She-Guard Triumphs at ClimateLaunchpad


In a groundbreaking achievement, the cleantech startup She-Guard, based in Pakistan, has emerged triumphant at the finals of ‘ClimateLaunchpad Asia-Pacific.’ The startup showcased its inventive biodegradable and plastic-free sanitary product, aiming to repurpose banana crop waste into affordable, eco-friendly sanitary napkins. This not only addresses environmental concerns but also tackles the intertwined challenges of climate change, public health, and solid waste management in Pakistan.

Competitive Overview

She-Guard encountered robust competition among 172 other teams from six countries in the Asia-Pacific region during the finals. The event, hosted by the national partner Centre4 Creativity & Sustainability and funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland (Irish Aid), provided a pivotal platform for climate innovators to present their sustainable solutions.

She-Guard’s Impactful Solution

The jury recognized She-Guard for its pragmatic and scalable business plan, acknowledging its potential to significantly impact both sustainability and the socio-economic circumstances of women globally. The startup’s commitment to providing affordable and sustainable menstrual hygiene products aligns with the fundamental right of all women to manage their periods hygienically.

Founder’s Vision: She-Guard

Expressing gratitude for the support received from ClimateLaunchpad, Mehreen Raza, the founder and CEO of She-Guard, underscored the importance of ensuring that every woman can access basic menstrual hygiene. Raza emphasized the startup’s dedication to achieving this goal in a sustainable manner.

Addressing a Global Issue

The use of plastic and chemical-based sanitary napkins affects approximately 23 million women in Pakistan alone. Globally, tens of millions of women face challenges in managing their periods due to the unavailability or unaffordability of essential sanitary products. She-Guard’s innovative approach aims to tackle this pressing issue on a broader scale, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

ClimateLaunch Pad: A Catalyst for Change

ClimateLaunch Pad, organized by Europe’s leading climate innovation initiative, EIT Climate-KIC, stands as the world’s largest green business competition for climate innovators. Since 2013, the program has provided a vibrant platform for individuals passionate about making a positive difference by developing climate solutions through entrepreneurship.

Runner-Up Innovations: She-Guard

While She-Guard secured the top position, the Vietnamese startup Alterno claimed the runner-up position with its low-cost thermal energy storage solution for renewable energy. Tailored for the drying of agricultural products like tea, coffee, and rice, Alterno’s innovation holds promise for sustainable farming practices. Japanese startup Aonbarr secured the third spot with an inventive idea using seawater to generate hydrogen as a green energy source, contributing to the global shift towards cleaner and renewable energy alternatives.

In conclusion, She-Guard’s success at the ClimateLaunchpad Asia-Pacific finals not only marks a significant milestone for the startup but also underscores the global significance of sustainable innovations addressing critical issues. The event serves as a testament to the potency of entrepreneurship in propelling positive change for the environment and society.


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