SSC CPO Idioms and Phrases | Part – 1

SSC CPO Idioms and Phrases : SSC CPO will be conducted in November which means we have atleast 45 days time for preparation. So we hope you are on track with your SSC CPO Exam Preparation. We here at Oliveboard will continue with our efforts to assist all serious aspirants with their SSC CPO preparation by providing study resources for SSC CPO. Today we bring to you the first part of 3 part series for Most Important SSC CPO SSC CPO Idioms and Phrases for SSC CPO 2022 Exam.

The Idioms and phrases provided in this edition of SSC CPO Study Material will help with your preparation of English Section.

SSC CPO Study Material : Most Important Idioms and Phrases – Part -1

Idioms & PhrasesMeaning
A ballpark figureA general financial figure
A big gunAn important person
A bird’s eye viewA view from a very high place that allows you to see a very large area
A blue StockingA learned/educated or intellectual woman
A bolt from the blueSomething unexpected
A Bolt from the BlueSomething completely unexpected that surprises you
A bone of contentionA source of quarrel
A bosom friendA very close friend
A bosom friendA very close friend
A brown studyDreaming
A burnt child dreads the fireOne who has had a previous unpleasant experience is always scared of situations where such experiences are likely to be repeated
A cash cowA product or service that makes a lot of money for a company
A close shaveNarrow escape
A close shaveNarrow escape
A cock and bull storyA foolishly incredible story
A Fidus AchatesA faithful friend or a devoted follower
A fish out of waterAnyone in an awkward
A hard nut to crackA difficult problem
A house of cardsA poor plan
A litmus TestA method that helps to know if something is correct
A man of strawA man of no substance
A miss is as good as a mileComes nowhere near it. If someone narrowly misses the target it still is treated as a missed one or failure.
A nine days’ wonderAn event which relates a sensation for a time but is soon forgotten
A thorn in the fleshA constant source of annoyance
A wee bitA little
A Wet BlanketA person who discourages enjoyment or enthusiasm
A white elephantA useless possession which is extremely expensive to keep
Above allChiefly, Mainly
Above boardHonest and open
Add fuel to the fireTo aggravate the situation
Afraid of one’s own shadowTo become easily frightened
All that glitters are not goldThings are not always as attractive as they appear
Alpha and omegaThe beginning and the end
An acid testA critical test
An AdonisA very handsome man
An AnaniasA Liar
An ApolloA Man with Perfect Physique
An axe to grindA personal interest in the matter
Apple of one’s eyeBeing cherished
Apple Pie OrderIn perfect order
Arcadian LifeA blissful, happy, rural and simple life
At a snail’s paceVery slowly
At arm’s lengthTo keep at a distance
At daggers drawnBitterly hostile
At First BlushAt first sight
At homeComfortable
At one’s beck and callUnder his control
At one’s beck and callAt one’s service
At one’s wits endIn a state where one does not know what to do
At seaConfused and lost
At sixes and sevensIn a disordered/disorganized manner, chaotic
At the drop of a hatWillingness to do something instantly
At the eleventh hourAt the last moment
Back outTo withdraw from a promise or contract
Back UpTo support and sustain
Back UponTo be relevant
Bag and BaggageWith all one’s belongings
Ball is in your courtWhen it is up to you to make the next decision or step
Bark up the wrong treeAccuse or denounce the wrong person
Barmecide feastImaginary Benefits
Be in a tight cornerIn a very difficult situation
Be on cloud nineBe very happy
Beating around the bushAvoiding the main topic
Bee-lineThe shortest distance between two places
Behind one’s backWithout one’s Knowledge
Behind the scenesIn Private
Between the devil and the deep seaBetween two dangers
Bite off more than you can chewNot able to complete a task due to lack of ability
Black and blueFull of Bruises
Blessing in disguiseSomething good and useful that did not initially seem that way
Blow upTo explode
Break DownFailure in something
Break offTo end or discontinue
Break the iceTo initiate a social conversation or interaction
Break UpTo disperse / dissolve
Bring to lightDisclose
Bring upTo rear
Burn one’s fingersGet into trouble by interfering in other’s affairs
Burn the midnight oilWork or study hard
Bury the hatchetEnd the quarrel and make peace
By fits and startsIn short periods, not regularly
By hook or by crookBy fair or foul means
By hook or by crookBy fair or foul means
By leaps and boundsRapidly
Call a spade a spadeSpeak frankly and directly
Call forthTo provoke
Call outTo shout
Call uponTo order
Can’t judge a book by its coverCannot judge something primarily on appearance
Care killed the catDon’t fret and worry yourself to death
Carry onTo continue
Cast awayTo throw aside
Cat and dog lifeLife full of quarrels
Catch up withTo overtake
Catch up withTo overtake
Chew the cudPonder over something
Chip on your shoulderWhen someone is upset about something that happened a while ago
Close fistedMean
Cock and bull storyMade up story that one should not believe
Come hell or high waterPossible obstacles in your path
Come offTo take place

Please ensure that you byheart the Idioms and Phrases mentioned above as part of your SSC CPO Study Material. 

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