‘Sankalp Saptaah’, Empowering India’s Aspirational Blocks

Prime Minister’s Vision for Aspirational Blocks: Sankalp Saptaah

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to inaugurate a unique week-long initiative known as ‘Sankalp Saptaah’ on September 30, 2023, at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi. This program is a pivotal component of the Aspirational Blocks Programme (ABP), which was initiated by the Prime Minister on January 7, 2023. The ABP is designed to enhance governance at the block level and uplift the quality of life for citizens. Currently, it is being implemented in 500 Aspirational Blocks spanning 329 districts across India. It represents the culmination of extensive chintan shivirs (reflection workshops) conducted at the village and block levels throughout the country.

A Week Devoted to Transformation

‘Sankalp Saptaah’ will be observed across all 500 Aspirational Blocks, taking place from October 3 to October 9, 2023. Each day during this week-long event is dedicated to a specific development theme, with all Aspirational Blocks actively engaging in related activities. The themes for the first six days encompass ‘Sampoorna Swasthya’ (Complete Health), ‘Suposhit Pariwaar’ (Nutrition for Families), ‘Swachhta’ (Cleanliness), ‘Krishi’ (Agriculture), ‘Shiksha’ (Education), and ‘Samridhi Diwas’ (Prosperity Day). The concluding day, October 9, 2023, will be marked as a celebration of the collective achievements of the week, aptly named ‘Sankalp Saptaah – Samavesh Samaroh’ (Sankalp Saptaah – Inclusion Celebration).

Inaugural Event and Virtual Participation: ‘Sankalp Saptaah’

The inaugural event at Bharat Mandapam will witness the participation of approximately 3,000 panchayat and block-level representatives and officials hailing from all corners of the nation. Additionally, around two lakh individuals, including functionaries at the block and panchayat levels, farmers, and individuals from diverse backgrounds, will virtually join this momentous event. ‘Sankalp Saptaah’ symbolizes a collective commitment to empower India’s Aspirational Blocks, propelling them towards a more promising and prosperous future.

Empowering Aspirational Blocks for a Brighter India

The ‘Sankalp Saptaah’ initiative signifies a profound commitment to the development and progress of India’s Aspirational Blocks. By dedicating a week to focused themes and concerted efforts, the program aims to accelerate positive change at the grassroots level. It embodies the vision of Prime Minister Modi to create empowered and self-sufficient communities, ultimately contributing to the nation’s overall growth and prosperity. ‘Sankalp Saptaah’ serves as a testament to the transformative power of collective action and shared goals.


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