SBI CBO Exam Analysis 2024, Check All Shifts

SBI CBO Exam Analysis 2024

State bank of india successfully conducted SBI CBO exam on 21st January 2024. I this article you will get to know about SBI CBO Exam difficulty level, questioned asked subject wise, number of good attempts and expected cut off.

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SBI CBO Exam Analysis 2024 Overview

Recruiting BodyState Bank of India
Post NameSBI Circle Based Officer
SBI CBO Exam Date 2024January 21, 2024
Selection ProcessOnline Exam, Screening, and Interview

SBI CBO Exam Analysis 2024 Difficulty Level

SubjectDifficulty Level
English LanguageModerate
Banking KnowledgeModerate to Difficult
General Awareness/EconomyModerate to Difficult
Computer AptitudeModerate

SBI CBO Exam Analysis 2024 Good Attempts

SubjectGood Attempts
English Language21-22
Banking Knowledge23-24
General Awareness/Economy14-17
Computer Aptitude11-13

SBI CBO Exam Analysis 2024 for English Language

TopicDifficulty LevelNo. of QuestionsImportant Points
Swapping of WordsModerate5-7Emphasis on word meaning and context; focus on synonyms and antonyms; may involve prefixes and suffixes.
Rearrangement of SentenceModerate to Difficult3-5Logical flow and sentence structure crucial; coherence and grammatical accuracy key; watch out for implied connections.
Reading ComprehensionModerate4-6Varied passage themes; focus on main ideas, supporting details, and inferences; skimming and scanning skills beneficial.
Error DetectionModerate5-7Test grammatical accuracy, vocabulary usage, and sentence structure; common errors like tense agreement, subject-verb agreement, and pronoun agreement likely.

SBI CBO Exam Analysis 2024 for Banking Knowledge

TopicDifficulty LevelNo. of QuestionsImportant Points
NomineeModerate1-2Focus on rules and exceptions for nominee registration, cancellation, and rights.
AML (Anti-Money Laundering)Moderate2-3Understand key concepts like KYC, suspicious transactions, and reporting procedures.
SARFAESI Act ApplicabilityModerate1-2Know when and how the Act is applied for loan recovery by banks.
SLR (Statutory Liquidity Ratio)Moderate1-2Grasp the concept, calculation, and impact of SLR on bank liquidity and lending.
Current RatioModerate1-2Understand the formula, interpretation, and significance of current ratio for bank solvency.
Age For Opening Minor AccountEasy1Remember the minimum age requirement for opening minor accounts (usually 10 years).
UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India)Easy1Be familiar with Aadhaar card and its role in banking KYC procedures.
PSL (Priority Sector Lending)Moderate1-2Know the sectors and targets for PSL, its importance for national development.
DICGC Claim AmountModerate1-2Understand the maximum deposit insurance cover provided by DICGC for different account types.
BearerModerate1-2Grasp the concept of bearer instruments (like cheques) and their transferability.
Interest on CRREasy1Know that banks do not earn interest on Cash Reserve Ratio deposits with RBI.
Drawn, Drawer ChequesModerate1-2Differentiate between the roles of drawer (issuer) and drawee (payer) in cheque transactions.
TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)Moderate1-2Understand applicability of TDS on various banking transactions like interest income.
VISAEasy1Have basic knowledge about VISA cards and their types (credit, debit).

SBI CBO Exam Analysis 2024 for General Awareness/Economy

TopicDifficulty LevelNo. of QuestionsImportant Points
World Outlook ReportModerate1-2Focus on key takeaways from the latest IMF/World Bank reports on global economic trends, growth forecasts, and risks.
InflationModerate2-3Understand different inflation types (CPI, WPI), recent inflation trends in India and globally, and government measures to control it.
GDPModerate1-2Grasp the concept of GDP, its calculation methods, and significance as a measure of economic growth. Know recent GDP growth figures for India and major economies.
COP (Conference of Parties)Easy1Recall the main theme and key outcomes of the recent COP28 climate change conference held in 2023.
RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)Easy1Understand the basic operation and advantages of RTGS system for instant fund transfer.
ASEAN CountriesModerate1-2Know the member countries of ASEAN, its regional significance, and recent developments in its economic integration.
NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)Easy1Recall the purpose and limitations of NEFT system for electronic fund transfer within India.
PSL (Priority Sector Lending)Moderate1-2Understand the sectors and targets for PSL, its importance for national development, and recent government initiatives in this area.
UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India)Easy1Be familiar with Aadhaar card and its role in various government schemes and financial inclusion.

SBI CBO Exam Analysis 2024 for Computer Aptitude

TopicDifficulty LevelNo. of QuestionsImportant Points
SyllogismModerate2-3Focus on identifying relationships between concepts and recognizing valid conclusions.
Input and OutputModerate2-3Understand how algorithms process data and generate outputs. Practice identifying patterns and relationships between input and output tables.
Blood RelationEasy to Moderate1-2Know basic family relationships and symbols. Be able to solve logical puzzles based on given family trees.
Distance and DirectionEasy to Moderate1-2Understand compass directions and solve problems involving directions, distances, and movements.
InequalityModerate2-3Grasp the concept of inequalities and practice solving problems using comparison operators (<, >, ≤, ≥).
Coding and DecodingModerate2-3Understand basic principles of code substitution and pattern recognition. Be able to identify patterns and decode simple coded messages.

SBI CBO Exam Analysis 2024 FAQs

Q1. What was the overall difficulty level ?

Ans. SBI CBO Written Exam Analysis 2024 difficulty level was Moderate to Hard.

Q2. What was the overall good attempts in SBI CBO Written Exam Analysis 2024 ?

Ans. Candidates can check the overall good attempts in this article.


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