SSC CGL Reasoning – Coding Decoding Explained

In this blog for SSC CGL Reasoning Preparation, we are going to help you with an important question type of SSC CGL Reasoning Syllabus – Coding – Decoding. The blog explains Coding – Decoding and also tips to solve the questions along with few practice questions.

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SSC CGL Reasoning – Coding Decoding Explained

SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning

SSC CGL Reasoning – What is Coding Decoding

Coding is an important type of reasoning questions. In this section, codes will be used to designate or represent a word and we need to identify the pattern of the code. Some logic will be there behind each coding.

SSC CGL Reasoning – Types of Coding-Decoding

  • Coding using letters
  • Number Coding
  • Coding by substitution
  • Mixed letter coding
  • Mixed number coding etc
SSC CGL Reasoning – Coding Using Letters

In letter coding questions, each alphabet will be replaced by another alphabet.  This replacement will be based on one rule. For example, replacing every alphabet with its next alphabet i.e. B for A, C for B like that.

SSC CGL Reasoning –  Number Coding

In number coding, alphabet will be replaced by numbers. Questions will contain a word and its numerical representation, and we will have to identify the representation of another word using the same logic that is used for the given one.

SSC CGL Reasoning –  coding by substitution

In this type, a word or object will be substituted with another word. For example, sand for pen and pen for sand and question will be what we use to write.

SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning

SSC CGL Reasoning –  mixed letter coding

In mixed letter coding, three or four sentences will be coded in a particular manner and we will be asked to identify the code for a particular word which is there in any one of the sentences.

SSC CGL Reasoning –  mixed number coding

In mixed number coding, some sentences will be coded with numbers and by considering all the sentences we have to identify the certain word.

SSC CGL Reasoning –  Tips to Solve coding-decoding questions

  • Letter positions as per English Alphabet Series: (A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4…….Y=25, Z=26). To learn this, remember a shortcut for the position of letters i.e. EJOTY where E=5, J=10, O=15, T=20 & Y=25)
  • Letter positions as per reverse English Alphabet Series (A=26, B=25, C=24 …., Z=1)
  • Corresponding letter of each letter i.e., the pair of letters at the same distance from start and end of the English Alphabet Series (A is opposite to Z; B is opposite to Y, and C is opposite to X and so on)

SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning

SSC CGL Reasoning –  Practice questions

Q. If code P is denoted by 7, X by 9, M by 5, Z by 8, L by 2, T by 1, then ZLTPXM will be


a) 812851
b) 821591
c) 812715
d) 821795

Correct Answer: Option (d) 821795


Q.In in a certain code, RAT = 39 and CHAT = 32, then how will you code TWITTER?  


a) 111

b) 112

c) 114

d) 115

Correct Answer. Option (d) – 115

Solution. A = 1, B = 2, ……, Z = 26. 

So, TWITTER = 20+23+9+20+20+5+18 = 115. 

 SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning

Q. If ‘car’ is called ‘pink’, ‘bike’ is called ‘blue’, ‘cycle’ is called ‘black’ and ‘aeroplane’ is called ‘yellow’, what would fly in the sky?  


a) pink 

b) black 

c) yellow 

d) blue 

Correct Answer. Option (c) – Yellow

Solution. An aeroplane is the one which flies in the sky. But the aeroplane is called yellow. So, yellow is the correct answer.


Q. It BANKING is coded as LMJROMP, then how will KING be coded?  






Correct Answer. Option (d) – ROMP


Letter B A N K I N G
Code L M J R O M P

The code for KING is ROMP.


We hope this SSC CGL Reasoning blog on Coding Decoding was helpful for your preparation.

SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning

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All the best for SSC CGL 2018 Exam

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