsibility of empowering tribal youth to fulfill their aspirations while preserving their rich culture, customs, and natural environment. As the country moves forward, it is crucial to ensure that tribal communities become active partners in the nation’s development journey.

With the inauguration of Unmesha and Utkarsh, India celebrates the power of literature and arts to unite hearts, bridge gaps, and preserve the essence of humanity and its diverse cultural heritage. The festivals serve as a platform for creative expressions and an opportunity to promote inclusivity and understanding among people from different backgrounds and regions. In this journey towards fostering a harmonious society, literature and arts play a pivotal role as the bedrock of shared human experiences and aspirations.


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