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SSC CGL Tier-2 Mock Test Strategy: SSC will be conducting the SSC CGL Tier-2 from the 2nd to the 7th of March 2023. With the exam just 2 weeks away, now is the time for SSC CGL Tier-2 mock tests. For revision, mocks are the best way to acclimatize yourself to the exam. The time crunch, the atmosphere, and the interface of the exam get familiar. This would prove to your advantage during the actual exam. So here are a few tips from SSC CGL Topper-certified tips about how you can improve your mock tests and therefore your SSC CGL Tier-2 performance as a whole.

SSC CGL Tier-2 Mock Test Strategy: Exam Pattern

The first step to building an attempt strategy is knowing the sections of the exam well. Let’s take a look at the SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam pattern first:

Paper SessionSectionSubjectQuestionsMarks
(2 hours and 15 minutes)
I (1 hour )Module I – Mathematical abilities 
Module II – Reasoning and General Intelligence

Total – 60
60 x 3= 180
  II (1 hour )Module I – English Language Comprehension
Module II – General Awareness
Total = 70
70 x 3 =

  III (15 minutes)Module – I – Computer Knowledge module2020 x 3 = 60
 II (15 minutes)IIIModule – II : Data Entry Speed TestOne data entry task 
II2 hours Statistics (Paper I & II as above)100 100 x 2
= 200
III2 hours General Studies (Paper I & II as above) (Finance & Economics)100 100 x 2
= 200

As you can see, for Paper I, Sections 1 and 2 are highly important, as they carry 180 and 210 marks on their own. This shows that you’ll need a good strategy to get good attempts in these sections.

Quantitative and Reasoning – Section 1

The whole section is of 180 marks, with 60 questions of 3 marks each. With 30 questions each from Quant and Reasoning to be completed in 60 minutes, you’ll need to have an efficient strategy to attempt and score in this section.

SSC CGL Tier 2 Reasoning Strategy:

Provide 25 minutes for the reasoning section. It is important to divide and tackle the questions in a way that will gain you maximum marks in the least amount of time. For this, it’s always best to start easy.

Considering the time crunch, a majority of the questions will be on the easier side, around 20 at least. It would take around 15 minutes to complete these. That leaves 10 minutes more. Use this to complete at least 6-7 of the remaining moderate-difficult questions.

In total, your safe attempt would be 25-27 questions in 25 minutes for reasoning.

SSC CGL Tier 2 Quantitative Strategy:

With 35 minutes for Quant, divide your attempt into 2 parts-

  1. First, solve the easy ones as usual. Meaning at on average, with sufficient practice and calculation speed, if you take one minute per question, then you can solve 20 questions in 20 minutes.
  2. That leaves 10 questions in 15 minutes. However, these questions will be of a moderate-difficult level. You can assume a number of these questions would be from topics like trigonometry, geometry, and algebra. So giving a maximum of 2 minutes to each question, you should be able to complete at least 7-8 questions.

In total, the quantitative questions attempt would be 27-28 questions in 35 minutes.

Total attempts for Section 1: 52-55 questions in 60 minutes

English and General Studies/Awareness – Section 2

This section is solely dependent on your preparation. Let’s first tackle the GA/GK part.

SSC CGL Tier 2 General Studies/Awareness Strategy

Your attempt in the General Studies/Awareness section depends only on your preparation. If you have prepared enough, you can easily complete 20 out of the 25 given questions at least. This would take you around 10-12 minutes depending on your preparation. For the questions that you didn’t attempt on the first go, try reading carefully and applying the process of option elimination to save time. If not, it is always best to skip rather than get it wrong and lose marks.

SSC CGL Tier 2 English Strategy

English again depends on your practice and exposure to vocabulary. There are 45 questions, and if you finish GA/GK in 10-15, then you will have 45 minutes for English too. In the mocks, the question level will be a bit higher than that of the actual exam. So try and attempt your best in the mocks. That way your performance will always be better in the actual test. Make sure to read well, understand well and choose the correct option carefully. Remember that English is a tricky section where the meaning can only be understood with strong comprehension skills.

  • A big tip to crack reading comprehension is to first read the questions and then find the answers from the passage. Note the keyword of the question, and the main idea or concept they’re asking about and then search for that in the passage. This is an assured way of saving time.

Make sure to attempt ALL questions in English. Of course, attempt those that you’re sure of first, but try and give your best try for the questions that you aren’t 100% sure of either.

Overall with 40-45 questions in English and 20-25 questions in GA/GK, try and get at least 60-63 attempts for this section.

Computer Knowledge Module – Section 3

Section 3 is the Computer Knowledge Module and will test your computer hardware, software, and awareness skills. The SSC CGL Tier 2 Computer Knowledge Strategy should be to clear all the fact-based questions- like basics of hardware, inventions, definitions, etc. After this, the question that may require more in-depth knowledge like features, formatting options, etc. can be attempted.

The best strategy is to center your study around the questions that appear in the mock tests so that learning is easier. Since this is more of a qualifying section practicing questions through mocks will suffice.

SSC CGL Tier-2 Mock Test Strategy: Conclusion

With the total being 450, try and make sure your merit score is around 390+. For this, particularly for general candidates, a raw score of 310+ will be ideal. Scores above 310 will safely assure you a good post. Make sure to watch this space for more tips, tricks, and eventual SSC CGL Tier 2 Cut Off predictions.

SSC CGL Tier-2 Mock Test Strategy: FAQs

When is SSC CGL Tier-2 2022?

SSC CGL Tier-2 2022 will be held from 2nd March 2023 to 7th March 2023.

What is a safe attempt for SSC CGL Tier-2?

For Paper I of SSC CGL Tier-2, 310+ is a score that will get you a good post assuredly.

When will the SSC CGL Tier-2 Admit Card be released?

The SSC CGL Tier-2 Admit Card is expected to be released in the 4th week of February.

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